Student Entrepreneur: Spectrum Ezenwa Achom – Building a Career in Event Planning

Screenshot_20171115-054652.pngOne of his goals is to plan events outside the shores of Nigeria; he wants go as far as Africa and beyond. More than dreaming of becoming a successful event planner, he has been laying the blocks and building the foundation for his future since 2015 when he launched the Spectrum Team – now the Spectrum Ent Dynasty. His passion for making things happen and organizing fun events, however, dates back to his days in secondary school.

In this interview, student entrepreneur, Spectrum pEzenwa Achom (@real_spectrum), bares it all, from his career challenges to plans for the nearest future.

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How Did Event Planning Start for You?

I have always loved to have fun with friends and the spirit of organizing events has always been in me. When I was in secondary school, I assisted in organizing end of the session parties, class parties, church programs and all. So when I got into FUTO (Federal University of Technology, Owerri), I met a friend, Olom Sunday (Aluta Slopy) and in the course of his campaigning for the post of SUG director, we worked together. He later became the SUG director of socials and appointed me his Senior Special Adviser then.

It was a learning process for me working with him. During that same year – 2015, I launched The Spectrum Team which is the now the Spectrum ENT Dynasty. Over the years, we have grown from just a small team of entertainers to an entertainment empire.

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student entrepreneur event planner.jpgWhat Was The First Event You Ever Organized?

Basically, proper event planning, I will say it was our Independence Day party in secondary school. It was a big event for us. Well, the school management brought up the idea for the program in celebration of Nigeria’s Independence. So I was called upon to organize it alongside the social prefect. We planned together and I was also the MC of that day. It was like the biggest event in secondary school for us then. Almost all students in the school were in attendance. That experience confirmed my ability to organize events and my interest in it has never quenched.

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Tell Us About Events You Organized Recently?

I personally like pageantry, especially runways. But our team handles all kind of events now, running from birthday parties to the highest of Musical concerts.

We have handled a good number of events. The MOST BEAUTIFUL MODEL FUTO MBMF2017 is most recent of them all. We had over a thousand people in attendance, we used a 1200 capacity hall and the hall was filled up to the brim. In all, the event was a very successful one, thanks to a great team.

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Do you get paid for these events?

Yes, we get paid now. But when we started, we weren’t making much money, you know, as student entrepreneurs, we were still finding our feet. But as we become a more well-defined and credible brand, we are able to charge our clients reasonably and they are willing to pay us.

student event planner.jpgWhat is the most important skill set a person needs to successfully plan events?

Proper time management. Proper time management will help you handle a perfect event. It will help you get things done at the right time in the way a client wants it done and even better. Any little delay or miscalculation can spoil the whole show and nothing goes right any more.

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What is your take on student entrepreneurship?

It’s the best thing that can happen to a student. Becoming a student entrepreneur is as good as securing your future. It might be tough, very tough I mean starting up a business in school but I tell you, you will thank you in the future.

Final Words:

I just believe if you say you can or you can’t, you are right, because you are the only one who decides who you really are.

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