Never Make A Promise Under These 10 Conditions

Promise they say is a debt.

Should i make a promise to someone when am not sure.jpeg

At the same time, you cannot give what you do not have so not all promises should be made.

If you want to be happy in life and avoid the consequences of failed promises, below are some 10 conditions under which I would not make a promise and I would suggest you don’t – except at gunpoint.

1. When you are emotionally unstable enough to make a commitment.
2. When you have too many witnesses around you and you feel lured.
3. When making such a promise does not seem like the most suitable option.
4. When you have any doubts about fulfilling your promise.
5. When you have too many things on your head at that point.
6. When you cannot figure out a means of fulfilling your promise.
7. When you feel too pressurized to make a promise.
8. When it fulfilling such a promise would mean offending way too many people than you please.
9. When it can be postponed to a more convenient time.
10. When it is against your trained conscience.



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