How To Prepare for WAEC Beyond Reading


To all candidates sitting for WASSCE administered by the West African Examination Council (WAEC) from the bottom of my heart, I wish you the very best of luck.

You must have been reading really hard the past weeks. But beyond reading, there are a lot of things you can do if you want to pass WAEC in flying colours.

For some, this period comes with much excitement and enthusiasm, while for others are indifferent or fearful.

In any case, your preparedness goes a long way in determining your feelings towards the examination. But whether you are prepared or not, WASSCE already has a date.

No matter how well you prepare, what you do or fail to do in THE EXAM HALL goes a long way to determine your lot – success or failure.

I know you want to make a success out of this examination once and for all. Here are some points anyone writing WAEC should have at his or her fingertips.

How to Pass Your WAEC Exams in Flying Colours


Be composed, it’s an examination, not a job interview. Exams are meant to test your understanding of previous knowledge. It’s never a statement of what you will become, so calm down.

All you need do is relax and answer the questions to the best of your ability.

Restlessness or fidgeting passes a wrong signal to your examiner, and once the examiner notices that, he/she sets eyes on you and that gets you more nervous even without having any item that can implicate you.

So, be composed!


It happens to many of us. We get our question papers; rush through the questions and quickly download the answers we have crammed in without even getting the sense of the questions.

When the result comes and we do not get the desired score, we begin to shift the blame on the examiners.

Be mindful of what the questions really say. Carefully read through and get the sense of the question before starting your answer.

Misreading “What” for “how” may be more disastrous than you can imagine. Examiners will not understand that you knew the right answers but were too much in a hurry.


If you have prepared so well for the examination, then get to the hall in time. Last year, a WAEC candidate read so well that she came to the hall 45 minutes after the commencement of the examination.

When she was eventually given her question paper, she was so nervous and destabilized that her hands were shaking when she held the pen.

After a few minutes she busts into wailing and when she was asked what was wrong, she lamented she couldn’t remember anything she had read.

I am sure you don’t want such to happen to you. Ensure you get to the examination hall before the exam time; it helps a lot.


Don’t be misled! Some WAEC candidates are in that examination hall only to distract the serious ones. They are unserious and they want others to join their rank, so be wise.

When some candidates see that you are busy solving the questions, they will want to tap from you forcefully; some will shout your name, draw your papers, throw papers at you or giraffe.

To avoid these annoyances, if possible, make sure you do not pay attention to anyone who distracts you. Once you yield, you risk failure.


You impress others when you rush and make sure you submit your script before anyone else does so that the class can hail you. People who are in this habit often make a whole lot of mistakes.

If they notice any mistake they have made, they have no opportunity to correct such anymore just because they were trying to impress others.

So never you impress others during your WAEC Exams and hastily submit your script because you may regret it.

Be sincere with yourself, take your time to answer the questions correctly and once you are through with the questions, read your answers over and over again if time permits you.

The above suggestions will be beneficial to you only if you are well prepared before the examination day, so please be prepared! Best wishes to you all.




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