Online Business Ideas For Nigerian Students In 2019


Business that Nigerian students can do in 2019

The internet has changed so many things in recent times; the kind of businesses we do and how we do them.

In the year 2019, there is definitely no shortage of profitable online business ideas for students or anyone willing to enjoy the perks that come from working for themselves.

Some students want to gain working experience while many others want to enjoy the dividend that comes from working on their own terms as entrepreneurs.

Whether you are a student looking to start a small business or you are an employee willing to quit your job to have that entrepreneurial experience, (not without a plan B though 😁), there are plenty of business ideas for you in 2019.

So this is the best time to make that millionaire move.

In the last year many social media influencers, vloggers, YouTubers became millionaires.

Personally, I know of so many Nigerian students who have become brand influencers and are now winning deals with many reputable brands.

2019 promises to be even more profitable for everyone who is willing and ready to make some internet moves.

Again, there are plenty online business ideas in 2019.

To start with, let’s explore some of the most profitable online business ideas suited for students.

This list is not exclusive to Nigerian students:

Whether or not you are a student, as long as you are tired of the traditional bricks and mortar business structure and you are ready to make some cool money online, one or two business ideas from this list should work for you.

  1. Online Busines ideas in 2019: Virtual Assistant

Working as a virtual assistant is one of the best online business ideas for anyone in 2019.

Entrepreneurs are becoming increasingly very busy.

On a daily basis, they have lots of issues to attend to ranging from meetings with potential customers and partners to reading and replying hundreds of business and personal emails, the list is endless.

  1. This is why many entrepreneurs in order to be more productive enlist the services of a virtual assistant.

As the name implies, a virtual assistant is someone who assists in a job but not physically.

A virtual assistant does not have to report at an office daily, he works from home and delivers services usually to a small business owner.

If you love to work on your own terms within the confine of a computer, this online business idea might just be for you.

To work as a virtual assistant, however, you have to possess skills that your job demands.

There are different skills that a virtual assistant may possess depending on his sector or area of interest.

Research skill, financial management skill, content writing skill, email management skills, scheduling tasks, social media management skills, etc.

All of these jobs do not necessarily require your physical presence in an office.

Most small business owners need the services of a virtual as they may not yet be able to afford to employ a full-time staff and not even have an office yet.

So, if you will be searching for virtual assistant opportunities, check with the small business owners online.

Most of them are present on social media and that’s where you can find virtual assistant openings.

Once you get a virtual assistant gig with any small business, charge reasonably.

Yes, they need your services, but they are growing too just as you are.

So don’t scare with your charges. Let your pay be commensurate with what you deliver.

  1. SEO Expert

Search engine optimization experts are in high demands in 2019 more than ever before.

This is because contrary to what some people think, the websites and blogs are not going anywhere yet, they are only getting better.

As of June 16th 2018, there were 1,883,637,867 websites online. And the number keeps increasing every single day.

With this huge number of websites and blogs, the need for businesses to rank their websites over their competitions is on the increase.

Most businesses rely on SEO experts to help them out.

An SEO Expert makes research and analyses trends and best practices online. He uses these trends to create and implement strategies that will improve search results.

Keywords are one of the important strategies that SEO Expert focus on.

They use keywords and keyword topics to improve the experiences of users.

So if you know how to grow a website or blog traffic organically (without paid advert) then you probably got a profitable business idea for yourself in 2019.

But an SEO Expert does more than growing a website traffic. An SEO Expert should also

Understand why links are important

Know what can be done on-page to help a webpage rank

Know what should be done off-page to make a webpage rank

Know the importance of content to any online marketing campaign

Appreciate the value of social media

Know how to take advantage of new trends like video SEO

Know which payment platform pays most

And know if Pay-Per-Click marketing is worth it, etc.

If you want to render your services to people as an SEO Expert, you need to bear in mind that search engines are always changing.

You have to have to keep up.

  1. Ebooks

One of the industries that have witnessed massive disruption with the advent of the internet and is the printing and publishing industry.

Some years back, it would take lots of money, some level of influence and years of hard work to get your book published by any good publishing firm.

Tons of books were rejected by publishing firms if they were not written by known authors.

And then a hell of rigorous work to get your book on bookshelves not to mention making money from them.

Little wonder only a handful of bestselling authors make a living from their books.

But all that is in the past.

You can be successful in your publishing career from E-books sales on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing without going throw much hassle and that’s why we included Ebooks in this list.

E-books are books created in the format that can be downloaded online.

If you love writing, you can write your e-book yourself. You may decide to employ writers if you do not have that luxury of time and energy to write one by yourself.

You can write an E-book on any subject just make sure they are a niche subject and are related to your contents on your on other platforms.

If you are a blogger already, you could turn some of your related blog posts to an E-book with editing properly done.

If you want to have your share of the hot cake in E-book publishing, you need to put in some effort.

If you want to be a success E-book publisher, you have to create great niche content.

An E-book content does not have to be big.  More people are inclined to quality rather than quantity of a book.

It just means you will have to charge a token of $2-$5 on your book. If you have a great E-book and are able to market it well, before you know it, you will be making hundreds of dollars on your E-book.

Once you have your content ready, you want to employ the services of a graphic artist for the E-book design so as to give it a fascinating appeal.

Apart from driving your E-book sales with Amazon, you should also use social media network to create promote your E-book.

Once your E-book is published, and marketed well, you will begin to

  1. Online Business Ideas for 2019: YouTube

 YouTube is the second most trafficked site, after Google, according to Alexa.

This fact says a lot about the potential in vblogging right? Sure.

The acceptance and preference for video contents are on the increase and smart kids are not taking this fact for granted.

A lot of YouTubers are making lots of money from vblogging.

YouTubers can make lots of money from cool video contents. But as in blogging, to make money from YouTube, you have to:

Have a niche

Create A.M.A.Z.I.N.G contents

Great video quality

Drive lots of traffic

If you meet up these requirements, Google would at some point ask if you want adverts on your platform.

Apart from great content and clean video quality, skills such as video editing skills and social media skills will help you promote your videos and get more views.

If you want to really love to try out this business idea in 2019, this article on how to make money from YouTube will help you greatly.

  1. Social media manager

I got good news for you!

You no longer have to spend those long hours on Instagram just checking other people’s stories and feeds without getting paid.

It’s time to put your hard earned data into some good use.

Working as a social media manager for different brands is one of the best business ideas for a student in 2019.

Apart from the fact that lots of small businesses rely on social media to give their businesses that push, managing social media accounts is more fun than work.

Small businesses are out there looking for tech-savvy young guys like you who can help manage their business pages.

Basically, to manage a business account on social media you have to help them gain more followers and engagement on their different platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

If you have all it takes to handle this, then you should consider starting a social media management business.

Top 10 Instagram Inspirational Influencers in Nigeria

To get a social media gig these days is not as difficult as winning an election. Learn how to slide into people’s DMs like a pro.

Apart from this, before any business will pay for your services, they will like to see how many followers you have on your own personal and businesses pages. When it comes to social media, seeing is believing.

  1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is all about promoting a product or services you like online for a merchant and getting a certain percentage of the profit when you sell such product for the merchant.

There are two sides to affiliate marketing that you may want to explore:

Being a merchant and being the affiliate.

As the name suggests, a merchant is the creator or maker of the product.

The affiliate, on the other hand, is the person who promotes the products online using his platform which may be a blog, a YouTube or any other online platform.

If you have a product either physical or online that you love to sell, you can use affiliate marketing to promote your products and make more money and faster too.

As long as you are willing to share your profit with an affiliate who helps you promote your product on his platform. Sometimes, an affiliate may have up to 50% of the profit.

But this is not a bad deal as long you make more sells than you ordinarily will using your own platform.

The best products for affiliate marketing are online products and services such as online courses, E-books and podcast.

If you do not have a product to sell and you are not interested in creating one, then you can do reviews on your platform and help product owners. You will be given a certain percentage of the sales you make.

Depending on how you are able to market those products, you can make lots of money from affiliate marketing.

As an affiliate, you have to choose products services that resonate with your audiences so that you can increase your chances of making lots of sales.

If you are really interested in affiliate marketing, then this Neil Patel blog post will teach you how to make lots of money from affiliate marketing.

  1. Online business ideas for 2019: Web designing

I don’t have to tell you that programmers are one of the most sought-after people on earth right now, do I?

If you know how to code, designing websites for startups is a profitable business idea for you in 2019.

If you are not yet a pro, keep honing your skill until you will be able to work for bigger brands and charge more.

Personally, I always like to encourage tech-savvy young people I meet to try and learn to code. It’s one of the most lucrative skills anyone can have in this era of the internet.

  1. Apps Development

How many apps do you have on your phone? 5, 10, 15?

Well, it depends on how much you do online.

As for me, I have nothing less than 25 apps on my phone from Instagram to Canva, Texgram Inshort, EnglishDictionary, Regran, JWapp, Truecaller, PhotoEditor, Facebook, Hashtag app, etc.

Apps are being created almost on daily basis.

Depending on the needs they fill, people are always willing to sacrifice their internet and download apps they perceive will be useful for them.

So why not create your app and get paid for each download someone makes?

If you have an app idea and you cannot create one, you could partner with someone who can or contract the app idea out and get paid as people download it.

If you will be involving the services of a second or third party in creating an app, make sure their legal backings to avoid any foul play.

And if you think all the apps have already been created, maybe you have to think again.

Now that you have an idea of what 2019 will look like when it comes to business and the internet, feel free to check these additional links in choosing an online business in 2019.



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