How to start blogging business in Nigeria and make money

Want to know how to start a blogging business in Nigeria and make money? Rest assured, blogging is a profitable business you can start for free and make a lot of money from. I will teach you how in this blog post.

These are the steps you need to take to start a blog business in Nigeria:

STEP #1 Choose a blog niche

STE #2 Get a domain name and web host

STEP #3 Get a blogging platform

STEP #4 Install your blog and start publishing

STEP #5 Drive traffic to your website

STEP #6 Monetize your blog

Tips on How to start a blogging business in Nigeria and make money

To start with, I need to answer some questions that are important to you as someone who wants to start a blogging business and make money from it.Blogger writing a new blog post

Is blogging profitable in Nigeria?

This is one of the most important questions you should find answers to if you want to start a blogging business in Nigeria and make money from it. I have been in the blogging business for over three years now, and so I can answer that question. The answer is a capital YES. Blogging is very profitable in Nigeria.New business blogger get paid

Let me tell you that when I first started my blog, it was quite challenging to earn money but after a few months of writing quality blog content, I started getting traffic, and voila!

Today, I make hundreds of dollars monthly from a single source of blogging income – Google Adsense and my earnings are on the increase.Nigerian blogger using WordPress

Guess what, Google Adsense is not my only source of revenue for my blog. I also make money from Affiliates and Direct adverts on my blog.

I will get to all of that later on. But for now, let me show you how you can get started.

How much does it cost to own a blog in Nigeria?

It shouldn’t cost you more than $85 dollars or N32,000 to start your blog in Nigeria.Lady starts a blogging business at home

This cost covers both the buying of domain names (the name of your blog, i.e.,, the hosting, and the blogging platform.

Mind you, this cost is an annual cost. So, imagine you spending less than N35,000 annually and making up to N500,000 monthly or even more if you work harder.

Amazing right? That’s why I said blogging is profitable in Nigeria?Bloggers in Nigeria

How much do bloggers earn in Nigeria?

How much bloggers earn in Nigeria all depends on their efforts. Bloggers in Nigeria makeup to N1,000,000 monthly or even much more. Some, on the other hand, make as little as $100 dollars monthly which are about N38,000. Many bloggers in Nigeria earn 6 figures from blogging.Man blogging and sipping a drink

7 steps to starting your blog newly in Nigeria: Step by step

It is quite simple and easy to start a blog business in Nigeria. All you need do is set up a blog, get people to know about it, and keep churning out content.

To do these, you need some 7 steps. Let’s take them one after another.

STEP #1 How to start a blogging business in Nigeria: Choose a blog niche

A blog niche is typically what your blog is all about. If you want to start a blog business in Nigeria, your blog has to be about something.Girl chooses blog niche on WordPress

There are blogs about fashion; politics, entertainment, business, parenting, sports, health, lifestyle, career, traveling, etc.

Will your blog fall under one of the categories above or more than one? You could even blog about something entirely different from these.

Remember, your interest matter. You should also build a blog around topics that you have knowledge about.Nigerian lady starts blogging business

Also, your blog niche needs to be one you can have plenty of things to write about so you don’t quickly run out of ideas.

You can get a head start checking out some of the over 101 blog niche ideas I shared previously.

Step #2 Get a domain name and web host

What is a domain name?

According to a domain name is your blog/website name. You can think of a domain name as an address where Internet users can access your blog.Nigerian types on her laptop

An example of a domain name could be, etc. Your domain name is used to differentiate your website from those of the millions of others in the world.

When going for a domain name, ensure to choose one that suggests what your blog is all about.

Domain names that are too long, complicated, or confusing may not work well for your blog.

Typically, you’ll be paying around $10-$12 for a new domain, depending upon the domain name you choose. Some names are more expensive than others.New blogger starts to earn

You also need to get a web host for your blog.

Before you can be able to make use of your domain name or set up your blog, you need a web host.

A web host is a service provider that keeps your blog available and accessible on the internet for viewing online.

The web hosting stores all the files, images, and content that your blog has and displays them to your visitors.

Step #3 Get a blogging Platform

Before you get your blog up and running, you need a blogging platform to showcase your blog content.

A blogging platform is like a billboard where you show your adverts or a TV where your programs are aired.

Your blogging platform is what enables the author to publish articles or blog posts on their website.New business blogger get paid

Once you have a blog name, domain name, and blog hosting platform, you are ready to start a blogging business in Nigeria and earn money.

Now, you need something else.

Step #4 Install your blog and start publishing

Depending on your blogging platform, you may be able to launch your blog and start publishing your content by yourself. WordPress is one of the most widely used blogging platforms.Nigerian lady starts blogging business

With WordPress, you should be able to install your blog DIY. It is quite simple.

Depending on your idea of your blog look, you can choose themes and designs that suit you using WordPress on your web hosting service.

Step #5 How to start blogging business in Nigeria: Drive Traffic to your website

It’s one thing for you to have a beautifully set up blog, it’s another thing for people to actually visit your website to see and engage with your content.

Tell you what, if people do not visit your website, you can’t make money from blogging in Nigeria except you have the connections to get direct adverts.Girl starts a blogging business

To make money in a blogging business in Nigeria and elsewhere, you need lots of traffic; thousands of visitors visiting your website daily.

For a new blog just starting out, getting traffic for your blog can be very challenging.

That’s why many bloggers in Nigeria have abandoned their blogging business – no one visits their website.Nigerian blogger using WordPress

If you want to start a successful blog business in Nigeria, you need to drive traffic to your blog through SEO.

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SEO simply means Search Engine Optimization. Search engine optimization is the process of making your content visible to search engine users when they make searches.

To explain in clearer terms, it means making your blog post come up first whenever anyone makes searches on say Google or Binge.Lady starts a blogging business at home

This is called organic traffic.

To get organic traffic on your blog, you need to learn at least the basics of SEO.

Imagine you not putting up an SEO post that brings over 1000 unique visitors to your website daily?

Now, imagine having 50 of such posts? Wouldn’t that be awesome?

That wouldn’t just be awesome, it will make your bank account handsome.a girl receive alert on her phone

  1. How to start blogging business in Nigeria: Monetize Your Blog

So, you have set up your blog, you have hundreds of unique visitors visiting your website daily, the next thing that should be on your mind is how to monetize your website.

Like I earlier mentioned, blogging in Nigeria is very profitable. Interestingly, too, there are various means by which you can earn from blogging in Nigeria:

How to monetize your blog in Nigeria?

  • Make Money with Affiliate Marketing
  • Display Google AdSense on the blog
  • Sell Sponsored Blog Posts
  • Get Paid to Write Reviews
  • Direct Adverts on your websites
  • Sell products on your websites
  • Publish E-book ads sell through your website.
  • Many more


It is quite easy to create a blog in Nigeria. It will cost you close to nothing to start a blog site in Nigeria.

When starting a blog business in Nigeria, you need to choose a strategic title that will make it easy for people to identify your blog. Simple, easy to remember names are best for best when starting a blog.

Getting a blog domain and hosting platform is another vital step in creating a blog. All these will cost less than N35K and less than annually in subsequent subscriptions.

As to the profitability of blogging in Nigeria, starting a blog is one of the best online businesses you can start and be profitable. However, getting traffic to your blog is the secret.

If you have learned something from this post, feel free to share it in the comment session.

Remember, your comments mean a lot to me and it’s the only thing you could give back to me.




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