Bukki Writes: I Fear For You



I know you have chosen this path

Against the wishes of a true family

and faithful friends

Who wish by now

You will be counting millions,

helping needy family and friends

With their problems – ones that money can solve.


I know you have chosen to turn

your back against those well-paying jobs

that could have turned your life around

in the twinkle of your first salary.

I know you have a thread this lonely path,

enduring shame and ridicule

and abuses and betrayals,

times of hunger and unrelenting thirst

times when those fine fabrics eyed you from afar

but your impotent hands could not beckon

when shapely girls strolled your streets –

those girls your taste and exact spec

but none could your pungent indigence impress.


All your sufferings I do know

and I know your prize is sure

But I fear for you!

I fear you do not fall

for this unrelenting lure,

not from friends and family

or those frequent job alerts

but from the force within

subtly urging you to give up

now that your prize is almost here.

Written by Bukki Bello.


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