of seasons and time – a poem

Bukola Owo-Bello Poems

of seasons and time

a pullet goes missing

on a new year eve

not to the surprise of the village clan.

it’s the season to regale

& neighbours hitherto foes

mend their vices

for the give and take

of rice and fried chicken,

ornate display of means

not possessed.


the naive animal meets it death

it does not know that it’s beloved owner

is the same evil that ended it life

when it was the time and season

it does not know of times and seasons.


A lady cries herself to stupor

it’s her friend’s wedding day

not out of malice or spite

it’s her 35th year on earth

And not a ring on her finger


Neigbours gather to scorn and laugh

It’s her 50th best lady gig


She cries herself to stupor

oblivious of times and seasons

Does she know that love will ever find her

in the recesses of her fagged heart

and it will be her time and season?



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