How To Best Enjoy Big Brother Naija Show 2019

How to watch BBN online see Ebuka on suit

How to watch BBN online see Ebuka on suit

The Big brother Naija 2019 show will start showing on cable TV either on April 28, 2019, or May 5, 2019 (Date is highly speculated).

But all we are certain about is that the show will not clash with any elections in Nigeria. The organizers have announced that they want the elections to have ended before the start of the show.

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Once the show starts, millions of Nigerians, especially the youth population who are already anticipating the show would definitely be completely overwhelmed by the reality show.

In 2018, in the first week of the Big Brother Niaja See Gobe, the show overtook many other global events to and was a top trend for a whole day in the world.

The show also got millions of votes every week from viewers across the globe who were clamouring to keep their favourite housemates safe in the Big Brother Naija house.

Until the show ended on April 22, 2018, when Miracle Igbokwe emerged the winner, millions of Nigerians, home and abroad stayed glued to their TVs 24hrs in 85 days, watching every moment in the house.

The time people spend daily endlessly watching the housemates caused many viewers their valuable businesses, family relationships and other important things.

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To avoid such waste of time and the feeling of worthlessness and uselessness that often come once the show ends, it is better to spend your time wisely in watching the Big Brother Naija show as it starts April 2019 or latest May 2019 (Dates is speculated).

There are ways you can catch up with all the dramas and fun of the Big Brother Niaja show without losing your husband to it. (lol)

Here are 8 ways you can enjoy the Big Brother Naija 2019 show without wasting much of your time

  1. Watch highlights of the show on a cable TV

Did you know that on DSTV, the cable network that hosts the Big Brother Naija, you can watch daily highlights of the show every evening?

For example, last year, the highlight of the show aired on African Magic Family every daily.

The recap lasts for an hour capturing the most dramatic moments on the show for the day.

Am sure other channels on the DSTV cable like African Magic Urban and all are also likely to show highlights of the show daily.

You may just want to check.

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  1. Watch eviction shows on Sundays and see highlights of the week

So here is another way to save your time yourself from drowning in the ocean of the craze of Big Brother naija.

Just watch eviction shows every Sunday evening.

Every Sunday of the BBN show, there is going to be eviction show. On the eviction show, Ebuka Obi Uchendu will show us recaps of all exciting, intriguing and dramatic moments in the house for a whole week.

Now, isn’t that cool?

What that means is that you can catch up on all the juicy stuff you might have missed during the course of a whole week on Big Brother Naija without sweating

  1. Read blogs and papers for major events in the  BBN house updates.

Ok. So, assuming you run out of DSTV subscription, what happens?

You could still catch up with the moments that matter on BBN by simply reading up the blogs.

Trust Nigerian bloggers like legit, Daily Post, PM News and others to sleep on the Big Brother Show.

They will be bringing you updates soon as it happens on the show.

So, if you don’t have the luxury of time or DSTV subscription, why not just read blogs to get exciting BBN updates and you won’t miss a single thing!

  1. See Instagram stories/feed for BBN Updates

You know once the BBN show starts, Instagramers literarily give up on other news. Lol.

So all you will be seeing on Insta stories and feed are videos of viral moments on the show.

Without following the official Big Brother Niaja handles on IG, you will get updates from the Gram by simply checking you’re the search icon on IG where you will be supplied with all the viral stories you should see.

You could also follow some of the top Instagrammers that will always show up for Big Brother Niaja. Some of them are @pulsetv @dailypost @instablog9ja.

Plus, @thedelphinator will be giving you interesting live interviews with evicted housemates first!

So, hey, what else could be more refreshing and time-saving?

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  1. Go on Twitter to see trends

Too busy to sleep and wake up on Big Brother Naija show? Just go to your twitter account and check for the trends icon and voila! You will see all the trends on the show without much stress.

If that is not enough, you could use dedicated hashtags for the BBN show to search for trends on BBN. Such hashtags are: #BBN2019 #BigBrotherNaija2019 #BBnaija2019 and others.

  1. Watch the show on Saturdays for special actions

Guess what? Once the show starts on April 28 or May 5th (speculated), every Saturday, housemates in the Big Brother Niaja house will be treated to a wild party.

The experience is that of a club party; there will be lots to drink, of course, alcohol, lots to dance too as some of the best DJs in the country will be spinning each weekend.

You what happens after clubbing right? People get drunk and do things.

So here is it: Saturdays evenings are some of the most exciting days on Big Brother Niaja that “things” and you do not want to miss it.

Once housemates get alcohol in their bloodstream, they dare to express their emotions good, bad or ugly and then it makes the news.

So a smart way to catch all the fun on Big Brother Naija without losing your sleep is just to make sure you don’t miss the late night shows every Saturday.

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  1. Wait till the end of the show and see a repeat

At the end of the day, the show is still going to be repeated on dedicated channels. So, you don’t have to stress yourself if it’s not convenient for you to see the show now.

Personally, I didn’t watch the Big Brother Naija 2018 see Gobe. But by the time I saw the repeat on dedicated channel months later, I got to understand the show even better seeing and analyzing all the housemates.

The Big Brother Niaja show 2019 will also be repeated especially just before the Big Brother Naija 2020 starts.

  1. Watch the reunion shows

If you had watched the Big Brother Naija 2018 reunion show, you would have seen the point here, right?

The thing is, after watching the reunion show, a lot of people who didn’t watch the main show could understand the game vividly.

In fact, the reunion was almost as fun as the show itself.


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