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British Council #IdeasChangeLives Global Innovation Challenge 2019 (£20,000 Prize)

British Council #IdeasChangeLives is the global innovation challenge to find digital solutions to some of the world’s greatest problems. British Council is looking for people with a fresh, entrepreneurial spirit and a big idea that has the potential to make a positive impact on communities across the globe.

The winning pitch will get £20,000 to invest in their idea, as well as mentorship and support from the British Council for a full year.

Focus for 2019

This year, the British Council is looking for ideas that help us to meet any or all of the targets within one of the three Global Goals for Sustainable Development below:

Goal 4: Quality education

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Goal 5: Gender equality

Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth

Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.


The competition is open to anyone and everyone across the world. You can choose to apply as an individual or an organisation.

British Council accepts ‘early-stage’ applications, meaning you don’t necessarily need a working prototype when you make your application.

You don’t need to be working in the digital or technology sector to apply.

To help, the British Council recommends thinking carefully about the following before you apply:

The need your idea addresses – be clear about which one of The Global Goals you are focusing on and the problem your idea could help to solve.

How people will benefit – tell us why your idea matters to the people it is designed for and how it has the potential to positively impact thousands of lives.

Why it’s compelling – we need to feel that you really care about making a difference so tell us the story behind your idea.

The competition – show us you have a clear understanding and awareness of any competitors who may be working on similar products and tell us why your idea is different.

The tools and resources needed to turn it into a product – it doesn’t matter if you haven’t worked with technology before. What does matter is a clear understanding of how your idea will work in the real world.


Funding to get your idea off the ground

£20,000 in prize money to develop your product, no matter what stage you’re at.

Support to help you succeed

British Council team of digital experts will help you to develop your idea at your own pace. We’ll give you the opportunity to connect with others and develop further partnerships through access to global networks, events and sector expertise.


The competition will close on 10 January 2020.

In February 2020, we will announce our shortlisted applicants. They will be asked to make a short video and develop a business model to showcase their idea.

In March 2020, we will announce our finalists who will then be interviewed by our judging panel. The panel will be made up of industry experts and representatives from the British Council’s Digital, Partnerships and Innovation team.

Competition winners will be announced on March 2020.

Application Deadline: 10 January 2020.

To apply, visit their official website here  

Application for 2020 Young Professionals Online Fellowship Cohort-3

The Young Professionals Development Program wishes to announce its Young Professional Program Cohort -3 application. The Online Fellowship Cohort 3 expands diversity and creativity in six tracks of online training in (Technology & Cyber-security, Leadership, Communication Skills, Volunteering and Entrepreneurship) through a competitive recruitment base selection.

Each cycle of our training, the program produced a diversity of professional’s young fellows who are passionate about transforming the status code of their society and advancing the human capacity development of their community for prosperity.

The program provides a space for awareness of contemporary leadership modelling with 8 weeks online training, networking and community services.

The Young Professional Development Program Online Fellowship Cohort 3 is designed to prepare our fellows to be effective and creative leaders in their communities. Our hope is that our fellows become models and resources for other practitioners and that they cultivate strength and support through their international colleagues.

Through this program, YPDP trains professional fellows to use their creative skills to inspire social movements, to witness, to resist the oppression of young people, to pose the difficult questions, and to stimulate debate and awareness about critical social issues.

Location: Africa


Fellows will be taking through the various forms of professional online training to prepare them for a leadership role in their respective endeavours, and future opportunities.

At the end of the entire training, fellows will be awarded a certificate of achievement and become a member of YPDP’s Alumni upon graduation.


Fellow must be at the age range 18-35 years

A citizen from any of the African Nations.

Passionate about using their skills to make positive impact in their community.

Interested in leadership and entrepreneurship for Africa sustainable development.

Can demonstrate leadership and collaborative skills with people.

Can demonstrate creativity, innovation and self-direction.

Ability to attend the online training in its entirety throughout the training duration.

Must be fluent in both oral and written English.

Ability to make payment of $20.00 admissions fee before the start of the program.

Application Deadline: November 25, 2019

Visit their official website here to apply.

2020 Science without Borders® Challenge – International Student Art Contest

The Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation is excited to announce the 8th annual Science Without Borders® Challenge. The Science Without Borders® Challenge was created to get students and teachers interested in ocean conservation through various forms of art.Well designed bicycle

This annual contest inspires students to be creative while learning about important ocean conservation issues. The Science Without Borders® Challenge is open to primary and secondary school students 11-19 years old, with scholarships of up to $500 awarded to the winning entries.

The theme for the 2020 Science without Borders® Challenge is “Take Action: Conserve Coral Reefs.”

Winners of the Science without Borders® Challenge will be publicly announced.

Location: Online


The Science Without Borders® Challenge is a perfect example of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM).

Through art, students can convey important marine conservation themes, while learning science. In turn, by creating artwork for the Challenge, these young artists inspire people around the world to conserve the ocean.

Prizes awarded to contestant winners are as follows:

1st Place: $500 scholarship

2nd Place: $350 scholarship

3rd Place: $200 scholarship


This international art competition is open to all students 11-19 years old.

Students must be enrolled in primary or secondary school, or the home school equivalent.

College and university students are not eligible for this contest.

Eligible Regions: Open for All

Deadline: April 20, 2020

To register, visit their official website here

International Women Scholarship 2020-2021 in USA

ISW institute scholarships for women are now open for 2020-2021 sessions. There is No Application fee to apply for this women-only scholarship being offered to undergrad, master and doctoral program students.

First preference will be given to the women that prove prior dedication to the charitable or volunteering work for empowering women in their specific fields and also to the women through professional, community, or civic work.

Women on their laptops in Nigeria

Location: United States


Health insurance in sponsorship with Sunlife insurance company

Expense on Return flight: US$1600 (Once per anum)

Undergraduate degree sponsorship: US$18,000

Master’s/first professional degree sponsorship: US$28,000

Doctoral degree sponsorship: US$26,000

Postdoctoral degree sponsorship: US$32,000

Books & Literature expense: US$1000 per year

Monthly stipend of US$1200 for an undergraduate student, US$1600 for Master student, US$1800 for Doctoral Student and flexible package for post-doctorate student

International Scholarship for women sponsorship is NOT offered for the following purposes:

Academic Research Paper Publication costs

Scholarships-in-aid for under a complete academic year or travelling scholarships

Research assistants expenditure

Tuition for dependent’s education

Purchase of equipment in the laboratory or experimentation

Travelling to or from a fellow’s home nation above once a year

Institutional expenses (overheads)

Previous overheads, arrears, or repayment of loans

Indirect costs of travel or conference expense

Institutional (overhead) expenses


ISW Scholarship Applicants should meet the following norms to become entitled to the International Fellowship:

Except for Iran ISW sponsorship is available for the women from any other country.

Age requirement for degree programs depends on the University requisites.

Hold an educational grade (received abroad or in the U.S.) equivalent to a bachelor’s degree in the U.S. for enrollment application on master’s program, hold a degree equivalent to a master degree in the U.S. to apply for a doctoral grade program, or hold a valid doctoral degree to apply for a post-doctorate position.

Committed to dedicate herself to the intended educational plan, if selected.

A commitment letter needs to be signed by the candidate upon receiving the ISW Scholarship.

Plan to go back to her home nation to take up a professional occupation.

Be competent in English. Unless the candidate can confirm that her resident lingo is English (statement required in writing), that she obtained her undergraduate degree or secondary diploma that was taught in English language (transcript needed), or that she needs to submit a letter that provides evidence of her work as a full-time researcher enrolled in English taught program (transcript needed – English Proficiency Certificate needed), IELTS, or English language proficiency evidence is mandatory.

Eligible Regions: Open for all

Application Deadline: April 30, 2020

To Apply, Click Link to here

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