15 Motivational Serena William Quotes to Live By

, At age 21, in 2002, Serena Williams was first named world No. 1 in singles by the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA). Ever Since then, Williams has recorded the feat no fewer than eight times, spending a total of 319 weeks as world No. 1. She has a total of 39 Grand Slam titles to... Continue Reading →


5 Tips On Keeping Safe in An Emergency

A Few weeks ago we saw the disaster brought about by the flooding that affected many parts of Nigeria especially the Lekki area of Lagos. The flooding was a disastrous one as it lead to loss of valuable properties of its victims. While experts are not always reliable basis for our safety plans and projections,... Continue Reading →

Money Goddess

In my kingdom Wealth sends riches on errands We eat raw gold for dinner Drink refined treasure for water Have our baths with unadulterated honey. In my kingdom The only disease we suffer is 'toomuchmoneyosis' Every season we award young bloods some riches A sacrifice to relieve our money burden We award success in packs... Continue Reading →

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