Poem: Lukewarm


That is what you are;

Neither here nor there.

You are in love with the comely

crook of your official abode,

the cooling air conditioners

conditioning you to unconditional bliss.


you love the selfies that flaunts your façade,

the daily remarks from friendly foes on social media

the idleness that engages your leisurely hours-

hours spent anticipating freedom from same


You have a burning dream

a passion hotter than the sunshine

of these days

To curdle the needle

And the finest fabrics

Forever romance


You love the designers of African descent

signing the wonders of African designs

Beautifying the comeliness already within


Ashanti’s Kente fascinates your clothier fervor

Kenya’s kitenge excites your creative whim

Will Nigeria’s aso-oke titillates your fancy in vain?



That is what you are

Neither a banker nor a tailor.

Choose now where you belong

Less you confuse the gods

Which of your hustles to bless.

Poem by: Bukki Bello Ayegbusi.


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