Apply for She Code Africa Mentoring Program – Mentee Application


The SCA mentoring program (SCAMP) is specifically designed to pair experienced individuals excelling in their specific tech fields with girls/women who identify as beginners or intermediates in tech and in need of a guide and learning path while helping them grow in required ways in their career fields.

Eligible participants must:

1. Be an active member of the She Code Africa Community (sign up here:
2. Have made some learning progress in their specified field
3. Show proof of already made conscious learning efforts in their specified fields
4. Possess a working Laptop
5. Be willing to commit at least an hour a day to mentee activities

How It works
Step 1: Indicate interest by confirming eligibility and applying

Step 2: Scale the application process and get an acceptance / rejection mail

Step 3: Upon being accepted, pairing list would be shared on the private channel for the program on our slack community (you would be added automatically  to this )

Step 4: Connect with your assigned mentor and team mates

Step 5: Work with your assigned mentor’s approved learning path on your field for the next 3 months

Step 6: Participate in monthly assessments of your mentor and the mentoring program

Step 7: To complete the SCA mentoring program, you must carry out Item 1 and any of Item 2:

– Publish/Push a related project worked on during your mentee program
– Publish a technical article / Public speaking on a technical talk

Step 8: Best performing mentee gets awarded  a choice course off our preferred learning platform and placed on Junior mentor roles in SCA.

Application Duration
We’ve set in a number of brilliant questions to help us understand your personality, skills and commitment to this program. Our questions may take an estimated 5 – 10 minutes to fill in with most of the time spent on the short essay section.

We advice you take your time and prepare ahead in filling it.

Tracks  & Sub- Tracks Available:
Software Engineering : Web development (Front end / Back end), Software testing/Quality assurance, Cybersecurity
Product:  Product Design
Data : Data science

Software Engineering : Web development (Front end / Back end), Mobile development, Cross platform development,
Product:  Product Design , Product Management
Data : Data science

Technical assessment:
Before sending in your application, we have created technical assessments for each track which you NEED to submit alongside your application.

Kindly follow the link below to view and carry out your assessment for your track before coming back to complete and submit your application.

Application / Submission Deadline: 19TH JUNE 2022


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