Full Biography of Boy Spyce (2023)


Biography of Boy Spyce (2023 updated)

Meet Boy Spyce, named as Ugbekile David Osameke, an afrobeat musician under Mavin Records which was unveiled on 14th August 2022. 

He is from Benin City Nigeria and is making waves in the music industry with his catchy songs and positive energy.

Boy Spyce is a young man full of vibes. He learned a lot about music from his brother, who was his first music teacher.

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His journey to fame began when he became popular on the internet for covering songs with his unique voice and meaningful lyrics.

In addition, his main aim as a musician is to make music that suits every mood. He hopes his music can provide comfort whenever someone listens to it.

However, there are more details regarding the biography of Boy Spyce. Read on to reveal them.

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Biography of Boy Spyce – Background

Boy Spyce is a young man with a name that sticks and a genuine talent for music. Born on May 10, 2001, he reached the age of 21 as of February 2023.

Standing at 5 feet 4 inches (164 cm) tall and weighing 59 kilograms (130 pounds), Boy Spyce might not be the tallest guy in the room, but when he’s around his presence is always felt.

His dark brown eyes and black hair make for a striking appearance that matches his cool vibes.

When it comes to his personal life, Boy Spyce keeps it simple. He’s straight and currently flying solo in the relationship department.

He’s a proud Nigerian with African roots, and his Christian faith is important to him.

Back in his school days, he attended Lagos State Model College. But now, he’s making waves in the music industry.

Yep, Boy Spyce is a musician, and he’s got a passion for creating tunes that connect with people.

From covering songs online to writing his music, he’s come a long way from his high school days.

And there you have it, a snapshot of Boy Spyce’s background from his birthplace to his profession, all in one neat package. 

Biography of Boy Spyce – profile 

Real name: Ugbekile David Osemeke Nickname: Boy Spyce

Gender: Male 

Date of birth: 10 May 2001 

Age: 21 years old (as of February 2023) Place of birth: Jakande Estate, Isolo, Lagos state, Nigeria 

Current residence: Lagos, Nigeria Nationality: Nigerian 

Ethnicity: African 

Religion: Christianity 

Sexual orientation: Straight 

Height in feet: 5’4″ 

Height in centimetres: 164 

Weight in kilogram: 59 

Weight in pounds: 130 

Eye color: Dark brown 

Hair color: black 

Relationship status: Single 

High school: Lagos State Model College Profession: Musician  

Net worth $100K 

Instagram: @boyspyce 

Twitter: @BoySpyce

Biography of Boy Spyce-  Early Life 

Boy Spyce developed a passion for music from an early age. Even as a kid, he was drawn to music, spending his time crafting freestyles and sharing them on his social media.

Boy Spyce’s breakthrough arrived when his cover of Wizkid’s hit “Essence,” featuring Tems, captured the hearts of listeners and spread like wildfire across the internet. 

However, the positive feedback he received boosted his confidence, solidifying his determination to wholeheartedly chase a career in the world of music. 

Biography of Boy Spyce – Parents and siblings 

Boy Spyce is the youngest among seven siblings in his family. He hasn’t revealed a lot about his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ugbekile, but they have lived in Lagos State’s Jakande Estate in Isolo for more than two decades.

Biography of Boy Spyce- house 

There’s no confirmed news about Boy Spyce owning a house, but there’s a rumor that he might live at the Mavin Records Villa. The media hasn’t shared any official information about his house ownership yet.

Biography of Boy Spyce – Cars

Boy Spyce used almost N15 million to get a Mercedes Benz GLE SUV. However, right now, the Star only has this one car.

Biography of Boy Spyce- Record Label

Boy, Spyce is a talented artist associated with Mavin Records, a popular Nigerian music label led by Don Jazzy. This label also has well-known musicians like Rema, Crayon, Ayra Starr, and more. 

His musical skills were improved through guidance from Don Jazzy while he was part of the Mavin Academy, where he even created his own set of songs.

He spent several months in the academy before officially joining Mavin Records.

However, Mavin Records was created by Don Jazzy on May 8, 2012, after the closure of Mo’ Hits Records.

This label is home to various artists including Korede Bello, Dr. SID, D’Prince, Di’Ja, and more. 

Their compilation CD, Solar Plexus, was released on the same day. The label has talented producers like Jazzy himself, Altims, London, Baby Fresh, and Andre Vibez. In 2014, DJ Big N became their official disc jockey.

Notably, Mavin Records received a significant investment from Kupanda Holdings, a division of Kupanda Capital and TPG Growth, in January 2019.

This investment was worth several million dollars and contributed to the label’s growth and success.

Biography of Boy Spyce – Income from shows 

Singers who sign with a record label don’t earn full money from their music. The money generated goes to the label. However, Boy Spyce is an exception as he earns money from every performance, whether at clubs or invited shows.

On average, Boy Spyce makes N3 Million from each show, and since his breakthrough, he has done more than 15 shows, totaling over $80,000, according to Mavins record label.

Biography of Boy Spyce – income from online streaming 

According to research, Boy Spyce’s music has been streamed globally around 50 million times. Typically, streaming apps like Audiomack and Apple Music pay about $2 for every 1,000 streams. 

If you do the math very well, that’s about $100,000. Wow that’s huge 

In addition, taking all this into account, Boy Spyce’s net worth has been positively impacted by his music earnings.

Biography of Boy Spyce – Net worth

Boy Spyce net worth is believed to be approximately $100,000. He earns most of this money from selling his music online, streaming his songs, doing performances, and working on various advertising and ambassador projects.

Biography of Boy Spyce- Relationship

Boy Spyce is currently not in a romantic relationship. In a recent interview, he humorously mentioned that he considers all his female followers as his dates. 

Additionally, in another interview with Cool FM Nigeria, he playfully commented that he’s in a relationship with his microphone, emphasizing his dedication to his music career.

However, Boy Spyce has shared an experience from the past that he regrets as a lover. He opened up about a situation where he borrowed money to prevent his then-girlfriend from going on a date with another man. 

This happened during a time when he considered the act important, but he now realizes it was a mistake.

He expressed that he wouldn’t repeat such an action, stating that he believes in not going to extreme lengths to impress anyone.

The incident took place a few years ago when he borrowed around N50,000, a significant amount for him at that time. His then-girlfriend wanted to go somewhere for fun and to eat, and a guy had asked her out.

In response, Boy Spyce felt uncomfortable with the idea and borrowed money to take her out and fulfill her desire.

Looking back, he now understands the importance of financial responsibility and not overexerting himself to please someone else. 

The valuable lesson he learned from this experience is to prioritize his well-being and not go beyond his means for the sake of impressing others.

Biography of Boy Spyce- Lifestyle

Don Jazzy, a famous Nigerian music producer and the founder of Mavin Records, officially welcomed Boy Spyce to his music label on April 14, 2022. 

Don Jazzy mentioned that he had been following Boy Spyce closely since 2019. Then, on April 15, 2022, Boy Spyce was unveiled with his first-ever EP named “Boy Spyce,” which he released under his new record label.

In November 2022, Boy Spyce showcased his modeling skills at the Lagos Fashion Week. He walked the runway for African fashion brands Pepper Row and Bloke. 

For Pepper Row, he wore a suit with colorful stripes, and for Bloke, he rocked a white two-piece outfit with blue, green, and red patterns, all while flaunting his blonde hair.

Boy Spyce began the new year with a catchy song called “Folake.” After debuting his EP in April 2022 and contributing to the Mavin All-Star LP Chapter X, he proved his musical talent beyond doubt.

His sweet-sounding melodies consistently captivate his listeners, thanks to his unique voice and the depth of his storytelling.

As of now, Boy Spyce has around 13 songs. These include tracks like “Smile,” “Weather For Two,” “Dreams,” “Folake,” “Wayo,” “Destiny,” “Overloading,” “You,” “Bad Things,”  “Won Da Mo” and his latest “Relationship”.

These songs comprise of his Mavin collaborations and exclude any featured appearances.

Biography of Boy Spyce – Standing out

Boy Spyce effortlessly shines amidst other Afrobeat musicians, his uniqueness naturally coming through without any effort, as he explains, “I always stand out even if I don’t try.”

As a talented artist under the prestigious Mavin Records, one of Africa’s largest music labels, Boy Spyce highlighted the significance of music strategy.

He emphasized that his success is driven by his knack for understanding and delivering what his audience loves, a skill that has been instrumental in propelling his career to greater heights.

Biography of Boy Spyce – awards and recognition 

Although Boy Spyce has a big fanbase and is becoming popular, he hasn’t received any awards yet. Despite this, he’s gaining a lot of attention and support from his fans. It will be interesting to see if he gets recognized with awards in the future as his career continues to grow.

Biography of Boy Spyce- Social media 

Boy Spyce is a rising star in Nigeria and people really like his music. He’s been in songs that became popular which has gained him a huge fan base in the past few years. 

He’s super popular on Instagram, with more than 350,000 people following him there. On Twitter, almost 80,000 people are actively following and interacting with him. 

However, I hope he does well in his future projects. You can find him on social media using these names:

Instagram: Boyspyce

Twitter: @BoySpyce


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