The education sector is about to experience some creative disruptions!

We have innovation that helps us rent good apartments right from the comfort of our homes; from a click on our smartphones, flights bookings are done without sweats.

Edusko is the new way parents find good schools for their wards with ease and for free.

Launched recently in Lagos, Edusko is an online platform poised to furnish parents with necessary information about available good schools in Nigeria, Ghana, South Europe and America.

“Edusko is set to assist listed schools to connect with parents. The platform provides schools with the opportunity to reach to millions of parents free of charge” Said the Marketing Manager, Mr. Ayegbusi.

Explaining why Eduso is beyond a regular directory, the Account/content Manager, Bukola Owo-Bello claimed that with, school finders can interact with over a million schools available on countries covered.

I visited the website and cited a number of leading schools. However, time will tell how ready Edusko is to take charge of the Education sector.


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