How to Come Out with a First Class in Nigeria

How to Cope With a Disappointing Matric Result

How to Come Out with a First Class in Nigeria

On the first day of school, every student will silently pray to come out with an excellent grade or first class result.

However, going through school has never been an easy thing, you have so many things to think and worry about, such as assignments, boring lecturers, exams, projects, etc.

Yet in all these, many students weather the storm and come out with a first class at the completion of their courses.

Before you know how you can come out with a first class in Nigeria, you need to know what CGPA is and what grades you need to make to have a first class.

What is a CGPA?

GPA means Cumulative Grade Point Average and it is used as a measurement of a student’s academic achievement.

A calculation of your GPA can be made by dividing the total number of units of courses you’ve received that semester and the grades you have. This will be used to determine your classification of the degree.

Let me show you the grades that makes a first-class and other passes below:

First-class GPA in Nigeria

5.00 – 4.50 is the cumulative grade point for First class honours.

4.49 – 3.50 is the cumulative grade point for Second class honours (upper division).

3.49 – 2.50 is the cumulative grade point for Second class honours (lower division).

2.49 – 1.5 is the cumulative grade point for Third-class honours.

1.49 – 1.00 is the cumulative grade point for Pass degree.

If you are desirous about attaining a first-class result, you must make between 4.50-5.00. This means you’ll need to have 90% As and 10% Bs.

This article will guide you into making your dream a reality. So, below are ways you can come out with a first class in Nigeria.

You also need to understand that there are many benefits of graduating with a first class in Nigeria.first class Student in classroom inNigeria

Some of the opportunities of graduating with a first class in Nigeria include opportunities to get scholarship to further study abroad, job opportunities in top establishments, recognition and retention to university of study with a job offer, among others.

How to come out with a first class in Nigeria

Start from the beginning

Start from the beginning. Once your lecture commences, you need to start immediately and start working on your first class result at that very moment.

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You will be taught several things. At the beginning of your first year in school, it’s these things that will later yield into the major courses as you progress further in your studies.

Once your lecture commences, it’s time for you to start laying a solid foundation on how to come out with a first class.

This implies that if you are serious about getting a first class, taking advantage of your early years in school is the raw gold and the best strategy to achieve your first class.

Be consistent – How to come out with a first class in Nigeria

Anthony Robbin once said, “It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.” – Anthony Robbins.

Consistency is the key to achieving anything in this life including success which also has to do with your fist-class goal.

You need to be consistent. You don’t read today and don’t read again for many weeks to come. No, that will not help much, consistency is the key to coming out with a first class in Nigeria.

Be consistent, see your first class, as what your whole future depends upon.  When you are consistent with reading, you won’t be caught unaware when the exam arrives.

It won’t be a good idea, when you find out its some weeks to exams before you start studying, you won’t be able to assimilate anything, and however, if you have been consistent with reading, you will be able to smash the exam.

Know your study habits

Some educators will try to force their reading habit on you, by advising you to read in a particular time frame, day or night.

But every person is different and has a different reading ability that works for them.

You may decide to read during the night, while your friends read during the day, you may decide to read with jotters, while your friends read with books.Nigeria lady reads to make a first class

One thing you should always have in mind is that your reading habit may never tally with anyone else.

And once you figure out what your Reading habit is, Follow it adequately and don’t be influenced by anyone’s reading habit. We all do things in different ways. 

How to come out with a first class in Nigeria

Be motivated

You need to have motivation that will keep driving you forward. The desire to become a successful person in life may be your motivation.

It could be the desire to make your parents proud that motivates you and keeps you going. Whatever the case, there must be a motivation for you.

If you have strong motivation, it will keep you going, even at instances where you already feel like giving up.

If a better future is your motivation, just picture the time when you will be in your office and be able to provide solutions to human problems. It’s a good motivation for you.

Simplify complex concepts

This is one tactic that forms the habits of first class students. There are some times when you will find it difficult to assimilate complex concepts.

The best thing you can do at this stage is to break such things into smaller pieces.

Break it down into smaller terms and terminologies that you will be able to remember at any time.first class graduate in Nigeria

Remember those times when we do make use of the periodic table to know elements. Once you have simplified complex concepts, you will be able to remember them at any time.

Also, you can make use of the internet to get much more information in any area you. Simplifying complex concepts will help you attain your goal of making a first-class in Nigeria in your course of study.

Be inquisitive – How to come out with a first class in Nigeria

Don’t be shy whenever you are in class, ask questions about any area you are confused.

If you ask questions, the Lecturer will take his time to go over your question and explain it back to you. Don’t be arrogant when asking a question though so that the lecturer sees your humility and willingness to learn.

If after asking your lecturer or colleagues you still don’t feel satisfied, you may want to make more research on your own. Read textbooks, visit Google, and do all you can learn more.

Study with other brilliant minds

Do you want to be a well-rounded first class student? Surround yourself with friends who are scholars so that you will be able to discuss academics after lecture?

This will give way to healthy competition and you will never want your friends to beat you in an exam or test because you won’t want to seem like the less brilliant one.

After lectures, you and these friends will be able to study together, discuss school work together and possibly give other easier solutions to the ones the lecturer gave you. Lady studies for 1st class in Nigeria

Nevertheless, ensure you choose the set of people who are serious about their academics as your study partners. This will help you in your determination to come out with a first class.

Understand exam tactics

During an exam or text, do not rush to solve an equation or question.

Calm yourself down. It’s not about how many questions you were able to answer, it’s about how many questions you were able to solve well and this is what many students have failed to understand.

Relax and reflect on the question based on what you have read by having a deep understanding of what the question is all about and the context. Once you have ensured this, then you can solve the question.

Write down your note by hand

According to psychology, humans tend to have better retention when they jot down notes or write with their hands.

Yes, using your gadgets, such as laptops, phones or even pads may be faster, but using such gadgets won’t make you assimilate faster.

When you write down your notes with your hands, you will have better retention.

Using your gadgets might even get you distracted. You can instantly get some notifications from your social media handle and your attention will be shifted immediately.

So, if you want your dream of coming out with a first-class come true, this is one habit you want to form.

Stay updated with your courses

This is another habit of first class students. Once you miss a day from a lecture, you are seriously lagging behind. Do everything within your powers never to miss lecturers. Always attend all lecturers and be punctual too.

You need to ensure that you stay updated with every activity that goes on in your courses.Female student comes out with first class

Believe me, just a day or two out of class, can leave you devastated academically and you might find it extremely hard to catch up more till the end of the semester.

Should you have any genuine reason not to meet up with lectures, you are to ensure you meet with other students who were present at the lecture and get to know what when on during the lecture on that particular day.

Do not attempt to miss out on any of your courses for any reason please. This is one of the reasons why so many brilliant students don’t get to come out with a first class – they miss classes.

Mingle with your tutors and lecturers

If there are any set of people you should take seriously in school, they are your tutors and lecturers.

Do not distance yourself away from them. Mingle with them and make them your best companions, especially lecturers of same sex with you.

With such friendships, you will be able to run to them whenever you have any difficulties in your studies and they will as well be able to motivate you towards attaining your first class result.

You wouldn’t want to ever dare to have a bad result when mingling with tutors and lecturers.

Schedule your life

A school is a place where you will be placed with a lot of activities, you need to schedule your life including your movement.

If you don’t schedule your life, you will find yourself, losing out on the most important things, and being unable to attend things that are crucial to your education.

When you have a proper schedule, you will know when it’s time for reading and during that time, regardless of whatever you are doing, you just have to stop it and concentrate on reading for then.

You need to schedule a time when you will go for lectures, the time you will eat, time to hang around with friends, etc. Doing this will ensure that you keep yourself updated with all the usual daily activities.

Be passionate about your course

I guess this should have come earlier. If you don’t have passion for your course then achieving a first-class result is like trying to build a castle in the air.

To achieve a first-class result, you need to have interest in your course. It’s the passion that will keep you consistent.

Why don’t you find out more about your course and learn about the possible jobs and careers open to people in your field so you can have more interest in your course of study.

If you are passionate about a particular thing, it will always interest you to know more about it and you would want to be the boss in that field.

For this purpose, you need to be Passionate about your course.First class Nigerian student in school

You can develop your passion by trying to picture the future ahead of you after you have graduated from the course.

If you are studying courses like medicine, always try to picture yourself as a doctor in a few years and as well picture how much value you will add to this world. This will develop your passion for that course.

How to come out with a first class in Nigeria

Limit your time on social media

Social Media platforms are addictive and the more time you spend on the platforms, the more time you would wish you can spend.

Bear in mind that you will never get satisfied no matter how long you stay on social media and this isn’t going to add any value to your academics.

You need to limit the time you spend on social media.

On average, you shouldn’t be spending more than 2hrs on social media daily. This is to keep you lively, and as well make you get in touch with your loved ones, and as well stay acquainted with the latest information in the society.

Practice past questions.

This is one thing every educator will tell you. Practicing past questions will let you know how the questions are set, and will as well let you know your assessment so far.

If you practice past questions, it will let you know ho prepared you are ahead of exams, and as well on the areas which you need to work on.

When you are practicing past questions, highlight the questions which you were unable to solve and try to deal with them.

If you are unable to solve such questions, you can show them to other smart colleagues of yours so they can help you out.

Avoid distractions – How to come out with a first class in Nigeria

University is a place where many people get distracted and forget their primary purpose of being in school. Distractions could stop you from bagging that first class that you plan to have.

Some students would have totally forgotten why they are in school and would focus their attention on relationships or dress and grooming.

You have to understand that you are in school to get a first-class result and not for anything else.

Don’t be distracted by money, relationships, or other non-essential things. You will have enough time for those things when you graduate.

Avoid friends who will be coming into your life to distract you with the thought of going to a club or partying, stay focused.

How to come out with a first class in Nigeria

Make intensive research online.

This is one of the habits of first class students.Man graduates with a first class in Nigeria

Except you are a genius, you aren’t going to understand that particular topic a lecturer is going to teach you within a few minutes or an hour of the lecture.

Nevertheless, when you take your time to do Intensive research online, you will find yourself having a deeper understanding of the topic.

You will be able to find several materials that can facilitate your learning on the internet.

The internet is a platform where you will find different tutors teaching particular topics in different dimensions.

You will be able to gather all these topics together to have a better understanding and during exams, you will find yourself solving the questions with ease.

Making further research on subjects you are taught will not only help you stay a step ahead of other students but will also help you come out with a first class.

Take attendance in class

According to university regulations, you must have at least %70 attendance.

Failure to meet up with this might have a devastating effect on your overall performance and some institutions disqualify a student for not meeting up with the %70 attendance.

Also being in class regularly contributes to your overall marks and this can contribute to your coming out with a first class.

If there are instances where you won’t be able to attend lectures for a couple of days, it’s always advisable to have a friend who can help you by writing the attendance. (This is risky, it’s best if you do it yourself, and don’t attempt to miss class for any purpose).

Take Your Continuous Assessment Seriously

You will subsequently have a continuous assessment to take from time to time, at the end of your semester.Nigerian comes out with a first class degree

You need to take this seriously. It always carries 30 marks, and once 30 marks are gone from your mark, then you are left empty.

Start by reading early, and take the test seriously.

It will interest you that many lecturers won’t tell you the day they will set the test, they will just bring it on any day, and this is why it’s essential for you to always attend class and go prepared.

How to come out with a first class in Nigeria

Attend Tutorial

It’s not just enough for you to always go to lectures and sit for tests you need to ensure that you attend tutorials.

Your lecturer may not have time to listen to your questions, analyze them and help you with solutions. Nevertheless, your tutor will be able to do this.

A tutor will be able to relate with you one on one and help you provide solutions to issues you are battling. In addition, a tutor can relate with you in a friendlier manner.

Do Your Assignment

Assignments are important, don’t take them for granted, especially if you are determined to come out with a first class.

There are instances where your lecturer may decide to award marks for your assignment or may decide to use your assignment as your test. Now imagine not doing such an assignment. You will be completely left out and you risk losing 30 marks.

Set A Goal To Achieve Your Aim.

You need to set a goal to attain a first class. It’s the goal that will keep you moving in any circumstances.

Once you are goal-driven, you will be able to see the future ahead of you.

Whenever you feel tired and weak and it seems you are losing interest in having a first-class result, reflect on your goal and profess it to yourself. It’s either a first-class or nothing and with great focus on your goal, you will get there.

Sleep exercise and eat

It’s going to be a tough time being in school yet you must take care of your health.

If you don’t take care of your health, it will be hard for you to concentrate on your studies.

Ensure that you get enough sleep, exercise regularly, and eat well.

Your health is important, just the same way your first class is important. Nevertheless, you need sound health to achieve a first-class result.


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