Blog Roundup: 3 Most Interesting Articles on Leaving School in Nigeria

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This week, we have searched the nook and cranny of the blogosphere to bring you the most interesting and resourceful articles and write-ups on preparation for life after school.

Life of an Unofficial Undergraduate

The vast majority of undergrads do not have an idea exactly what life holds for them immediately after school. From those rigorous last days on campus during final clearance to NYSC and Job hunting, Ella Chikezie bares it all for the soon to be graduates.

“Moving forward, life as an ” Unofficial Nigerian Graduate” is precarious. Yes, I know we will all say and argue that life as a Nigerian undergraduate isn’t easy either, but life as a graduate in Nigeria is far worse. For starters, there are a lot of difficulties in the different stages of/on becoming a Nigerian graduate.”

Read the rest of her short article:

Now That I Am A Former Corper: Adjusting Into The Graduate Life

Life changes so quickly. If care is not taken, before you know it, once you are back from NYSC, you may find yourself taking on new roles that you never dreamt of.

“Since I came back home, things have changed. You know, I always had it in mind that things would change when I finished school, but I never thought it would be this… Overwhelming.”

And this is only a few weeks after NYSC!

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Top Ten Vital Lessons Nigerian Students Should Learn Before Graduation

What should you be doing now that you still have a few weeks, months or years before leaving school? Here are 10 pieces of candid advice I wish I had someone told me when I was in 100 level.

Read all 10 Lessons You should be Learning now:

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