Weight Lost Scam; How To Avoid Lies and Achieve Your Desired Size.

kkkk ideaslane.jpgEvery time you see a ‘before and after picture’ depicting a tremendous weight loss in men and women, do you observe anything funny? Well, time and time again, I come across such images especially on Instagram depicting people weighing 150 kg just three months earlier, now claiming size 8 or something in that range. While it is often not the claimed transformation I find amazing, I usually get irritated by the seemingly fraudulent manner in which those pictures are contrasted; exaggerated ‘before’ pictures amplifying a person’s size in a fashion that decidedly deforms him or her, placed aside a perfectly edited, slim and nice looking ‘now’ picture.

iiiEvery time I stumble upon those pictures, I often find laughable the obvious attempt to magnify the fat image, zooming in the picture to emphasis not just the size, but everything wrong with such image. In fact, for some of such images that go viral, you see the ‘before’ image intentionally made ugly; the person’s hair is looking untidy, his/her clothes are ill fitting, he/she doesn’t put on a smile and everything appears wrong with the picture, all these just to create the impression that there has been a huge and striking transformation from fat and ugly to slim and fit within just a few months.


weight-maintenance-rotator_0.jpgBut the big question is, does this overly exaggerated pictures ever achieve in the minds of its target audience the intent it was meant to achieve? Hardly. We all know when we are being lied to and we all can distinguish a lie from something that has an element of truth and even from absolute truth. And while we all understand that people can rightly transform from fat and curvy to slim and sexy, we all are aware that such a transformation would reasonably always require sincere and consistent well targeted efforts which would in any case take nothing less than months before yielding any result visible to the eyes.


No matter the lie people tell with their weight loss stories, if you are working to shed down, you need to take your weight loss journey slowly and steadily without being pressured by those social media scams. If you have been dieting like you killed Jesus or spending 24 hours in the jym all in an attempt to slim down in a few weeks like some people claim they have, I think you should press the caution button! You can’t afford to live your live on social media terms. Quite understandably, for health and aesthetics reasons, it is good to keep a healthy size, but my sincere advice for you my plus sized friends is that you should be wise and make your heart rejoice even as you shed just 1kg in a matter of months.