Full Biography of Josh2funny

Biography of Josh2funny

Biography of Josh2funny  

Josh Alfred, popularly known as josh2funny, is this bold, witty content maker, song producer, and standup comedian.

During his early days in secondary school, he tried out many things like creative writing, acting and singing.

Practice they say makes perfect. As he practiced different drama roles, miming, stand-up comedy and singing, he finally found his voice and chose a character for himself in the Nigerian entertainment industry. 

In this post, we’ll be unveiling the full biography of Josh2funny. We’ll explore his background, career, age, wife, net worth, and other personal details.

Let’s get into it. 

Biography of Josh2funny – Background

Josh2funny, whose real name is Joshua Chibuikem Alfred, is a Nigerian comedian, content creator, and social media sensation.

He was born on December 18, 1990, in Anambra state, Nigeria. In early 1997, he relocated to Lagos with his parents. There, he was raised in the Mushin Area of Lagos. 

It’s worth saying that he has not been very liberal with information about his parents or whether he has siblings or not. 

From an early age, Josh2funny was drawn to acting, singing and cross-dressing. Within those early years, he was already being featured in church dramas and school acting competitions because of his talent. 

He was always seen entertaining his family and friends with his wit and humor. Either he is making a stand-up comedy or he is mimicking famous radio jingles. 

Growing up in the busy streets of Lagos, right there in Mushin area, Josh2funny realized that comedy and funny song remixes have a large consumer in Nigeria, he then decided to go into it full time. 

Josh2funny’s spotlight came when his comedy skit “Don’t Leave Me” became a viral sensation. 

Recently, he gained attention once more for his performance, where he pretended to be the “fastest reader in the world,” on America’s Got Talent Show. His unique style resonated with audiences, and his popularity soared as his content went viral.

Biography of Josh2funny –  Profile

  1. Name: Joshua Chibuikem Alfred
  2. Known as: Josh2funny
  3. Date of Birth: December 18, 1990
  4. Gender: Male
  5. Birth Place: Anambra, Nigeria
  6. Age: 33 years by Dec 18th
  7. State Of Origin: Anambra State
  8. Country of Origin: Nigeria
  9. Source Of Income: Comedy, acting, social media presence
  10. Marital Status: Married to Bina Alfred
  11. Net Worth: estimated $400,000 
  12. Religion: Christianity
  13. Education: Completed primary and secondary education in Lagos, Nigeria; Yaba Tech
  14. Twitter: @josh2funny
  15. Instagram: @Josh2funnygram
  16. Facebook: @josh2funny
  17. Astrology: Sagittarius
  18. Father’s Name: N/A
  19. Mother’s Name: N/A
  20. Siblings: N/A
  21. Weight: 80kg
  22. Height: 6’1 (184cm)
  23. Size of Shoes: N/A
  24. Hair Color: Black
  25. Eye Color: Brown
  26. Body Dimensions: N/A  
  27. Children: A son, Eden Alfred.

Josh2funny’s profile showcases his unique talent for humor and creativity. His engaging and relatable content has helped him earn massive loyal followers all across social media networks. 

This has made him a prominent figure in Nigeria’s entertainment scene. You may like to read the biography of Liquorose Roseline Omokhoa.

Full Biography of Josh2funny – Family Background

Although specific details about his family members are not widely known, his pattern of skits suggests that his parents’ influence has contributed to his success as a comedian. 

The experiences he shares in his jokes, the gender cross-dressing and the remixing of family songs, make his content relatable with a sense of authenticity that resonates with his audience.

As a social media sensation and comedian, Josh2funny’s family remains an integral part of his life. 

Full Biography of Josh2funny – Parents

Josh2funny was born in the family of Pastor and Mrs. Alfred in late 1990. His Father has always been a pastor while his mother was into business.

Recently, she decided to join forces with her husband to move their ministry to a permanent site. His parents got fully involved in directing and guiding him. Even as a little child. 

They played a crucial role in shaping his sense of humor and encouraging his creative pursuits.

Full Biography of Josh2funny – Siblings

While the public may not have extensive information about his siblings, it’s reasonable to assume that his family’s support and interactions have provided him with a lot of guidance in his creative skits, songwriting and content creation. 

Josh2funny’s ability to recreate relatable and humorous jokes about family life, friendships, and human interactions makes him stand out from the rest of the comedians in Nigeria. 

Full Biography of Josh2funny – Education

Josh2funny did his primary and secondary school education in Mushin, Lagos state.He completed his Computer Science Degree at the Federal Science and Technical College (YABATECH), Yaba. 

And also added another degree in  Performance Arts studies at the QBan Centre in Ikoyi, a well-known institute of Arts in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Full Biography of Josh2funny – Career

Josh2funny’s career started way back in his secondary school days. You may also like to read the full biography of Burna Boy.

Although Josh2Funny believes that education in Nigeria does do any special good to the people, this he made known in a popular mantra “Education is scam”. 

His Father persuaded him to finish his education. And he acted accordingly to acquire a computer science degree, and even added an extra certificate in Arts just to honour his parents.

This exposure to the field of arts and computer science added an extra edge to his career.

He tried out different things, songwriting, acting, video production and skit-making. 

He eventually learned how to make unique, creative and engaging content for his audience. 

Jush2funny looked up to mentors like Bright Okpocha, popularly known as Basketmouth, Koffi and so many others. 

These are his senior colleagues in the comedy industry in Nigeria. He said that these mentors shaped and sharpened his views on the entertainment industry in Nigeria. 

Josh2funny’s iconic style of wearing women’s attire and remixing a funny version of popular songs with a distinctly embellished Igbo accent made him stand out. 

He joined forces with his friend, Bello Kreb to write their own funny versions of lyrics and make quirky facial expressions, in all their skits and content production.

Due to his cross-dressing character, fans who were misguided felt he was gay. He quickly corrected that those outfits were only for skits and content-making production. 

In addition to his comedic pursuits, Josh2Funny is an accomplished singer and songwriter. He operates his own recording studio where the majority of his musical creations come to life.

Josh2Funny has held his comedy concert right here in Lagos themed “Josh2Funny All Of Me.”

Anchoring big names in the comedy industry. 

Recently, he traveled to the US to compete and gain global presence at the “America’s Got Talent Show”

He gained attention once more for his performance, where he pretended to be the “fastest reader in the world,” on America’s Got Talent show in 2023.

Full Biography of Josh2funny – Movie Career

Josh2Funny has featured in many non-mentioned movies and skits, but his stand out movies is a guest feature in the popular television series that shows in Africa magic “My  Flatmates”

featuring Basketmouth, Buchi, Koffi and many others. 

Full Biography of Josh2funny – Relationship 

In October 2019, Josh2Funny publicly announced his engagement to his longtime girlfriend, Bina Alfred, through his official Instagram page. 

With this exciting development, fans who were anticipating this news looked forward to the actual wedding ceremony. 

In mid-2020, he wedded his long-time loyal and charming girlfriend, Bina Alfred at the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Lagos State.

It was a reclusive court wedding that was graced with family and friends in attendance. 

Their honeymoon to Dubai, which went viral on social media, followed shortly after. 

Full Biography of Josh2funny – Josh2funny’s wife 

Bina Alfred is Josh2funny’s wife, she was born on July 11, 1995, in Ethiopia. She is a well-known Ethiopian entrepreneur who serves as the CEO of Pink Roses.

She got married to Josh2funny in Lagos  Nigeria, three years ago, in 2020. And they are blessed with a smart baby boy, Eden Alfred. 

Bina Alfred has always shown full support to her husband’s comedy venture and business hustles. 

She actively participates in his videos, helping Josh2funny’s out by playing different characters in his skits whenever necessary.

Although she is originally from Ethiopia, Bina Alfred has managed to blend perfectly into Nigerian culture and atmosphere.

She now has dual citizenship, being both an Ethiopian and a Nigerian citizen following her marriage to Josh2funny.

Full Biography of Josh2funny – Awards and Recognition

Josh2funny has won countless awards and recognitions throughout his career. In 2021,  Josh2Funny was announced as the winner of the first-ever GAGE STAR Award. 

He competed in the category of best online comic act during the lockdown. Amidst other great names in the online comic act, he came out as the winner. 

He won this title with his creative idea “DON’T LEAVE ME CHALLENGE” which went viral across the globe. From Africa to Europe and from there to the rest of the globe. 

This title was awarded because of the cushioning role that online comedy played while the pandemic was ravaging the world. He has won so many other recognitions that are not mentioned. 

The GAGE Awards took a total account of all the great talents,  individuals, groups, and brands that have shared their talents online to impact and make life less boring. 

Full Biography of Josh2funny – Net Worth

Josh2Funny’s net worth is believed to exceed $300,000. His primary earnings come from hosting comedy events, advertisements, social media earnings, brand ambassador and related endeavors.

Josh2Funny auditions in America Got Talent 2023

Barely two weeks ago, 9th of August 2023, Josh2Funny auditioned for America’s Got Talent show. How about reading the full biography of Cross BBNaija 2023?

He contested in the category of Talented Comedian and he had three fantabulous personalities. 

“Fastest Rapper in the World,” 

“Fastest Reader in the World,” and 

“Best Magician in the World” 

Josh2funny gave a performance that left the audience buzzing with cheers while the judges were left clueless, not knowing the direction he was going next with his performance.

The Comedian who has more than 2 million followers both on TikTok and Instagram, kept on hitting hard with different outfits and different personalities.

He made 3 appearances and got the Judges confused in each one. They were almost feeling it a bit, until his last performance. That was when Simon Cowell and the other Judges, realized that he was his conning strategy. 

Josh2funny’s video of him contesting at the America’s Got Talent Show has gathered hundreds of million views on YouTube and other social media platforms, placing him among the top trending personalities in Nigeria, Africa and the world. 

Full Biography of Josh2funny – Backstory: An Interview with Josh2funny

In an interview, Josh2funny shed light on his journey, inspirations, and experiences in the entertainment industry.

Below are some of the questions that he answered during the interview:

1. What first attracted you to the showbiz industry? 

Josh2funny shared that the factors that initially drew him to the entertainment industry, were his passion to make people laugh and his desire to express himself creatively.

2. When did you realize this was what you wanted to do with your life?

Josh2funny  recounted that the pivotal moment for him was when he realized that comedy and entertainment were his true calling, and there are a large number of people consuming the content that he makes. This led him to pursue a career in this field.

3. What do you think is unique about your comedy style?

Josh2funny  explained that what sets his comedy style apart from others, was his uniqueness in voice and creativity in recreating funny remixes.

He also mentions that making content that is relatable and engaging has made him stand out in his pursuit.

4. Do you get involved with political issues and problem-solving? 

Josh2funny said that his perspective of using his platform to address societal issues and contribute to meaningful discussions has been one of his lifelong dreams.

Rounding up the full Biography of Josh2funny

Josh2funny’s journey from sharing comedy skits on social media to becoming a recognized figure in Nigeria’s entertainment industry showcases his talent, creativity, and ability to connect with audiences.

His perspective on success is measured by accomplishments, impact, or personal fulfillment,  this provides an understanding of his goals and aspirations.

His unique style, relatable content, and personal experiences have contributed to his success and popularity, making him a beloved comedian and social media sensation.


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