Biography of Cross BBNaija 2021

Cross BBNaija 2021

Biography of Cross BBNaija 2021

Cross originally named Ikechukwu Sunday Cross Okonkwo is one of the BBNaija 2021 housemates. Due to his lively nature, many viewers of the BBNaija show see Cross as their favourite housemates since the show started on 24th July 2021.

This Biography of Cross BBNaija 2021 will help you get to know Cross better, who he is, his career, age, education, Cross parents, Cross girlfriend, and other facts about Cross BBNaija 2021 “Shine ya eye”.

Cross Big Brother Naija 2021 – Profile

Full Name:   Ikechukwu Sunday Cross Okonkwo

Age:   30 Years (2021)

Date of birth:  July 8, 1991

Nationality:    Nigerian

State of origin:   Anambra State

Marital status:   Single

Occupation:   Entrepreneur

Local government: Oba Community in Idemili Local Government

Hobbies: Travelling, watching movies, clubbing

Cross Personality

Cross BBNaija 2021 in a bbnaija taskCross is a very lively guy who loves to describe himself as a “bad boy with a good heart”. He loves to enjoy life and make good friends. He doesn’t believe in walking alone in life. Cross also doesn’t believe in fighting either for food, girls, or any other thing.

Cross loves life and he is well-traveled. He loves to club and have fun. In fact, according to him, he typically starts to club from Thursday onward as his weekend starts on Thursday. Cross is a very kind and down-to-earth guy who loves to have fun.

Cross family background

Another interesting thing about Cross BBNaija’s biography is his family background.

BBNaija Cross was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Okonkwo of Oba Community Idemil, Enugu on July 8, 1991. He is the first of four children – all boys. He has three siblings who he described in the house as equally good-looking and even more handsome than himself.

Cross alongside his family used to live in Enugu where he grew up before they relocated abroad. Cross is from a family that radiates love and kindness which he has truly benefited from.

Cross BBNaija 2021 Education

Cross has his elementary, primary, secondary, and higher institution education but the details of the schools that Cross attended are not currently available as of the time of this publication.Cross BBNaija 2021 in pool

Ideaslane Africa team shall update this information as soon as it is available and validated.

Cross BBNaija Career and businesses

Cross BBNaija 2021 is a fitness enthusiast and entrepreneur. He has businesses in Lagos and Abuja. Cross is the founder of Cross Fitness Nutrition, a startup that produces high-quality sports nutrition powder with 100% Whey Protein used for burning fat.

He is also a co-founder of a restaurant business in Abuja, Gem House Restaurant and Bar. Gem House Restaurant and Bar is a hub for West African and intercontinental cuisines located at the heart of Abuja.

Cross was trying to grow the business before moving to the Big Brother Naija show on 24th July 2021. However, his businesses are being run while he is in the big brother’s house.

Cross BBNiaja’s Father

Cross’s father, Late Mr. Okonkwo passed away a long time ago at the age of 37 when Cross was only 14 years old. It was a very difficult time for Cross and his family to cope with the sudden passing of his dad.  Cross’s life was also seriously impacted by his father’s death.

Cross’s father even though he died at a very young age, was a very wealthy millionaire as of then. Up to date, a lot of people know his father who was one of the millionaires in Nigeria than from the eastern part of Nigeria.Cross BBNaija 2021 mum and dad

Cross BBNaija’s Mother

Cross’s mum is a very beautiful and good woman who took care of Cross and his three siblings after the passing of her husband many years ago.

Cross BBNaija is the first son amongst 4 children. His mother is Pastor Uji Grace Okonkwo. She is an Evangelist at Holy Ghost School Training Program, Canada.

Biography of Cross BBNaija – Cross Siblings

During some conversations that he had with some of his fellow housemates, Cross has revealed facts about his siblings. Cross says his siblings are one boy two girls and they are all very good-looking. He says his immediate younger brother is even taller than him and he is a very handsome young man. His younger sisters are all very beautiful too.

Is Cross in a relationship?

Cross BBNaija is currently not in any known relationship. He made good friends in the Big Brother Naija House but he is yet to cement any love relationship with any of the housemates. Cross also told some of his fellow housemates that he had once been in love but he was heartbroken.

Cross Net worth

The exact Net worth of BBNaija is not known yet but with his father’s precedence, his past and present businesses, it is obvious that Cross will have a few million to his name. With deals and endorsement on Cross’s ways, his net worth is about to even increase.

We will surely update you as soon as we have the right information.

Facts about Cross BBNaija 2021

  • When Cross BBNaija is not watching movies, traveling, or clubbing, he loves playing drums or being hype on the mic on an Amapiano or House track or two.
  • Cross BBNaija is a good dancer as we saw in the big brother house parties every Saturday
  • Cross loves clubbing and he likes to call himself “king of cruise”.
  • He speaks English and Igbo fluently
  • Cross Says he wouldn’t fight a woman or even fight other people’s beliefs.
  • Cross loves adventure, so he intends to have fun during his stay at BBNaija.
  • Cross hails from Oba in Enugu State the same local government as Cubana.
  • Cross loves to gym, model, and enjoys good food from nice restaurants
  • Cross is from a wealthy to do family but very unassuming



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