How a student can become intelligent

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Hi guys,

Today, we’ll discuss how a student can become intelligent and it promises to be an eye-opening discussion. Enjoy!

  • Learn practically
  • Study regularly
  • Engage in group study
  • Don’t bother cramming
  • Engage in educative communications
  • Never run away from difficult topics
  • Create study spaces for yourself
  • Take more breaks for yourself
  • Set your goals
  • Get a turor
  • Do the reading the night before
  • Read broadly
  • Be consistent
  • etc.

How can a student become intelligent?

Every student has a unique way of learning and their set goals.

The commitment that teachers and students put forth to educate and learn is also a factor in learning.

Usually, intelligent students may learn without exerting a lot of effort. While weak students must repeatedly learn the same material in order to succeed.

In general, the less smart students look up to the smarter ones to discover how they learn and what they should do to succeed academically.student reads to become intelligent

If the so-called “poor students” pay more attention to their studies and devote sufficient work to them, then, they can succeed academically and achieve their academic goals.

No one is born a failure.

Below, I’ll share with you some tested ways a student can become intelligent either in high school, university or even outside of school.

How a student can become intelligent

Who is an Intelligent Student?

Many people confuse intelligence and smartness. Although they differ greatly, intelligence and smartness are nearly identical.

There are numerous ways to describe intelligence.

Some say it is the capacity for logic, learning, understanding, and reasoning as well as self-awareness, planning, creativity, and the ability to think critically and solve problems.

When you combine all of these factors, you may state that a kid has high and speedy cognitive capacity when you use the term “intelligent.”

The student has the capacity to comprehend concepts with ease.

Here, the student anticipates challenges, uses creativity, is always open to learning, and approaches them from the standpoint of solutions.

For instance, we hold the great players of physics in high esteem because they share the same intelligence-related characteristics.

The theory of relativity was developed thanks to Albert Einstein’s innovative thinking.

Michael Jackson is still regarded as one of the best because of his capacity for comprehension of musical themes and foresight.

Having known who an intelligent student is, let’s get into how to become one.

The following paragraphs will help you learn how you can become an intelligent student and be highly successful at school and beyond.

15 Ways a Student Can Become Intelligent

To get started on your path to success, adhere to these steps.studying to become an intelligent student in nigeria

  1. Learn Practically

We can all agree that students prefer doing rather than reading when learning.

Seeing what you read about in a book come to life and determining what works and what doesn’t is always thrilling and energizing.

Students benefit much from practical experience. This is due to the fact that students typically comprehend lessons delivered realistically.

Similarly, practical instruction tends to be more engaging and relevant.

You, therefore, find it simple to recall information and apply it to other areas of their studies.

The things you try to imagine and make practical when studying for the exam are typically the ones you recall easily during exams.student on learning how to become intelligent

Some students even prefer handwriting notes than typing on a laptop.

This is so that their brains and bodies will have to work hard to remember things taught them.

Learning a subject realistically will help you grasp it better and furthermore help you become smarter. This is a fantastic approach to develop as a smart student, I promise.

  1. Study/read Regularly

“Reading is vital for anyone who wants to climb above the ordinary,” Jim Rohn once said. Obviously, one of the requirements for being a student is to intelligent students study

For real, you cannot be educated if you are not prepared to read your books.

There are no excuses or workarounds. Consult your books. Nobody you know who is an intelligent student doesn’t read a lot.

Additionally, you must teach yourself to read.learning how to become intelligent

The more times you read a specific book, the better your understanding of its content and context becomes, according to academic research.

For instance, it won’t be difficult for me to comprehend a topic that attempts to describe how the brain functions if I am familiar with what neuroscience is all about.

Don’t get me twisted, I won’t have the same level of expertise as a neurosurgeon, but I can still contribute and grasp what they do.

This explains why smart students seem to be knowledgeable about almost everything.

  1. Be Consistent

There is another thing you should do to become an intelligent student, you must be consistent, bro.

You must be regular with your studies, daily reading, learning new information, and experimenting with it.

An intelligent student stands out from the crowd due to their consistency.

An intelligent student continues to read even after exams, unlike those who simply study for tests and exams.skill to learn on how to become intelligent

I am aware that staying consistent might be difficult, particularly if you have other things going on.

Here is when willpower comes into play.

If you have the necessary willpower, you will carve out time and space to devote to your studies and avoid being side tracked.Lady studies to become intelligent

The moment you quit reading, your IQ will start to decline. Even worse, you can begin forgetting what you already know.

  1. Be Open-Minded

No man is an intellectual enclave. You can’t be all-knowing.

Not recognizing or taking into account if other people’s opinions are superior is one of the factors that can restrict your level of intellect.

You must learn how to be responsive if you want to be an intelligent learner. Always respect other people’s opinions and make an effort to comprehend them.

You should listen to others even when you believe you are correct or are in fact correct so that you can gain knowledge from them.

You can be accurate in your thinking, but there might have been a simpler approach to get the same outcomes.learninghow to be smart and intelligent

In addition, 4+1=5, therefore 1+1+1+1+1=5.

One formula uses five integers to produce a result, while the other just uses two. Same formula, but various approaches to getting the desired outcomes.

You can overlook easier and more effective ways of doing things if you are closed off to fresh perspectives and mental processes from your colleagues.

How to become an intelligent student

  1. Engage in Group Study Work

According to studies, students who study in small groups of three to four (but no more) achieve higher exam scores than those who learn alone or with many others.

So get up a few pals and arrange to study. Anyhow, it will be more enjoyable than studying alone!

Make sure the classmates you are going to study with are reasonably good guys who care.

You don’t want to spend your “study group” time working with a small number of individuals who only want to have fun.

Ask everyone to bring snacks, and prepare a few topics for conversation.

Assign someone to be the group leader for that week so they can hopefully maintain everyone on to become intelligent in a school

Create a rough schedule of the topics you plan to cover. If it’s a Friday night and you have an exam in your class the next Monday, round up a couple of your classmates and question one another.

6. Never Run Away From Difficult Topics.

Truth be told, you cannot become intelligent by ignoring any study-related challenges. It is completely impossible.

Tell you what, when trying to read, the more time you invest in challenging subjects, the more fully you will comprehend those subjects.


Now you might ask, what if you don’t understand anything at all in the difficult topic? There is an easy solution.

Just ask a lecturer/mentor or senior colleague for a more comprehensive explanation of any topic that is particularly perplexing when you are learning it.

Ask any knowledgeable individual you know nearby if you are not enrolled in school.Intelligent students become successful

Avoiding them is not at all recommended. It will be simpler for you to comprehend more complex and challenging issues if you can thoroughly comprehend those challenging ones now.

  1. Don’t Bother Cramming!

Another way a student can become more intelligent is to avoid cramming.

Yeah, studying excessively for exams lowers your performance. Why?

Getting little to no sleep impairs brain function, making it difficult to recall the material you learned all night for.

Don’t do that! If you must, you can do a little studying first thing in the morning.

Your body requires 7-9 hours of sleep per night, contingent on your personal preferences.

To be a good student involves taking care of yourself as well. So instead of cramming, get some rest and have a nutritious breakfast.

A healthy breakfast can boost your brainpower and help you achieve better grades, according to studies.

  1. Take Breaks More Often

Taking breaks will help you learn new things. It makes reasonable to believe that you should “study until you have it down.”

‘Our brains actually physically fry, therefore that’s not how it actually works.Nigerian undergrads learn to become intelligent

Your focus and memory will increase if you take breaks (10 minutes per hour).

Take pauses when you’re preparing for that big exam, then! In actuality, you’ll be helping your grades!

Grab a few fruits, nuts, or even chocolate during your break for a mental boost. ‘Additionally, if you’re feeling a little tired, snacking can help you feel more energised.

  1. Participate in Educative Conversations

According to research, educational dialogues are one of the easiest ways students can easily understand concepts taught in the classroom.

This is so because the brain has a tendency to retain knowledge learned through conversation for a longer period of time.

This makes participating in educational conversations one of the keys to becoming knowledgeable.

You never forget facts or knowledge that you discuss, share, or acquire through interaction with others.

This is why scientists go to expos, work in teams, and engage in civil disagreements regarding one another’s research.

You can get a fresh perspective on your work or ideas by allowing others to talk about it.

You are expanding your knowledge in a particular subject of study by doing this. Personal discussions that are educational help me learn.

Make it amusing by blurting out something incongruous and watching how people react.

How to become an intelligent student

  1. Read Broadly

Reading widely is definitely another tested and trusted way to become an intelligent student.

When teachers make references to other textbooks or writers, students frequently dismiss what they are saying as insignificant.

But in most instances, these resources are helpful.

You will find yourself progressing more than any other student in your class if you establish the routine to read the reference materials recommended in class.

Reading those suggested texts will undoubtedly greatly increase your comprehension of a particular subject.student learns how to become intelligent

You may choose to conduct independent research on a certain subject at times, even if no assignments are provided.

Come to class on the day the topic is covered to observe the flow after conducting your research.

You will observe yourself responding to each question that is posed.

  1. Create a “Study Space” for Yourself

Do you recall the advice to never read when lying in bed?

This is due to the fact that reading in bed transforms the bed from a place for sleep to one for work and this isn’t to become intelligent studying

Activities are linked to the places we perform them. Create a space at home or in the hostel specifically for learning to reap the benefits of this.

Your mind will instantly enter the study mode when you arrive because it is the only association it has with the location.

Do you have any knowledge of context-dependent memory?

When this happens, your brain finds it simpler to recollect information in the location where it was first learned.

Therefore, if you study there one night, learning there the following night will help you remember what you learned the previous night!

Have multiple study locations available, such as the library, a friend’s house, etc. According to research, your brain has more connections the more places you study.

The easier it is to retain the information you learn, the to become an intelligent student in class

  1. Discuss with Your Teachers About What They’re Looking For

Want to become an intelligent student?

Then earlier in the semester, have an honest and polite conversation with your lecturer. What do they put a focus on? What will make it easier to succeed? Do they offer additional credit?

Do they work in groups a lot? Will students write a lot in class? You can better comprehend what is required of you if you are aware of these things.

Additionally, this forges an early connection between you and your teacher. You’ll be the one giving their grade some thought and making an effort.

Your teacher might give you the advantage of the hesitation simply because you’re a good student and raise your grade to an A when it comes time for grading!

  1. Get a Tutor

School is difficult, particularly when you are trying to combine other aspects of your life. Even bright students occasionally require tutoring.

Ask your teacher, guidance counselor, or parents for advice on hiring a tutor to improve your grades and concentrate.

Additionally, some older students do that for free in order to earn school credit.

If your parents or elder siblings are experienced in a certain field, you can also ask them to assist you.

Just be sure they won’t keep you from working and can actually be an assistance.

  1. Do the Reading The Night Before

The majority of students either don’t read the assigned material at all or only skim it while the instructor is discussing it in class.student learns how to become intelligent

Be not that student! Always read the assigned material before class, whether it seems necessary or not.

If your teacher calls your name in class, you’ll know exactly what’s happening.

Check your syllabus if you are unsure of the reading assignment.

There really is a reason for wanting to be at the front page of your notebook; it should contain a list of all of your reading assignments and due dates.successful intelligent student graduates

You only need to take a brief glance at that piece of paper to know what to do.

  1. Set Yourself Goals

Everyone needs a goal to strive for. You can’t be sure what you want to accomplish if you don’t really have goals.

Create attainable, definite goals for yourself to inspire yourself.

Top grades? An hour of homework every night? X pages read during the course of the week?

They might be whatever you believe will motivate you to continue.High school student learns to become intelligent

Inform your parents of any ways they can support or encourage you.

Could you maybe acquire that video game you’ve been yearning for if you get all As? Prolonged curfew? You need as much inspiration as you can muster!

In conclusion,  it takes a lot of effort to become intelligent. It won’t happen over night, so be patient. You won’t just become all round intelligent right away.

You must therefore integrate the aforementioned practices into your life.

The moment you decide to cease doing so is the moment your cognitive function will start to decline once more.

Keep in mind that reading is a prerequisite for intelligence in students.

Therefore, those are the necessary essential actions for you to be among the smartest kids in your class. I believe this article was useful to you.

If you did get something from it, don’t be hesitate to share to your classmates and friends so you may contribute to their education.


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