Top 9 Business Blogs in Nigeria in 2019

A Top shoe store in Nigeria 2019

A Top shoe store in Nigeria 2019

Top 9 Business Blogs in Nigeria 2019

There are a handful of top business blogs and online resources for entrepreneurs in Nigeria these days.

This however, has not always been the case.

A few years back, what Nigerian entrepreneurs had were resources from the likes of and other foreign business websites and blogs.

In 2019, however, with many Nigerian bloggers narrowing their blogs to business niches, there are now quite a handful of best business blogs in Nigeria from which entrepreneurs can learn, start and grow their businesses.

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Unlike what is obtainable in the news, entertainment and gossip blog niches in Nigeria, business blogs are not as popular and competitive.

But the players in the business blog space are fast upping their games and creating the needed contents.

With so much hard work and consistency, business blogs in Nigeria are beginning to gain popularity, especially with the sporadic increase in the number of small businesses operating in Nigeria.

Top 9 businesses blogs in Nigeria as of 2019.

The list is in no particular order.

All blogs and websites listed here provide a wealth of business information for business owners and entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

However, this is not an exclusive list. There are hundreds of other business blogs in Nigeria that are not featured in this list.

We employ you to let us know about any business blog deserving to be in this list if you know of any.

You can do so via the comment section of this post.

List of Top 9 Business Blogs in Nigeria in 2019


Nairametrics is not just one of the top business blogs in Nigeria, they are one of the top ranking websites in Nigeria.

Nairametrics provide well-researched insights and perspectives into various top brands, businesses and the economy in Nigeria.

They provide business highlights on various activities in sectors including but not limited to oil and gas, manufacturing, tech, aviation, insurance, maritime, telecommunications, finance and banking sectors.

Nairametrics also provide contents that border on financial literacy, stock exchange, investment etc.

To add icing on the cake, you will also get your dose of listicles, howtos and other articles on their website.

Nairametrics’ contents are also quite fresh, informative and you can be sure you will always get something new to catch up with that will widen your horizon business and economy wise.

Example of what’s interesting to read on Nairametrics:

Exclusive: A look at How Young Nigerians Invest Their Money Nowadays


If you are always on google searching for answers to business-related questions, then you should already be familiar with wealth result.

Wealthresult is one of the top business blogs in Nigeria.

It’s a resource-based blog that houses a wide range of powerful contents varying from starting a business to mini importation and everything in-between.

Wealthresult is structured more like Reddit with a range of questions from readers and matching answers from admin and their user base.

Wealthresult has a wide variety of topics that anyone can imagine.

Example of what you’ll see on

How to Start Pure Water Production Business in Nigeria –


Infoguidenigeria is one of the websites ranking less than 1000 in Nigeria.

For those who have garnered some experience in the blogging business, you’ll agree that’s no little especially in a clime like ours.

As the name implies, Infoguidenigeria has guides for Nigerians looking to try their hands on new and different things especially, starting a new business.

The resources on infoguidenigeria cover all sorts of business that you can think of from shirt printing business to cryptocurrency business and everything in between.

The blog also covers topics on how to promote your business on social media.

Example of what to see on inforguidenigeria blog:

9 Things to Consider Before Starting a Business in Nigeria


VenturesAfrica’s about us reads:

“Ventures Africa is an online platform for news, analysis and discussion about African business, policy, innovation, and lifestyle.

We champion an evolving Africa through stories that explore the opportunities and complexity of our continent and the African Diaspora.

That’s exactly what you should expect from them, they keep to those words.

VenturesAfrica is owned by a Nigerian but you can be sure to find informed and nicely written perspectives on not just Nigerian but African businesses at large on their blog.

They have some amazing weekly contents such as the ‘Weekly Economic Index’.

There are also quite interesting reads on African people, places and cultures.

One of our favourites on their blog is:

How To Improve Worker Commitment In Your Company – A Case Study From Nigeria’s Fashion Industry.




Smetoolkit is one of the coolest business blogs/websites in Nigeria.

I love the serenity that comes from the way the website is put together.

From their menu, click on content, then the drop down bar will show contents on different aspects of business such as Growing your Business, Managing a Business, Sales and Marketing etc.

Example of What to See on

How to Generate a Business Idea

Smetoolkit also has tools for entrepreneurs who are looking for profitable business ideas; those who are starting a new business, and those wanting to grow their businesses from one stage to the other.

From conception to execution, the same toolkit has is a perfect companion any Nigerian entrepreneur needs to have a successful business career.



Utibe Etim, the eponymous owner of the blog is a social entrepreneur, a business developer, and an IT expert.

The blog has a plethora of resources and opportunities to help young Nigerians entrepreneurs plan, start and grow their businesses.

What I love most about blog is the practicality of the resources therein; they are very feasible and workable.

Utibeetim is also big on business plans and financial analysis which most entrepreneurs find daunting.

Example of what you can see on

How to Start Lucrative Plantain Farming in Nigeria

  1., formerly is another top business blog in Nigeria that I personally love.

By now, you should know I have a thing for neat, well-structured and user-friendly websites.

I will mark correct on all those factors plus they have an amazing wealth of useful resources for entrepreneurs new or old.

The blog is also quite aesthetic especially with their green and white background that suggests productiveness which is the essence of the blog. has sections dedicated to successful entrepreneurs, technology, howtos, financing for businesses and others.

A sample of what you can expect on

How Business Owners Can Raise Money for Their Businesses

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Startuptipsdaily, as the name suggests, is one of the top business blogs in Nigeria.

The blog contains contents ranging from small business ideas to business plans, tips for entrepreneurs to start, run, and grow successful businesses etc.

I love the simplicity and ease of use of the website.

You’ll be surprised at the number of useful contents on the blog going by its simplicity.

This is an example of what to see on

How to Protect Your Company’s Trade Secrets


Did you for one second think I was going to omit Ideaslane? No way!

And no, I’m not being unfair. is one of the fastest rising business blogs in Nigeria.

It’s a niche business blog that targets young entrepreneurs in Africa especially student entrepreneurs.

The contents on are largely tailored to inspire young people to think of starting a business early in life; help them with business ideas and how they can kick-start businesses that they are passionate about.

On, young Africans can also find amazing weekly opportunities for their businesses and other amazing hot gigs.

Trending Topic on

35 Businesses to Start in Nigeria in 2019 With Little Capital

So, there you have it. That’s our list of Top Business Blogs in Nigeria 2019.

Like I said earlier, this is not an exclusive list. There are hundreds of other business blogs in Nigeria that are not featured in this list, not for any intentional purpose.

So, please let us know about any business blog deserving to be in this list if you know of any.

Cheers to a successful business year!



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