Bukki Writes – Tomorrow Calls (a poem)

We are already late

but the future still awaits us

we lost many battles

but the field still awaits victors

the past pulverized us today

let today save us tomorrow


If we keep looking through the mirrors

at our melancholic past, in vain shall we mope,

if they are pleased to mooch around  the corridors of power

let them fill their cups as it pleases them


We can never act in insouciance

for tomorrow lies gently on our palms.


Their humdrum reigns of yesteryears birth barren rules

their decades-long reign birth beautiful still births


let’s part with sycophancy

and call a spade what it is,

a prostitute is a prostitute

not a stress relief worker,

Let’s call a thief a thief

not a victim of hunger.


let’s start our race today

that tomorrow may smile on us

tomorrow calls on us today

who will yield to the call that comes from within?

Hi, My name is Bukki Bello.A. Thanks for reading my poem. I wrote this one exactly 21/03/2010 somewhere in Ibadan. (over 8 years ago). I summoned a lot of courage to put it out and publish here for public consumption so I will really appreciate your sincere comment. How bad is this poem?




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