What Can I Sell as a Student in Nigeria in 2024?

What Can I Sell as a Student in Nigeria in 2024

What can I sell as a student in Nigeria in 2024? 

Do you know you can start selling products/services both online and offline as a studnet? 

This will help provide support in paying your school fees, feeding, and other expenses. That sounds great, right? So, let’s get into it.

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What can I sell as a student in Nigeria?

Here are 75 products/services to sell as a student in Nigeria in 2024:


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Create a platform for buying and selling used textbooks, providing to students looking for cost-effective options. Provide a secure payment and delivery system. 


Are you still asking what I can sell as a student in Nigeria?  Honey is a good option for you. Buy and sell locally produced honey making sure they are original. 

Selling this product is also a way of promoting local natural products with health benefits. You can sell them on campus markets, local grocery stores, social media, and other online platforms.

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Interior Design Accessories and Services

Provide budget-friendly interior design accessories and services with a focus on student-friendly decor. Create online portfolios to showcase your work.


Write and sell ebooks on subjects relevant to students, such as study tips, exam strategies, or skill development. Market them through social media and online platforms.

Story Writing

Sell personal short story writing services for special occasions or events. Advertise your creative writing skills on social media.

Baby Accessories

Start selling quality baby accessories for busy parents, making it easier for them to have these products at their doorsteps.

You can do this by looking out for parents residing close to your school or even nursing mothers in your school environment. 

Cryptocurrency Trading

It would help if you started beginner-friendly cryptocurrency trading tutorials or consultations for students interested in investing.

Rechargeable Light

Sell eco-friendly rechargeable lights, targeting students who need portable and energy-efficient lighting solutions.


Sell stylish and affordable bed sheet sets to your fellow students or neighbors. Consider customizable options or themed designs.


Do you know that a student can sell cars? Yes, it is 100 percent possible. You can start this business by meeting car vendors and partnering with them. 

Start advertising them through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. With determination and hard work, you will excel in your car business. 

Logo Design

Start a logo design service for student organizations, clubs, or small businesses. Showcase your portfolio online so people can see it and contact you.

Home Theater

tart selling budget-friendly home theater packages suitable for students and families.

Bluetooth Speakers

Source and sell quality Bluetooth speakers with features like durability and water resistance.

Laptop Cases

Design and sell trendy laptop cases that offer both protection and style. Sell to your coursemates, fellow students and friends or neighbors. 

Wireless Earbuds or Headphones

Sell affordable and quality wireless earbuds, targeting students who appreciate convenience and functionality.

LED Light Strips

Sell LED light strips for desks or rooms, targeting students looking to personalize their study spaces.


By selling sneakers, you will stop asking the question “What can I sell as a student in Nigeria”? Buy a collection of trendy sneakers, focusing on both style and comfort.

Customized t-shirts and clothing

This involves designing and printing customized t-shirts and clothing for customers based on their choices and needs. You can sell them on Campus stalls, social media platforms, and local markets.


Sell affordable and stylish wristwatches, looking out for both fashion and functionality.


Source and sell a variety of budget-friendly perfumes, targeting students who want to stay fresh on a budget. 

You can also advertise them online through social media platforms like Facebook Marketplaces, Instagram and Tik-Tok. 

Smart Phone

Buy and sell different types of phones such as Tecno phones, Apple phones, Infinix phones, etc, to students and customers. You can sell to them through online or offline platforms. 

Laptop Stickers

Here is another great option if you are still asking “What can I sell as a student in Nigeria”? Start by creating and selling laptop stickers with unique designs, allowing students to personalize their devices.

USB Flash Drives

Sell a range of USB flash drives with various storage capacities, making sure they are reliable and of high quality. 

Phone Screen Protectors

Sell durable and easy-to-install screen protectors for popular smartphone models. You may like to read best online businesses that pay daily in Nigeria.

Phone/Tablet Stands

Sell adjustable and portable phone/tablet stands suitable for studying or for entertainment purposes.

Cable Organizers

Sell cable organizers to help students keep their study and living spaces neat and organized. Cable organizer is another good product you can sell as a student.


This business involves selling different types of jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, finger rings, eyeglasses, nose rings and wristwatches to customers.

As a student, it can be easy for you to sell them because of the high demand for these products by your fellow students. The majority of people that use these products are students and that is why it is also profitable. 

Human Hair

Sell high-quality human hair extensions or wigs, focusing on various styles and lengths.

Hair Treatment and Hair Oil

You can prepare your natural hair treatment products if you know it. Start selling them with oils. It is a helpful product for students looking to maintain healthy hair.

Makeup Items

Source and sell various budget-friendly makeup items, targeting students who enjoy experimenting with different looks.

Skincare Products

You can produce your skincare products that are suitable for students dealing with academic stress and varied climates. Produce them only if you are knowledgeable about it. 

Nail Polish

Are you still on the question “what can I sell as a student in Nigeria” Start selling a range of trendy and affordable nail polish colors to students who always love nail polish. 

Phone Chargers

Sell durable and fast-charging phone chargers compatible with popular devices. Buy from a known company to increase sales. 

Power Bank

Provide portable and stylish power banks for students on the go. You may also like to read the top 21 best-selling blog niches in Nigeria in 2023.

Phone Casing

Design and sell protective and stylish phone cases for various models. There are lots of fashionable and unique cases you can sell to increase your customers. 

Laptops and Parts 

Sell refurbished or budget-friendly laptops and laptop parts, providing for student needs.

Smart Watches

Sell affordable smartwatches with features like fitness tracking and notifications. This is a good answer to the question “what can I sell as a student in Nigeria”?

Bracelets or Wristbands

Design and sell fashionable bracelets or wristbands providing student needs and choices.

Socks with Unique Designs

Create and sell socks with quirky and unique designs. You can sell to your fellow students and parents who need to buy for their children. 

Customized Hoodies or Sweatshirts

Provide customization options for hoodies or sweatshirts, allowing students to choose their styles and needs.

Sunglasses with Trendy Frames

Source and sell trendy sunglasses with unique frame designs. You can sell them both online and offline. 

Home-baked goods and Snacks 

This involves baking and selling homemade baked goods such as cakes, cookies, bread, chin-chin, puff-puff, buns and other sweet treats to customers. 

It is also a good answer to the question “What can I sell as a student in Nigeria”? You can sell them at campus events, hostel gatherings, and local markets.

Bags with Unique Designs

Sell backpacks or tote bags with unique and eye-catching designs. Sell to students and friends around your vicinity. 

Sell items on Etsy and Jumia

Start an online store on platforms like Etsy and Jumia by selling handmade or unique items.

Bandanas with Various Prints

Create and sell bandanas with a variety of prints, targeting students who enjoy looking fashionable.

Jackets or Vests

Sell stylish jackets or vests suitable for different weather conditions. You can sell to both students and lecturers. 

Leggings or Yoga Pants

Sell comfortable and trendy leggings or yoga pants for students leading active lifestyles. 

Vintage or Thrift Clothing Items

Start selling vintage or thrift clothing items for those who appreciate unique fashion finds.

Artistic works

Design and sell pictures with bold graphics or prints, targeting students who love artistic works.

Belts with Unique Designs

Provide belts with unique and stylish designs to complement different outfits.

Graphics Design

Provide graphics design services for student projects, events, or personal branding.

Video Editing Services 

Are you still asking “what can I sell as a student in Nigeria”? Start by  providing video editing services for students creating content for projects or social media.

Printing and Typing Services 

Set up a printing and typing service for students needing to type their assignments, seminars and project works.

Music DJ

Start a DJ service for student events, parties, or gatherings. You can also reach out to lecturers or people living around your school. 


This is a good way to start if you are good at cracking jokes. Showcase your MC or comedy skills at student events, adding entertainment value.

Sell foods 

Sell different homemade foods such as moi-moi, fried rice and indomie to students and lecturers who are too lazy to cook after school hours. 

Phone Repair

Start a mobile phone repair service if you are still asking the question, “What can I sell as a student in Nigeria”? Provide affordable and reliable phone repair services for fellow students and lecturers.

Computer Repair

Provide computer repair services for laptops and desktops, focusing on quick turnaround times.

Sell Greeting Cards 

Greeting cards are loved by students who want to wish their loved ones well either seasonally, or on their big days. 

Fitness Instructor

Provide fitness classes or personal training sessions for students looking to stay active.

Open a Barbing Salon

Start a mobile or small-scale barbing salon providing students with easy ways to have their hair cuts. 

Photography Business

Provide photography services for events, portraits, or product shoots, targeting student organizations and individuals. You can showcase your portfolio on social media platforms.

Online Registrations 

Streamline the registration process for events, workshops, or courses, offering online registration services to students.

Organize Shows and Cash Out

Plan and organize events such as concerts, talent shows, or exhibitions, monetizing through ticket sales and sponsorships.

Laundry Services

Offer laundry services to students who may not have the time or facilities to do it themselves by providing pickup and delivery options to them.


Start a podcast on topics relevant to students, monetizing through sponsorships, ads, or listener contributions.

Start a YouTube Channel 

Create engaging content on a YouTube channel, and monetize through ads, sponsorships, and merchandise sales. 

Become a Virtual Assistant

Start offering virtual assistant services to businesses or busy individuals, managing tasks remotely.

Become an Influencer on Instagram

Build a strong Instagram presence by sharing content related to your interests. Connect with brands for sponsored posts.

Become a Freelance Writer

Provide freelance writing services for blogs, websites, or student publications.

Become a Freelance Editor 

Start offering editing services for academic papers, articles, or creative writing projects.

Take Surveys 

Sign up for online survey platforms and earn money by participating in surveys.

Here are three of the frequently asked questions about what students can sell to make money in Nigeria in 2024:

What can I sell as a student to make money in Nigeria?

As a student in Nigeria, consider selling handmade crafts, clothing, or locally sourced items. Leverage online platforms, social media, and pop-up markets to reach a broader audience, ensuring visibility and increased sales for your products.

What business can a student start in Nigeria?

For a student in Nigeria, starting a tutoring service, graphic design, or small-scale event planning can be lucrative. These businesses require minimal startup costs, allowing you to capitalize on your skills and meet local demand for a sustainable and profitable venture.

How to make money online in Nigeria as a student 2024?

To make money online as a student in Nigeria in 2024, explore freelancing opportunities in writing, graphic design, or virtual assistance. Utilize platforms like Upwork or Fiverr to showcase your skills, actively market yourself, and build a strong online presence, attracting clients globally for a steady income stream.


Note that People love buying quality products over quantity products. So you should always sell quality products to your customers.

Also, you should make sure to have a good, fast and legit means of receiving money either through your local bank or through online payment gateways.


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