How to Start Mobile Accessories Business in Nigeria

Welcome to Career Choice 102.

Just last week, I dropped an article on how to start a career as a mobile phone repair technician.

I promised to tell you about the sales of mobile phone accessories. This going to be a short straight to the point blog post. Now let’s get started.

Why Choose Mobile Phone Accessories Business?

Before you venture into any business its good you know if the general market demands for the goods are about to purchase and sell in the market.

The question now is – Do mobile phone accessories have high demand in Nigeria?  Nigeria has over 184.4 million mobile subscriptions as of December 2019.lagos

Meaning more new phones are bought, more are broken and repaired.

Many mobile phone repair stores do not sell these accessories themselves so they buy from those who do.

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The business of mobile phone repair and accessories sales are businesses that will never come to an end in Nigeria.

So now that your interest in the mobile phone accessory business as risen what’s the next step? Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Learn the market
  2. Raise Capital
  3. Have a reliable source or supplierimportation
  4. Get a trusted shipping agent
  5. Market yourself and your goods
  6. Keep updating yourself and your goods

Now let’s take this one after the other:

Step 1. Learn the Market

Before starting any business at all its good you spend enough time with those who are in the business already.

This way you get to know the pros and cons of the business, you know how much is best to start with, you get yourself familiar with the terms used in the business also.

It also builds your confidence in the business you are about to venture into. The same goes for mobile accessories sales.

Take your time to learn from those who do it already perhaps a few months to learn the basics. After this move on to step two.

Step 2. Raise Capital

Every business requires a starting capital. The money to start this business can be as low as 50,000 naira.

You start little and gradually you grow. Don’t wait till you accumulate millions. Invest the little you have and you will be surprised at how far that little capital of yours can go.saving

If you are from a wealthy family and you have people to lend you a huge amount of money, please fuck the bullshit I just said about starting low. Start big.

Step 3. Have a reliable Source or Supplier

Now here is the fun and most difficult part – you need to find a reliable supplier.

The best place where you can source mobile phone accessories is no other place than China. Why? They are the largest manufacturers of mobile phone accessories.iPhone

You can buy from them at an extraordinarily low price and sell for two times how much you bought them here in Nigeria.

Perhaps you are thinking that you don’t have any connection with anyone in China who can help you contact any of their suppliers. Have no fear.Products being delivered in Nigeria

Do you know that the internet as actually made then world a global village? A few sites where you can easily find suppliers are:

  1. Alibaba
  2. Made-in-china
  3. Aliexpress

You can as well install their mobile apps, read their customer feedbacks and ratings before you contact any of the suppliers.

You can request their WhatsApp or WeChat numbers via email. And voila you are in china.

Step 4. Get a Trustworthy Shipping Agent

There are so many logistics companies in Nigeria that can help you import your goods from china down to Nigeria.A white ship on the sea

You can contact some of your friends in Lagos to help you find such companies or you can even get recommendations from your Chinese suppliers.

Step 5. Market Yourself and Your Goods

Now it’s time to inform people of your goods and products especially those who are into the mobile phone repair business.

They are the best people you can tell about your products because they will be your greatest customers.

Don’t limit yourself to just your local environment, you can also take this business online. Yes, reach as much audience as you can. This will help to boost your sales.

Step 6. Keep Updating Your and Your Goods

New mobile phones are being produced, sold and consumed every day in Nigeria. So don’t dull yourself, keep updating yourself.

Know the majority of new mobile phones being released. You get this information from your best customers.

Don’t just read this post, take action. Don’t forget to drop comments in the comment box


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