5 Common Habits to Avoid in an Interview Hall

For every job opportunity, there are many other people who will easily fit into the job role. For you to be fortunate enough to have been called upon for an interview, you don’t want to jeopardize this great fortune.

Here are five nasty habits you need to avoid to show that you really want the job.

Surfing phone
Avoid browsing your phone. It pisses interviewers off. 

Phone charging
Some people are just so used to charging their phones anywhere the opportunity presents itself, not in an interview room, please!

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Using earpiece
Using earpieces to listen to music or news in order to while away time in an interview creates an impression that the interviewee is restless and unserious. Avoid this habit.

Endeavour to eat before leaving for the interview or buy something to eat on your way and eat before going in, avoid eating just before you are called upon to be interviewed.

Receiving calls
It is not a good habit to receive calls in an interview hall. If your phones will be on, then put in on a silent mode so you can view your missed calls later.

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