How To Apply For An Internship In Nigeria

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How To Apply For An Internship In Nigeria

An internship is practical training that a student should undergo during the course of his or their study in a Nigerian institution.

The internship will allow you to have practical experience in what you have been taught so far in school.

If you are studying computer science, you can have your internship at a computer center.

How are Internships Helpful?

Internships are employment structures for younger students or freshers furnished with the aid of using diverse groups or institutions that assist students to start working as an intern for a particular duration of time.

Internships are certainly a wonderful manner to benefit exposure, experience, and new perspectives.

Students get the scope to examine new matters from special internships or even find out new pursuits or professional paths at some stage in the process.

Apart from experience, it allows one to sharpen current abilities and broaden new ones, it allows you to shape new networks and relationships.

Internship opportunity also allows you to develop professionally, and it boosts your confidence, speed, problem-fixing abilities, and flexibility.

How To Apply For An Internship In Nigeria

Types of Internships

Before making use of an internship, students need to have a simple idea of the types of internships there are.

College Credit Internships: These are internships that assist college students to earn university credit with the aid of working. This may not be common here in Nigeria.

  • Paid Internships: These are internships with the aid of using companies or groups that provide prices to students.
  • Unpaid Internships: These are internships that provide education and assist broaden applicable abilities with no financial benefit.
  • Externships: These are possibilities for students who want to learn abilities in a term shorter than internships.
  • Virtual/Online Internships: These are internships that don’t require students to on-site, or from an office, and offer the choice to work at home via online modes.
  • Non-Profit Internships: These are internship possibilities furnished with the aid of using non-earnings companies that concentrate on service, and are in particular unpaid.
  • Cooperative Education/Internships: These are internships wherein the university works in affiliation with an employer or sure employers to offer long-time period internship alternatives to college students, even as additionally presenting credit.
  • Startup Internships: These are internship possibilities furnished with the aid of using startup companies.

How To Apply For An Internship In Nigeria

1. Start Looking Early

Figure out when companies/organizations recruit. You can follow lots of companies and organizations online so as to have an idea when they start looking out for interns.

Startups are a good choice these days as they usually are interested in young smart guys who can be paid a reasonable amount of money. The experience you will gain and future opportunities for you will suppose the sacrifices you make.

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2. Get Your Resume and Cover Letter in Shape

There are countless of samples online, so write for yourself a fascinating Resume and cover letter. This is what you would send to prospective organizations where you can do your internship in Nigeria.

If your CV is very exciting, chances are you would be called to come to defend and talk about it, hence a chance for you to get an internship opportunity.

You do not have to wait for companies to request your CVs, you may send them out to select organizations at your own discretion.

How To Apply For An Internship In Nigeria

3. Prepare for your Interviews

It may be tempting to wing it, in particular, because interview invitations can frequently cause them to sound like informal chats. Don’t fall for it.

Review not unusual place internship interview questions and exercise answering them aloud. You don’t should memorize your responses, however, sincerely exercise them.

If you need to be greater prepared, dig a touch deeper to peer what their interview practices are like and what questions they ask (when you have a touch on the organization, attain out!).

Lastly, if possible, attempt to analyze extra approximately your precise interviewers at the agency website, LinkedIn, or different expert pages. Use all your studies to give you applicable inquiries to ask on the give up of your interview.

4. Use Your Network

If you’re a student, reach out to professors, alumni, and your professional center. Let human beings recognize what form of internship you’re seeking out.

They can’t assist except they recognize what you’re after.

I don’t imply you ask an alum you’ve in no way met earlier and ask them to hand you an internship.

Instead, inform them what you’re inquisitive about and ask for his or her recommendation on a way to obtain it.

How To Apply For An Internship In Nigeria

Apply online properly to ensure you don’t pass over any deadlines, however, hold assembly with human beings and undertake informational interviews to get recommendations approximately your seek.

You may also even discover yourself in an impromptu interview and land the internship of your dreams.

Networking is mostly an extra approach, however, it additionally tends to bring about a higher shape of opportunities.

Even if it doesn’t at once repay you with an internship job, someday you’ll be happy you commenced growing your community early to your profession.

5. Use Campus Resources

If you’re a student, visit your campus professional to find out a way to attend professional events and participate in on-campus recruiting.

There can also be activity forums for college students at your college.

These employers are in particular searching out college students out of your school! Make the maximum of that college connection and take benefit of the way handy it’s miles to have employers come to you.

How To Apply For An Internship In Nigeria

6. Go Online

As you likely guessed, there are heaps of sources online.

Searching online may be virtually overwhelming, so it’s nice to move in with a concept of what you’re searching out, such as “product control internship” or “editorial internship.”

It’s counterintuitive, however, the greater you cut your search, the greater potential it’ll be.

You can usually live open to different possibilities because the method unfolds, however, begin with a clear goal.

7. Look at Your Favorite Organizations

Everyone has multiple dream companies. If you’re now no longer certain precisely what sort of internship you need to pursue, every other course you could cross is to test out the business enterprise first.

Go immediately on your goal business enterprise’s internet site and spot what sort of internship packages and possibilities it offers.

If you locate one which is probably a very good fit, apply! After all, a prime advantage of an internship is assisting your parent out what you need to do post-graduation.

8. Familiarize yourself with the agency

You want to apprehend the agency’s task and workplace hierarchy are sizeable sides of any task.

It is crucial to affirm to whom and in which you’re reporting, which indicates you apprehend the number one values of an agency earlier than your internship even starts.

Pay unique notoriety to the “approximately us” web page and the agency’s task assertion as those specific agencies at its nucleus.

Also, live a present-day at the brand new occurrences inside the agency.

9. Practice your commute

Take a check force to the workplace. Understanding in which you’re going will most effectively assist you to be on time or maybe early while coming into your first day.

Particularly in case you are scheduling on the usage of public shipping to commute, ensure you double-test the bus cavern plans and exercise strolling out of your bus forestall in your workplace.

10. Learn workplace etiquette

Learn the way to take a seat down and stroll across the workplace. Don’t chunk gum at paintings. Learn how to narrate with a team of workers and customers.

How To Apply For An Internship In Nigeria

11. Know the workplace dress code

Every task has its personal specific dress code. It is essential to have applicable apparel for your new internship.

Knowing what to put on to paintings is vital to your achievement at your internship.

12. Become a professional in Microsoft Office Suite

If your internship includes a variety of typing or mathematical formulas, turning into not unusual place with Word and Excel shortcuts can prevent a variety of time and frustration. Also, learn the way a private pc works.

13. Bring a notepad

Chances are your first day maybe not anything but colleague after colleague explaining the bits and bobs of your workplace.

Make sure you bring in a notepad to take notes as you learn the details of your work. This may have to become a daily practice if you want to be more effective in your work.

14. Read the newspaper

If you do not like the hard copies, you can read newspapers online to get the latest information about internships or student jobs available.

Apart from getting an internship job in Nigeria, you should cultivate the habit of reading the news to stay up to date on news and vital information in the country and beyond.

This is a very good habit to cultivate.

15. Do Interns Get Paid?

How interns receive a commission varies extensively depending on different organizations.

Tech and finance tend to pay at the better end, at the same time as journalism, fashion, and nonprofits in any subject frequently pay at the decrease end (or now no longer at all).

Undergraduates who have been paid in 2018 made a median of approximately $18.50 an hour. Graduate college students were paid an honest bit greater, with doctoral college students making a median of $32.35 an hour.

Nigerian interns do not get paid as much as this though.

As short-time period workers, interns usually don’t obtain different allowances that full-time workers get.

But depending on the company and how big a  company is, they may provide perks starting from imparting a handful of social activities or excursion days and other things to interns.

That’s for the paid internships.

Let’s talk about unpaid ones. A quite uncontroversial stance is that human beings ought to be paid for his or her work.

Luckily, the law—particularly the U.S. Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)—agrees.

Why then, do unpaid internships exist? In theory, unpaid internships are typically in existence to impact experience on students. It emphasizes the experience and not the monetary aspect.

For an unpaid internship to be lawful, you ought to be reaping benefits greater than the company.

According to the FLSA’s factsheet, it’s additionally OK for nonprofits to have unpaid interns who “[volunteer] without expectation of compensation.”

All that said, a few businesses, whether or not-for-income or now no longer, provide unpaid internships.

Some industries are infamous for no longer paying their interns (or paying them poorly).

The choice is always yours to choose either to go for an unpaid intern or not. But always remember, no experience is a waste and half bread is better than none.

The period of an internship relies upon the unique organization.

One can count on maximum internships to closing everywhere from one term (3 months) to a complete year. Some internships are paid and others are not, relying on the organization, and the function that one will satisfy for them.

If a specific function calls for greater qualifications, abilities, and more responsibility, there are more possibilities of having paid.

The paid fee will grow with the talent that is required.

Practice for an internship interview

Watch movies, find past questions or ask friends that have passed through the stage before to help you with likely questions.

The obligations and expectations of internships fluctuate from organization to organization. Some internships might be centered on teaching interns on growing unique abilities to finish the activity.



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