Full Biography of Layi Wasabi Nigerian Comedian

    biography of Layi Wasabi

    Biography of Layi Wasabi

    If you love young talents then here’s one for you, Layi Wasabi whose real name is Isaac Ayomide Olayiwola. Born on July 11, 1998, Layiwasabi is a 25-year-old comedian and influencer. 

    With a talent for humor, Layi entertains audiences with his unique comedic style, bringing laughter to many. His stage name, Layi Wasabi, has become synonymous with his funny and relatable content.

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    Through various skits and posts on the internet, Layi Wasabi has gained popularity even to the extent of becoming a social media influencer on most platforms.

    However, this is just the tip of the iceberg about the biography of Layi Wasabi, trust me, there’s more to know.

    Just read on.

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    Biography of Layi Wasabi – Profile  

    Real Name:  Isaac Ayomide Olayiwola

    Stage Name: Layiwasabi

    Date of birth: July 11, 1998

    Age: 25 Years

    Height:  6 ft 5″

    Weight: 90kg

    State of Origin: Osun State

    Nationality: Nigerian

    Profession: Comedian, Influencer

    Tribe: Yoruba

    Religion: Christianity

    Parents:  Mr. & Mrs. Olayiwola

    Net Worth: About $100k

    Biography of Layi Wasabi- Early life 

    Layiwasabi’s journey began in the charming city of Osogbo, nestled in Osun State, where he spent his formative years.

    Growing up in the company of his younger brother and his mother, Layi Wasabi’s life was shaped by the absence of his father, who passed away when he was just two years old.

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    This early loss marked the start of a life largely influenced by his mother and the supportive embrace of his extended family.

    Despite the absence of his father, Layi Wasabi’s childhood wasn’t one defined by grand adventures. Instead, it was more of quiet reflections.

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    Growing up, he often reminisces about his “quiet” childhood. However, It was within this period that his passion for comedy began to take root.

    Layiwasabi attributes his comedic inclination to the most hilarious person in his life, his mother.

    Her wit, humor, and ability to find laughter in everyday situations left a memorable mark on him. Her influence cultivated his comedic sensibilities, which he later channeled into his performances. 

    As he navigated through life, Layi Wasabi found himself drawing inspiration from his environment, observing the funny activities that often go unnoticed by others.

    His childhood experiences, both sad and happy ones, also served as a wellspring of creative material that later defined his comedic style.

    However, with his unique life experiences, his mother’s humor, and his legal insight, Layi Wasabi stepped onto the stage with a distinctive comedic flair.

    His performances became a fusion of relatable stories, unnoticed observations, and a touch of legal intellect, resonating with audiences who appreciated his fresh perspective.

    Biography of Layi Wasabi – Parents 

    Layiwasabi’s parents are Mr. and Mrs. Olayiwola. However, it’s unfortunate that Mr. Olayiwola passed away when Layiwasabi was just two years old.

    Biography of Layi Wasabi – Education

    Layi Wasabi’s pursuit of knowledge started within the familiar confines of Osogbo, where he completed his primary and secondary education.

    With a strong educational foundation in place, he took a significant step forward at age 15 and enrolled at Bowen University, a prestigious institution in Iwo, Osun state.

    It was here that he embarked on a new chapter, not only in terms of education but also in nurturing his passion for comedy.

    Amidst his studies, he discovered the intersection between his academic pursuits and his comedic aspirations.

    Layi Wasabi’s academic journey has been rewarded with a bachelor’s degree in law of which he’s now serving as a corps member in Oyo state.

    This academic accomplishment opened doors to various opportunities, yet his heart remained anchored to comedy. 

    Biography of Layi Wasabi – Height and weight

    Layiwasabi, also known as Isaac Ayomide Olayiwola, possesses an impressive stature, standing at a towering 6 feet 5 inches. Weighing around 90kg±, he stands significantly taller l than an average Nigerian.

    Despite his remarkable height, Layi Wasabi maintains excellent health and remains free from any health issues commonly associated with being exceptionally tall.

    His stature makes him a notable figure in his local community.

    Biography of Layi Wasabi – Relationship 

    Rumors suggest that Eniola Korty Olanrewaju, also known as Korty EO, and Layi Wasabi are in a romantic relationship. Korty EO is a popular internet personality, YouTuber, and aspiring filmmaker, with a significant social media following.

    She grew up in the serene streets of Ibadan where she nurtured her aspirations and pursued a computer science degree at the University of Ibadan. 

    However, Her YouTube channel features the “Flow, With Korty” interview series, hosting A-list celebrities such as Ashley Okoli, Don Jazzy, Niyi Okeowo, Ayra Starr, BlaqBonez, and Niyi Okeowo.

    Biography of Layi Wasabi – Relationship Saga

    In a relatable relationship saga, the skit-maker revealed his personal experience on Twitter, shedding light on how some women handle disinterest. 

    He recounted a situation where he invited a lady to spend the weekend together, but she declined, stating she wouldn’t be available.

    When he inquired about her future availability, she humorously responded that “she wouldn’t be free for the rest of her life”. 

    This incident highlights the indifference some women exhibit when they’re not interested, reminding us that getting caught up in such situations is quite common. 

    However, this is exactly how the skit maker tweeted it on his handle

    “Girls dgaf if they don’t like you. 2019, I remember asking this girl out to hang out during the weekend but she said she wouldn’t be free, so I asked when she’d be free. Ma’am said she won’t be free for the rest of her life.”

    Biography of Layi Wasabi – career

    Layi Wasabi’s comedy journey began during his teenage years, and he’s one of the first comedians in Nigeria, to use Shakespeare’s line “The world is your oyster” in his Instagram bio. 

    His journey from novice to star started in JSS2 when he stood behind a microphone to make people laugh at his secondary school’s talent event.

    Following his performance, he discovered his calling. He went on to establish a theatre club named “The Emerald Star,” where he began performing stand-up comedy in SS3.

    He cultivated his sense of humor by closely observing life. His mother’s Christian upbringing, as a member of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, strongly shaped his comedic style.

    Many of the activities from that period are evident in his skits.

    However, he has a couple of popular skits including parodies of Mount Zion movies and imagining a Nigerian boss with Jesus’ abilities.

    In addition, Layi Wasabi’s unique charm lies in his introverted, yet engaging style of evoking a literary touch and Nollywood’s concept without overwhelming sound effects.

    Layi Wsasbi employs the POV technique in his online comedy skits, connecting Nigerian societal issues and everyday challenges. This blend has earned him recognition as a top Gen Z comedian in Nigeria.

    Biography of Layi Wasabi – Awards 

    Layi Wasabi shone at the Layi Wasabi Trendupp Awards, winning the Emerging Force title for making a significant impact on Nigerian social media from March 2022 to March 2023.

    However, the awards which were held on June 9, 2022, celebrated various Nigerian artists, writers, and influencers like Phyna, Sheggz, Aproko Doctor, Nonye Udeogu, Seyi Oluloye, and Chukwuebuka Emmanuel (Brainjotter). 

    The event aimed to honor innovators who skillfully utilized social media to entertain, educate, advocate for social causes, and promote collaborations between influencers and brands. 

    The festivities were hosted by Kie Kie, featuring electrifying performances by Nigerian music sensations Niniola, Imanse, and the emerging group Progress, all aligning with the event’s theme, “The Force of Influence.”

    Biography of Layi Wasabi – partnerships

    Layiwasabi’s addition to Penzaarville Africa, led by CEO Olufemi Oguntamu, brings a fresh dimension to the agency’s ability to deliver impactful solutions to clients.

    Layi Wasabi’s captivating skits, comedic brilliance, and engagement skills are set to enhance the team’s creative prowess.

    Known for his humorous and relatable content on social media, Layi Wasabi’s inclusion in Penzaarville Africa is a result of a shared vision and understanding of his content style. 

    However, this collaboration is anticipated to drive new achievements in the entertainment and media sectors, benefiting both parties.

    Biography of Layi Wasabi- Interview  with Jermaine Med “Why I Wanted to Do Comedy”

    Layi Wasabi’s sit-down with Jermaine Media shed light on his comedic journey, tracing back to his school days when he effortlessly assumed the role of the class clown.

    He reminisced, revealing that his desire to pursue comedy had been ingrained in him since then.

    Even as a young student, Layi displayed a natural knack for humor, which eventually led him to envision comedy as his life’s path.

    He recalled a curious encounter with his class teacher, who questioned the essence of humor when he expressed his ambition to become a comedian

    In his words, he said this:

    “I always knew that I wanted to do comedy, From school I had always been the class clown so I knew that this is what I’d do at the end of the day. When I told my class teacher that I wanted to be a comedian, she said ‘What is funny?’”

    In the same instance, Layi also reflected on how his lawyer character has gradually become an integral part of him, moving beyond mere scripting.

    Layi’s ascent in his comedy is quite remarkable. His combination of humor and authenticity positions him as a noteworthy comedian on the rise.

    In addition, the interview also highlighted his distinctive technique of infusing life into his characters by channeling the voices and experiences he absorbed while growing up in Osun state. 

    Biography of Layi Wasabi – Net worth

    Isaac Ayomide Olayiwola whose stage name is  Layi Wasabi, has a net worth of around $100,000 in 2023.

    Biography of Layi Wasabi – Social Media

    Since embarking on his skit-making journey in 2020, Layi’s fame has rapidly surged, solidifying him as a rising entertainment star.

    With an impressive Instagram following of over 900k, his hilarious videos have had widespread views, propelling his recognition not only in Nigeria but also internationally.

    Also, his handle Layi Wasabi on both TikTok and Instagram has continued to gather a significant following, boasting over 300k followers as of 2023.

    You can follow him on his social media platforms via.

    Instagram handle: @Layiwasabi

    Twitter handle: @Layiwasabi


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