Student Entrepreneur: I Organized My First Comedy Show In Jss3

ebuka_mic+instakeep_b1cbe.jpgTreading a career path early in life is probably one of the best things that can happen to any young person. You have a sense of purpose and direction; you are able to experiment with things, know which works and which doesn’t, thereby getting knowledge on how to navigate the ship of your life. Ebuka Ike-Mgbechi (@ebuka_mic)  a 300 level ICE student of Covenant University, is one of the very few young people who have found purpose early in life.

Having realized how easily he brought laughter to the cheeks of his classmates in his primary school days, Ebuka’s first real attempt at making people laugh (through stand-up comedy) was when he organized a comedy show in JSS3. Few years and a university auditorium later, the brand, The Ebuka Mic , a comedy and Mc brand was born.

We asked Ebuka how he discovered his penchant for comedy, the journey so far and his plans for the nearest future. Here is what he had to say.

How did you discover that you could make people laugh?

I discovered it during the early stages of my childhood, right back in my primary school days. I was very engaging and fun to be with because I could make people laugh either through my words or actions. It could be a side comment during class or a “yab” at a friend, whatever it was; it was always came naturally and gave a deep sense of fulfilment to me to cause happiness even at such a young age.

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Tell us about your first experience making people laugh.

The EBUKA MIC brand started in 2015 but my first experience making people laugh (through stand-up comedy) was way back in my JSS3. I organized a show back then in secondary school. I called it the “THE COMEDY SHOW.” We did the whole gate fee and all (laughs). That was my first experience, back then I was sampling jokes of other comedians like Basketmouth, Bovi, I go Die etc.

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Why did you decide to combine comedy with your studies?

The best time to start anything is NOW! I decided to combine comedy with my studies because I gauged all factors and saw it was very possible. It is better for me to start now rather than wait because these are still my formative years, and it’s still easier to inculcate the necessary habits and let go of the unnecessary ones.

ebuka_mic+instakeep_141be.jpgDo you think the best comedians are the born or trained?

Comedy can be an inherent gifting or talent but the best comedians are the ones who commit their selves to training. Talent is never enough, especially if you want to be the best. Practice makes perfect.

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How do you juggle School and comedy/MC successfully?

 Well, It’s all about time management and clarity of vision. There are certain sacrifices I have made to achieve a balance between comedy and academics. At the end it is all about knowing what you really want and what you are willing to let go for it. Basically, it’s a matter of focus and sacrifice.

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What’s your best moment as a comedian so far?

God has been gracious and kind. Personally, for me, I don’t actually have a definite best moment, but if there would be any best moment it would be that time when I am performing or hosting at an event and people are happy, in joy and laughing not minding whatsoever issues or problem they might have. This is very fulfilling for me.

With Instagram providing platform for people to project their skills, how do you intend to stand out among thousands of other comedians?

Well I intend to stand out by presenting my content in a unique and relatable way. There is enough room in the sky for every true star.

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What’s your take on student entrepreneurship?

Student entrepreneurship is very beneficial. It breeds a sense of responsibility and destiny to students. It prevents students from engaging in vices and exposes them to the real world. It is also very good for the economy.

What is the role of social media in your business?

Social media is a major tool in my business. It aids branding, publicity and helps the comedian connect with his/her fans. It also measures reach.

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Who’s your role model in the Nigerian comedy industry?

There are lots of people I look up to in the business. I like to learn from everyone. I love Basketmouth’s delivery, I like Bovi’s thinking pattern and AY’s business sense.

Do you plan to get a 9-5 job later or stick to your comedy career?

I can end up doing a 9-5 job provided its comedy (laughs).

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What’s your personal motto quote?

Well for me, it’s “be innovative, the swag of yesterday have become the rags today. Keep trying, Today’s rags can become swag tomorrow.”

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