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Union Bank edTech Challenge 2019 for Nigerian Student Entrepreneurs (5 Million Naira Funding)

The 2019 Union Bank edTech Challenge is the third edition of the annual Innovation Challenge series and aims to discover showcase and support innovative, cutting-edge technologies with the potential to transform Nigeria’s education system.

The Challenge reinforces our commitment to innovation and education, underpinning our dedication to enabling success in Nigeria.


The Challenge is open to anyone with solutions that demonstrate a strong potential to transform the education system in Nigeria including but not limited to students, teachers, developers, designers, fintechs, tech companies etc


Funding support towards scaling up a solution: The top 3 entries will receive a sum of N5m (1st – N2.5m; 2nd – N1.5m and 3rd – N1m)


  • Access to Acceleration program: The Top 10 entries will be admitted into an acceleration program where they will get access to Coach-Mentors, Capacity Building, and a Community of Education stakeholders and strategic partnerships.
  • Access to Union Bank’s network of education customers and opportunities to provide global visibility for scale.
  • Funding support towards scaling up a solution: The top 3 entries will receive a sum of N5m (1st – N2.5m; 2nd – N1.5m and 3rd – N1m)
  • Venture support to the winners which includes; supporting each solution to scale which will include linking and identifying relevant stakeholder to buy into a solution and providing specialized support based on the specific needs and advisory regarding the deployment and management of funding received.

Focus of Challenge

Union Bank edTech Challenge is looking for solutions that meet the needs of the Education Ecosystem/Stakeholders: Students, Teachers, Parents, School Owners/ Administrators, and Policy Makers/ Regulators. For example, a solution on improving student learning, a hub for lesson teachers, a solution to rating schools in different areas or subjects to name a few

Selection Process:

Top 10 Acceleration Process

In September, the top 10 entries will be jointly selected by members of the jury. All applicants will receive necessary information on the status of their entries via email and/or SMS notifications.

The top 10 entries will be admitted into an eight weeks acceleration program where they will get access to Coach-Mentors, Capacity Building, a Community of Education stakeholders and strategic partnerships. In addition, they will gain access to Union Bank’s network of education customers and opportunities to provide global visibility for scale.

Demo Day & Announcement of Winners

After demo day, the top 3 winners will receive premium venture support from VHA Services for 12 weeks. This support will include guiding each solution to scale; linking and identifying relevant stakeholder to buy into solution and provide specialized assistance


  • Call for Entries – July 2019
  • Announcement of Top 10 – September 2019
  • Acceleration for Top 10 – September/October 2019
  • Demo Day and Selection of Top 3 – October 2019

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying for this opportunity, kindly follow the link below to apply

Application Deadline: Friday, August 23rd, 2019.

To apply for the Union Bank edTech challenge, click here.

Apply for the Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge 2019 and Get Equity-free Fund

The Hello Tomorrow Challenge is a global startup competition for promising early-stage projects & startups harnessing science & technology to solve the world’s toughest challenges.

The Challenge gives scientists and deeptech entrepreneurs around the globe a platform for their research and projects, providing participants with equity-free funding, global visibility and connections with key players in the deeptech innovation network and other fellow entrepreneurs.

To date, previous early-stage participants have raised more than $300 million in funding.

The Challenge covers 14 tracks:















Top projects from around the world will have a chance to attend our annual Hello Tomorrow GlobalSummit (6th edition), on March 12th-13th 2020 in Paris.


Connections: Build strong relationships with deep tech focused investors, industry leaders, experts and fellow entrepreneurs from around the globe.

Visibility: Be endorsed as one of the best deep tech startups worldwide.

Make it to the Finals and pitch in front of the best audience of your life at the Global Summit in Paris!

Funding: More than €230K equity-free funding and direct access to 200+ VCs and CVCs

Eligibility criteria:

You are eligible if:

Your team is made up of two persons or more,

Your project is based on new technology, a scientific discovery, a complex engineering process or an innovative application of existing technology,

You are in early-stage development (not more advanced than Series A funding round) – not yet incorporated projects are also accepted,

You are solving an industrial, societal or environmental challenge

Judging criteria:

Innovation: The company must develop a product/service based on a new technology or an innovative application of existing technology.

Potential impact: The company must have the potential to make a substantial long-term impact on business and/or society.

Leadership: The company must have visionary leadership with the capabilities to drive the company towards success.

Viability: The company should have well-formulated plans for developments and goals and a sustainable business model

 Applications are free

 Applications are open until September 13th, 2019

For more information and application, visit the official website here


Toyota Logistic Design Competition 2020 (Win Prizes from €10,000 Pool)

Just working out how many pairs of socks you need when you’re off to the Seychelles, Milan or Timbuktu is a struggle in itself. The transfers also take it out of you. Be it trekking for miles at Frankfurt or misreading signs at Tokyo’s Narita airport.

At long last you’re at the conveyor, waiting for that precious bag. Suitcase after suitcase rolls up, people yank them off the belt, but yours is nowhere to be seen. Damnation.

Maybe you feel you’d want to do something about this. Not just to rescue your own bag, but to improve or perhaps even change the whole system of baggage handling. Statistics reveal that 21.6 million bags were, as they put it, mishandled in 2016.

Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? Then again more than four billion bits of baggage was handled by airports in 2017. So, whichever way you look at it, baggage handling is a major operation.

If you feel that improving airport baggage handling is your bag, so to speak, Toyota wants you to enter this competition. Either you come up with a solution for the whole system. (Big task.) Or you concentrate on improving one particular aspect of baggage handling. (No small task, either.)

They firmly believe the whole world’s waiting for turgid and flawed baggage handling to go away forever. So, to all of you 2019 design students and graduates, here’s your golden opportunity. Don’t try to second-guess what they’re after. Instead, do exactly what you like!

Location: Online


First prize €5,000

Second prize €3,000

Third prize €2,000

Finalists may apply for a six-month paid internship at a TMHE Design Center.


The competition is open to university design students and recent graduates (2019), from all over the world.

Only participants who belong to an undergraduate or graduate university programme are eligible to compete.

Although the competition is focused on industrial design, product design and transportation design, students with a background in business, fashion, engineering, architecture etc. are also welcome to submit their work.

Deadline: October 22, 2019

To register, visit their official website here

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