Lessons From BBN 2018 Winner, Miracle Igbokwe

Lessons From BBN 2018 Winner Miracle 

On Sunday, April 22, 2018, exactly the 85th day of the Big Brother Naija 2018 show, a staggering population of Nigerians watched the show with great excitement and unparalleled passion.

P.H.C.N was kind enough to us, so we watched the live show without generator noise until about the last minute of the shoe that we had been waiting for when we heard a thunderous ‘Oh my God’ from the street and the whole place became as dark as night. Well, as Nigerians, we found a way around it, by all mean!

According to Ebuka, the Big Brother Naija show anchor, this year’s Big Brother Naija show raked over 170,000 000 votes for the period of three months, while during the week of the show, over 30,000 000 people supported their favourite housemates with a whooping amount of votes.

With this number of votes, no doubt Payporte, the official sponsor of the BBN show would have made mind-blowing gains off the voters this year.

After endless episodes and rounds of fights; relationship issues, break-ups and make-ups, emotional displays, nominations and evictions, mad fun and of course mad love making rounds, the one winner of Big Brother Naija 2018  has eventually emerged and is none other than Miracle Igbokwe, a 24-year-old pilot and model.

The finalists were Miracle, Cee-c, Tobi, Alex and Nina. Miracle had 38.18%, Cee-c 28.04%, Tobi 22-54%, Alex 7.07% and Nina 4.8%.

When three months earlier Ebuka ushered in the lucky 20 housemates into the Big Brother house, a lot of people were amazed at the exciting combination and convergence of great talents; good looks and of course brilliant minds into the Big Brother House.

Three weeks after, evictions started in earnest with Bito and Princess being the first set of the pair to leave the Big Brother house.

Ironically, none of the housemates saw Miracle, the Big Brother 2018 winner and his partner Nina as contenders until maybe months into the three months show.

While evictions such as that of the pairs Vandee (Vandora and Deeone) and BamTeddy (BamBam and Teddy A), still leaves some of us amazed until tomorrow, evictions like that of the re-evicted Khloe and Anto is quite explainable.

Of course, many were disappointed at the supposedly troublesome koko who was supposed to go back to the house and make life miserable for Cee-c but failed and instead became her ‘best friend’.

Nigerians showed their displeasure by mobilizing heavily and supporting her with a massive 1% votes – about the lowest percentage of votes any housemate had in the house.  Aren’t Nigerians crazy?

As time went by, it wasn’t too difficult for the very calculative ones to decipher that for Miracle, it would be a story of the rejected stone becoming the cornerstone.

Of course, I am not insinuating that Miracle is by any means special or spectacular among the other Housemates; in fact, when it comes to ability to express oneself articulately, charisma, self-expression, ability to engage intelligibly and all, Miracle may be about the least next to, say, Nina his strategic cum romantic partner who incidentally was among the last five and came fourth in the game.

The fact that Miracle did not appear much as a match for most of the guys in the first two weeks of the game saved him from possible nominations and of course evictions in the early weeks of the show.

Later on, the romantic relationship he had with Nina became a reason for the viewers to keep the duo in the house as people found their show of emotions not only entertaining but awkwardly interesting especially with the twist from Nina who claimed to have a Collins outside the house.

People also probably considered Miracle and deemed him worthy of their votes because he clearly stated that needed the money to get more aeronautic training and the rest to help his family to the best of his ability.

Over time, his endearing G.S.O.H (great sense of humour) and his zeal and commitment to the game won him many prizes including the Payporte arena games challenge with a prize of N1 million. He won the N200,000 wager allowance and eventually the grand cash prize of N25,000 000 and other N20,000 000 worth of other gifts.

In addition to some of the qualities that Miracle displayed in the house that we have talked about above, he also showed some other characteristics which if any entrepreneur imitate, his or her  business will no doubt be successful and achieve it profit goals sooner than later.


Throughout the show Miracle made it visible to the bind and audible to the deaf that he was in for the money. According to Miracle, he needed the money to further his education so he can qualify as a Pilot soon and achieve his dream in life.

This purpose apparently drove him throughout the game and little wonder he adopted the saying “we die there” in the house. He was never for once distracted even despite his relationship with Nina that often went sour. He won so many games because of his unparalleled commitment and dedication to his cause.

Entrepreneurs with tenacity of purpose and the never say never spirit often would eventually make as a brand. Regardless of the shaky and rough beginnings that may mark your entrance into your markets or entrepreneurial world in general, if you are focused, determined, and persistent and of course employ the right marketing strategies, just like Miracle, your brand will someday get the attention of your target customers and you will shake your industry.


Miracle was one of the very few house mates who remained true to themselves while the Big Brother show lasted. He was real and he made it easy for one to see that he was not making too much of an effort to create unnecessary impressions.

Miracle also did not get carried away by the fact that in the first few weeks into the show, it appeared some other guys were getting all the attention and privileges; he  never allowed such intimidations to make him consider faking it to make it.

As an entrepreneur, through your interactions with your customers’ day in day out, you tell stories to your customers. Are you sincere with your story? Entrepreneurs who would be successful would have to be truthful to their customers, even, sometimes letting them see their faults and imperfections. Telling lies on the other would tannish any brands image because eventually, people would get to know the truth and a lot of them would not trust in your brand anymore. So if you want to earn customers respect and trust, be real like Miracle.

We say congratulations to the winner of big brother naija 2018 Miracle Igbokwe.


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