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Indeed, absolutely nothing can stop you from becoming a successful blogger if you have all it takes and are determined about it – as it is the case with any other endeavour.

However, there are some factors that could really determine the level of your success or otherwise and that’s why I advice you to go through this piece below.

You do not have a pioneering advantage

Pioneer advantage means you are the very first in your niche or at least the first to be known in your particular niche.

As a result of that, your name is synonymous with that niche just as Linda Ikeji is synonymous with entertainment news and the other stuff that she features on her blog.

For a blog struggling with many other already established bloggers in his/her niche, it is usually quite challenging especially when one does not have what it takes to give it a push – finance.
You do not have the passion
Is creative writing the only thing you do spectacularly well?

Do you have the passion to effortlessly express your thoughts and those of others (as your blog niche will demand) in a way that will attract your audience who will want to take the action of reading what you’ve got for them?

This is what Linda Ikeji has displayed over the years – she writes what people want to read in a way that will make them want to read it – and that’s why you read her posts, stick to her blog and want to be as successful as she is.
Money is your priority
Whatever money you will make blogging; you will make it much later after lots of efforts.

So if all you think of is how to make money blogging as soon as possible, it’s time you dusted your certificates and started sending out your CV.

Most bloggers will not be as successful as Linda Ikeji because they will not be able to endure years of cultivation – that will surely precede the harvest – money.

I’ll advise you get something else doing that will enable you to pay your bills and feed, you cannot write good posts on a hungry stomach.
You are impatient
When you wrote your first 10 posts, how much traffic did you drive to your site? 20? 40? 50? 60? 100? Or not even up to 20 visitors?

After reading all you googled on how to drive traffic on your blog and implemented them in your subsequent 10 posts, how many visitors did you garner? Was the result satisfactory?

It was likely unsatisfactory; maybe you recorded only a few improvements and felt really discouraged.

Well, that is what you will experience in the meantime.  Could you endure? If I am sure of everything, I am not sure how long the “meantime” will exactly be, so here is where your patience and endurance will be tested

Linda Ikeji is one of the most successful bloggers in the world because she probably wasn’t so impatient even when she wasn’t being paid for any adverts.

Let me give you an expose: At a point in your writing career, you will feel like all the people have conspired not to patronize you (read your posts).

At that point, you will feel really frustrated and want to give up, if you quit, too bad because just right after that storm, the sun will go ahead and shine!



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