What Can I Sell as a Student in Nigeria? 75 Items


What Can I Sell as a Student in Nigeria?

Hey guys,

Today, we’ll find the answers to one of the most frequently asked questions on the blog, “What can I sell as a student in Nigeria?”

As a student, you’ll agree with me that it’s not easy to survive on Nigerian campuses. Apart from the increasing fees, there are endless expenses like rent and handouts to sort.

For these reasons and more, you need to augment your pocket money by making money on campus if you don’t want to do jobs for students.

I’ve been researching the profitable and fast-moving products a student can sell on campus in Nigeria, and I’ll be sharing them with you in a jiffy. Are you ready?

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student finds what to sell as a student in Nigeria

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What can a student sell to make money in Nigeria?

There are many fast-moving items a student can sell and make money. I have categorized these items into different segments for ease of reading. So, let’s get started.

Electronic items/devices

Students love their electronic gadgets and prioritize having them. If you are looking for a moving business idea on campus, staple electronics items are your best bet.

Make sure you get the brands that students love more by sampling their opinion or carrying out a little research.student finds what to sell as a student in Nigeria

Once that’s done, spare some money to buy a few items and start letting everyone on campus know that you are their plug for everything electronics or the items you sell.

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Don’t stock too many items at the beginning. It pays to always start small and grow. Below are some of the fast-moving items a student can sell – electronic devices.

Fancy headphones

Mobile phones

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Phone chargers

Power Bank

Phone casing

Laptops and parts


Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speakers


Laptop stickers

USB flash drives in unique designs

Smartphone screen protectors

Mini portable phone/tablet stands

Cable organizers

Bluetooth speakers

Laptop sleeves or cases

Wireless earbuds or headphones

LED light strips for desks or rooms

What can I sell as a student in Nigeria? Fashion items

As a student, I trust you take looking good seriously. That’s true for most Nigerian students, they love to look presentable always.

The interesting thing is that looking good doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, there is something called affordable luxury.student sells hair as a student in Nigeria

If you are looking for what you can sell as a student in Nigeria, you could start selling fashion at an affordable price to students.

There are lots of items you can sell under the fashion category, from jewellery to perfumes and human hairs, the list is endless. Find some fast-moving fashion items business ideas below.


T-shirts and hoodies with logos




Human hair

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Hair treatment and beauty cream and oil

Makeup items i.e., eyelashes

Skincare products

Nail polish

T-shirts with custom designs or school spirit themes

Handmade bracelets or wristbands

Hair accessories such as bows, scrunchies, or headbands

Socks with unique patterns or designs

Customized hoodies or sweatshirts

Hand-painted sneakers or customized shoes

Fashionable face masks or face coverings

Sunglasses with trendy frames

DIY tie-dye clothing items (e.g., T-shirts, socks)

Caps or beanies with embroidered designs or logos

Fashionable tote bags or backpacks

Button pins or badges with trendy or catchy phrases

Handmade or customized jewelry (e.g., necklaces, earrings, rings)

Bandanas with various prints or patterns

Patched denim jackets or vests

Leggings or yoga pants with unique prints or designs

Vintage or thrifted clothing items

Graphic or printed socks

Personalized name necklaces or bracelets

Belts with unique buckles or designs

What Can I Sell as a Student in Nigeria? – Used items

One of the fastest-moving and most profitable things to sell as a student in Nigeria is used items.

As the name suggests, used items are not brand-new items, they are items that have been used fairly thus, it’s sold cheaper.

While you may not like the sound of used items, the truth is, it saves a lot of money, and sometimes, they are more durable than some brand-new items.

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Besides, there are some items that it makes more sense to buy as fairly used items than brand new; items such as books, some luxury mobile phones, and laptops like the Apple brand – provided you get a trusted seller though.

If I were looking for an item I can sell as a student, I’ll definitely choose a used item because I’ll be solving a huge problem – the inability to afford expensive new items – and impacting people’s lives while also making money.

Also, note that this business is also very fast-moving, who doesn’t want to get good items for cheaper? Below are some used items you could sell on campus.

You can start some of these businesses with as little as 20k.

Used books

Used laptops

Used phones

Used jeans,

Used sneakers

Services a student can sell

You can also sell services to your fellow students on campus.

Selling services are some of the best ideas when it comes to what a student can sell in Nigeria because the cost you incur is minimal.

Most services businesses use the intellectual ability which you have already been given by the creator for free.student looking for what can I sell as a student in Nigeria

It all depends on how well you can harness your gifts and monetize them.

To be a successful student entrepreneur, you need to develop these useful skills for a successful entrepreneur.                                                                                                  There are so many services a student can sell on campus, in fact, from phone repairs to selling catering services, in fact, I cannot exhaust the list in this singular post.

Below are some of the service items you can sell in school:


Graphics design

Video editing services

Printing and typing services

Music DJ



Phone Repair

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Computer Repair

Catering services

Fitness instructor

Open a barbing salon

Photography business

Online Registrations

Organize shows and cash out

Laundry services

Services to sell online as a student and make money

Apart from physical items you can sell as a student, there are many other online-related businesses for students that you can leverage.

You could sell your talents, gifts, skills, or experience online and monetize them these days. You don’t necessarily have to exchange physical items before you can make money.

That’s why online businesses are still the best for students who don’t want to do anything outdoors.

Still on the question, ‘What can I sell as a student in Nigeria, here are also some interesting business ideas you ca n explore in school:

You can start to sell some of these knowledge products for as low as 20k as a student.

Sell Ads from blogging

Make money from podcast

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Start a YouTube channel and monetize it

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Become a virtual assistant and sell your services

Become an Influencer on Instagram

Become a freelance writer

Become a freelance editor

Make money from surveys

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Make money from selling items online

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There you have it, I hope I’ve been able to provide an answer to your question, ‘what can I sell as a student in Nigeria’?

As always, if there is anything I didn’t touch on in this post, feel free to let me know in the comment session.

Also, let me know if there is anything you want me to talk about in the blog or on my YouTube channel.

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There you have it on the topic “What Can I Sell as a Student in Nigeria?”

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