The keys to success in life

Do you want to achieve success in life?

Success! Success!! Success!!! That’s what everyone literarily lives for. What is Success itself if you may ask?

Well, success means different things to different people. Let’s take a ride through success and how you, yes you, can achieve success in life.

What does success mean?

Young school-aged kids want success in their academics and school activities; they want to get high grades and please their parents and teachers at school – that is what success means to them.

For undergraduates, getting high CGPs, graduating from school, and getting high paying jobs is what they consider ultimate success.

For older ones aged 50 and above, success means entirely an different thing – being able to care for one’s family and oneself and live a very good and peaceful life.

For those who are business-oriented, more customers + more sales = success.

For a woman, success means being able to find a loving a caring soul mate who would be able to take good care of her physically and emotionally.

In fact, in some countries, raising kids of her own and taking care of her spouse and parents means she is highly successful.

For those who are religiously inclined, success is being able to worship their God or gods peacefully and wholeheartedly – that gives them optimum satisfaction.

A very interesting point to bear in mind is the fact that many people leave one particular level of success described above to another, hoping that the next in the ladder is the ultimate success.

For example, an undergraduate will eventually graduate and might even become a business-oriented person or entrepreneur making lots of money.

Asides this, some may even belong to more than one category. An aged person of around 50 or 60 years of age can be a business person and can also be very religious.

So because of these reasons, this particular blog isn’t just going to tell you how to achieve success in one of the areas described above, it is not titled 10 keys to success in business or 10 keys to success as a student, but it is titled 10 keys to success in life, so it will help you to see areas in which you can achieve success generally in any aspect of your life.

Now let’s get to the business of the day: 10 Keys to Success in Life.

How to achieve success in life – 10 keys

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1. Having Healthy Association is a Key to Success in Life

Based on science and on my own personal experience, I strongly believe that just like ants, lions, wolves, and other social animals, we humans were not meant to work or walk alone.

We are made to interact with our environment and most especially with our fellow humans that’s is how we grow and we achieve success.

Let me take you through history. So many years back we humans had a barrier and a very big one that made it difficult for us to achieve success.

And what’s that strong barrier? It was language.

We could only communicate with people that understood our language, people with whom we share a similar culture, food, and way of life. So we were very limited in what we could accomplish.

When did this change? It changed when humans decided or made the choice to learn each other’s language or languages.

Then humans started to achieve success and we saw a great increase in our technological advancement since we could now bring heads together to create and invent.

Such global and widespread languages like English and French as made this possible.

So what am I driving at? We need an association to succeed. We need one another as humans no man is an island of knowledge.

Perhaps you feel that you do well on your own, but the truth is you do better with others around you.

However, there is a con to this- Associations can also tear you down as they can build you up. So choose your associates wisely.

2. Comparing Yourself to Others is Not a Key to Success in Life

Many people today constantly live in the shadow of others. They try to act like a particular, they speak like them, eat like them or even dress like such ones.

Although having a good model to follow isn’t bad in itself. But it can blind you from seeing your true potentials.

So be natural, be yourself. Know your strength and build on that. Know your weakness and try to minimize any problem that can cause.

Admit your weakness and try to fight it not escape from it. Avoid comparing yourself to another person.

Each human as something unique and you won’t see that if you keep trying to be someone else.

Measure your success based on your strength and not on someone’s strength. This way you will be satisfied and contented because those are two important keys to success in Life.

3. Beware of Advisers if You Want to Achieve Success in Life

It is always a good thing to take advice from people most especially those who are more experienced.

Because these very ones have tones of experiences that they can share with you and that will help you achieve your own set goals more easily without having to go through a lot of hassle.

But you have to beware too many pieces of advice can lead to frustration. Rather than helping you to achieve your set goals, they may end up turning you away from your destination.

So weigh each advice carefully and with much thought then make your move.

4. Do What Makes You Happy- That’s a key to success in Life

Don’t be the kind of person who always says yes to everyone and everything and doesn’t know when to say no. Don’t try to please everyone always and displease yourself.

True there will be points when you have to make sacrifices for others and risk pleasing yourself. But this shouldn’t be always. Know when to say no.

If you try to please everyone all the time and displease yourself, you will end up getting frustrated and you will never, I repeat never have a feeling of satisfaction and that is not a key to success.

However, If you know in your heart or you see evidence that what you enjoy doing is bad in itself then it’s best you stop and make adjustments.

5. Having More than one Motivator will help you achieve success

If you are about to embark on something, it could be a Life project, school, religion, or business, anything at all then you need to have a motivator.

A motivator? Yes a motivator. And when I say a motivator I mean a driving force, something that will move to do something.

What could this be? Anything or Anyone. It could be a passion, material gain, to gain someone’s approval or even love.Man wearing black shades

Why is motivator very important? Because it will help you to measure the level of your success and you will do anything or wouldn’t stop until you succeed in your quest as compared to your motivating force.

And in many cases having just a single motivator may not be enough to bring out the best in you and to achieve success.

What do I mean? If you are a Father and a Husband your success will definitely measure by how well you care for your wife and children and even yourself inclusive.

Now let’s say that you have a passion to write stories but this very profession doesn’t make enough money for you to take care of your family.

You may end up doing another profession that you do not really have a passion for like farming if that will make money that is sufficient to care for your family.

So you need more than one motivator to actually know the right path to achieve success. Passion alone sometimes is not always sufficient.

6. Contentment is a key to success in Life

Human wants` are numerous but our needs are actually few. So if you really want to achieve success we need to learn to be contented when we have enough of what we really need. Food, Clothing, and Shelter are our basic necessities.

7. Avoiding Conflict is one key to be successful in Life

A wise man said once said that better is a piece of dry where there is peace than a house full of feasting along with quarreling.

No matter how much you have materially there is no gain if you cannot relax and enjoy what you have in peace that’s definitely not success.

If you want to achieve true success and claim it then you have to do whatever you can to avoid conflicts with people.

8. Sharing What You Have

Always remember that whatever you have isn’t meant for you alone so don’t be a right-handed person.

There is nothing we have whether knowledge, properties, or money that we didn’t receive from others.

As part of being social, we need to learn to share what we have. That’s a true way to achieve real success.

9. Learn From Failure- An Important Key to Success in Life

Failure is a great teacher if you choose to learn from it. Failure is not a dead-end it’s a way to help you build up your strength and achieve success. The most successful people have failed in one way or another.

Don’t be a child who falls and then keeps running without taking time to consider what made you fall. Instead be an adult who falls, stops and looks at what made him fall, and then gets up and keeps moving. That’s how to achieve success

10. Don’t Waste Time

Time is one important asset that you have, can spend and you cannot get back. Many people keep waiting for time, but times waits for no one. So don’t wait for time.

Rounding Up

Success is achievable and you don’t need to be a billionaire to achieve it. So follow the above steps and you will achieve success.

If there is any point I missed feel free to drop it in the comment section below.


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