Student Entrepreneur: Being Financially Independent is a Good Thing

IDEASLANEAFRICA USHER 3.jpgRunning an entertainment brand and an ushering agency is no child’s play, especially when you are simultaneously studying for a degree in Civil Engineering. Yet, young Jumoke Oseni seamlessly combines her multiple roles as a student, model, entrepreneur and CEO.

In 2014, when she was in 100level, Jumoke and some of her friends started ushering for events as students who needed to augment their pocket monies. Because she was facing some life challenges at the time, Jumoke had to push through those ushering jobs as a source of income to support herself. Later on, Jumoke realized that more than supporting herself financially, she could take her side hustle to the next level, and then, she became very serious with it.

Jomoke Oseni is an African student entrepreneur. She is a 300 level Civil Engineering student at University of Osun, Osun State, Nigeria and the CEO of Excel Usherings. When she is not preparing her ushers for any event or reading her Civil Engineering books, she is modeling or on a movie set, acting.

Tell us how you started and the kind of events you organize?

IDEASLANE USHER 5I started Excel Usherings with some friends back in 2014 because at that time, I just needed people to start with. The first event I worked at was Arkcelerate. It was organized by Pastor Abraham Cornerstone. I organize events ranging from fashion shows to music concerts and any event in between. I’m working on a film production presently. Excel Usherings will be an international brand; that is the level we are going.

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Some people are of the opinion that ushers are irresponsible, what do you think?

IDEASLANE USHER 4That depends on the ushering agency. If ushers are not well trained by the agency they work for, they tend to be irresponsible, and of course, much to the disrepute of the brand they represent. As an ushering agency, you have rules and regulations that guide your ushers. Failure to abide by such rules will terminate the contract. So it all boils down to agency’s rules and regulations. At Excel Usherings, we have those rules and regulations that our ushers abide with and once you go against those rules, you are out.

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So, if I want to go into ushering, what skills do I need to have?

First of all, you need to know how to control your temper. You must have excellent communication skill, you must be outspoken, you must be charismatic, polite and capable of any job you have to do. You need to have a good self-esteem; have a great dress sense and always abide to all instructions. I think with these you are good to go.

A lot of students are embracing entrepreneurship these days, what in your opinion do you think are the advantages` of starting a business while in school?

IDEASLANE AFRICA USHER 2 (1).jpgBeing a student shouldn’t stop you from doing or learning one or two things asides education. It helps a lot in every aspect and it will have a lot of impact on your future. I think it helps you become the man or woman you really are. Entrepreneurship will take you a long way in life with time. Being financially independent is a good thing.

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