91 Best Products to Sell Online in Nigeria in 2024


91 best products to sell online in Nigeria in 2024

The best products to sell online in Nigeria are our focus in this post.

Let me quickly list some of the best products to sell online in Nigeria in below before we go in-depth discussing them:

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Am glad you are interested in knowing the hot selling products in Nigeria, sit back, and relax.

As you may know, E-commerce has come to stay here in Nigeria and the African continent as a whole.

The increase in internet penetration and mobile phone users in Nigeria comesman sells online products in Nigeria with a thirst for convenience of purchase and shopping.

According to recent research, in the past year, Nigeria had 99.05 million internet users.

This figure is projected to grow to 131.7 million internet users in 2024. Internet penetration amounted to 46.6 percent of the population in 2020 and is set to reach 65.2 percent in 2025.

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Consumers’ appetite to get orders delivered to them in the comfort of their homes and in a click of a button is almost unquenchable these days in Nigeria.Best Products to Sell Online in Nigeria in 2024

This is why sellers are jumping on the moving train of e-commerce like Jumia, Cart ng, Supermart.ng, and other market places online to reach their target market.

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Am sure that’s your reason for clicking this post too. You want to know the high demand products in Nigeria right now, so you make a good choice of goods to stock.

You have done well.

Now, without further ado, let’s get into the best products that you can sell online this year.

81 Best Products to sell online in Nigeria today

Mobile phone

Did you know that there are 98.39 million internet users in Nigeria as of 2019? This figure is projected to grow to 187.8 million internet users in 2024.

That’s why mobile phones top our list of top-selling products in Nigeria.

In three years, I have bought at least four mobile phones online, the last one being a premium RedMi sleek phone. (Not an iPhone fan, lol).man holds best products to sell online in Nigeria 2021

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As long as I can access the internet, why should I stress myself trekking the whole of Computer Village all in the name of getting a new phone? And with the risk of falling into the hands of 419ners, I can’t just risk not buying my phones online.

I definitely know that’s true for you too and hundreds of thousands of people who buy mobile phones daily in Nigeria.

One of the reasons why mobile phones are some of the best-selling online products in Nigeria is because there are specifications.phone products to buy online in Nigeria

What you ordered will always be what you get.

And please don’t buy the notion that the mobile phone market is oversaturated. Yes, there are so many businesses in this product but there is a huge mobile phone market in Nigeria still.

Below are some of the trending high demand for mobile phones in Nigeria:

Best-selling phone brands in Nigeria:

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  1. Samsung
  2. iPhone
  3. Infinix
  4. Techno
  5. Geoni
  6. iTel
  7. Nokia
  8. Gionee
  9. Oppo
  10. Homtom
  11. Fero Royale
  12. Xiaomi Redmi

81 best products to sell online in Nigeria

Phone accessories

Phones and their accessories are like butter and bread. So, if phones are some of the best-selling online products in Nigeria, you’ll expect that phone accessories too would also be one of the fastest-selling products online.

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As a phone user, you can testify to it that often time, you need to buy a phone screen or a charger or phone pouch. Everyone needs these items often.

But what are the most sought-after phone accessories online?

Check the list of the hottest phone accessories to sell online:

13. Wireless phone chargers

14. Cell phone Popsocket

15. Power Chargers or Power Banks

16. Phone/Tablet holder

17. Memory card

18. Earpiece

19. Magnetic phone accessories

20. Phone screen projectors

Fashion Items

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Needless to say, an average Nigerian is a very fashionable person; it’s a lack of money that kills the fashion sense in many.

Still, looking good is a priority to most Nigerians and they will go to a reasonable length to look presentable, neat, and fashionable.

items to sell online in Nigeria 2021

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From their wristwatches to their perfumes, eye wears to their cologne, Nigerians perhaps put in practice the saying ‘how you dress is how you will be addressed’ more than other people in the world.

This informs fashion items being some of the fast-selling products online that you can sell online in Nigeria and even beyond.

Talking about fashion items that are most moving online, they are in different categories.

Some of the high demand products in Nigeria talking about fashion are:

21. Men Watches

22. Men shoes

23. Perfumes

24. Jewelleries (Hearings, headband)

25. Weaves or Hair Extensions

26. Perfume oils

27. Casual wear for men, etc.


Cosmetics are some of the products that people buy most online. These are products that enhance people’s looks, feel, and smell.

Both men and women, young and old use cosmetics to beautify themselves and use it to be more attractive.

Most middle-low income earning families and individuals daily use cosmetics ranging from body cream to fragrances and toiletries.

There is a huge demand for cosmetics products because of their daily need of nature.

Some of the best-selling cosmetics products to sell in Nigeria are:


28. Fragrances

29. Perfumes

30. Personal care

31. Toiletries

32. Makeup

33. Skincare cream

34. Hair removal cream, etc.

Health and Wellness Products

Health products are one of the best-selling products in Nigeria. Everyone wants to improve their health and most people would do anything to feel healthy a fit.

That’s why health and wellness products will always be some of the most sought-after products in Nigeria.

The health industry is a huge industry and is growing really fast. If you play in this industry, you can be sure you would have many customers who are willing to buy you’re your products.

Aside from buying from manufacturing companies, you can also create your own products and market them to your audience

Some of the fast-selling products online for wealth and wellness products are:

35. Vitamins & dietary supplements

36. Herbal remedies

37. Nutritional and overall health products

38. Weight loss products

39. Sexual wellness products

40. Reproductive health products

41. Body pain relievers etc.


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Laptops are some of the best products to sell online in Nigeria.

Students; start-up owners, entrepreneurs, small business owners, employees, internet business dealers, and other categories of people increasingly use laptops in Nigeria in their varieties.laptops sold items online in Nigeria 2021

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You can imagine the millions of pairs of laptops that are sold in Nigeria every day.

If you can jump into the fast-moving train of laptops business in Nigeria, although it is capital intensive, you can be sure to make sales and grow your business.

This will especially work for you if you target the right audience and get other factors like social media marketing in place.

Best Products to Sell Online in Nigeria in 2024

Some of the top moving laptop brands you can sell in Nigeria are:

42. Dell

43. HP

44. Lenovo

45. Asus

46. Samsung

47. Acer

48. Microsoft

49. Apple

Best products to sell online in Nigeria today

Electronic devices

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Electronic devices are also a good product category that you could look into if you want to sell products online. Some of the electronic devices that consumers prefer to buy via e-commerce are:


Blenders are some of the very useful and important kitchen equipment.  We do not need to ask if women need blenders in the house, the question is how often does a woman change her blender.

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Refrigerators are other top-selling products online in Nigeria today. Almost every home has one or intends to buy one in the nearest future.

Why don’t you tap into this high demand product if you can afford the capital it requires?

And guess what, you do not need much capital to start selling refrigerators online. You need to get one or two to start with. When you get your first buyer, you start to grow your business from that point.

Other electronic products that are fast-moving products online are:

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50. Generators

51. Blue tooth speaker

52. Cameras

53. Flat TVs i.e. Samsung, LG, Sony

54. LED TVs

55. Smart TVs

56. PlayStation

57. Camcorders

58. Digital cameras

59. Video surveillance

60. Generators

61. Portable powers

62. Inverters

63. Solar

64. Home theatre

65. Bluetooth speakers

66. Soundbars.

67. Guitar

68. Keyboard, and MIDI

Car Accessories

The National Bureau of Statistics revealed that Nigeria had about 11,547,236 motor vehicles in the country as of the third quarter of 2017. Now, that a huge number!

If the automobile market is huge in Nigeria, a country with over a 200million population, you can expect the car accessories market to be equally enormous.

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Car accessories are some of the best-selling products online in Nigeria

Here are some of the car accessories products you should be selling

69. Car trackers

70. Car dashboard phone holder

71. Car Vacuum

72. Car interior

73. Car lightening and LED

74. Air Filters

75. Battery Accessories (chargers, jump batteries)

76. Decals, stickers, and Replacement Emblems

77. Keys and Keyless entry fobs (mostly replacements)

78. Car tires and rims

79. Performance Chips and Programmers

80. Shocks and Struts

81. Car Covers

82. Weatherstripping

Best Products to Sell Online in Nigeria in 2024

Baby Items/Children

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Baby items are another very fascinating item on this list. Nigerians population is growing at a high speed signifying that hundreds of thousands of children are born daily.

These children have needs. They must feed, clothe, and live in a home. This makes children’s items one of the quickest moving things you can sell online in Nigeria.

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You may choose from some of the products I have listed below and add them to your online store and then, thank me later. Here is the list:

83. Infant car seats

84. Portable baby bed

85. Baby carrier

86. Breast Pump

87. Toys

88. Diapers

89. Baby food

90. Baby clothes

91. Baby shoes

92. Baby Bathtub

93. Kids educational tablets

94 Baby clothes

95. Feeding nipple

96. Household items

I realized that these children items also sell fast online in Nigeria

97. Doormat

98. Internal decoration items

99. Decorative pillows, etc.

99. Personal Care products

100. Personal care products also sell fast online for Nigerian online store owners.

101. Face Scrub

102 Body Scrub

103. Clothing

Clothing material

You and I know that Nigerians don’t just love fashion; they are very obsessed and intentional with their clothing, from their traditional native attires to the English corporate wears.

Although clothing is one of the basic human needs, Nigerians love for beautiful clothing is not functional, it is aesthetic, and it is for the beauty of it

So, you cannot go wrong selling clothing items in Nigeria. Some of the Ankara best clothing items to sell for Nigerians are: Kidswear, office wears, casuals, Ankara, dresses, etc.

  • Jeans
  • Swimsuits
  • Cooperate shirts
  • Women’s wears
  • Shapewear Products:
  • Food and Groceries
  • Raw food
  • Processed food
  • Cooked food

Best Products to Sell Online in Nigeria in 2024

Office equipment

Office equipment is very fast-moving online. With small and middle-scale enterprises springing up in the country, there is an attendant demand for products that enhance the production and sales of their goods and services.

Below are of the best office equipment you can sell in your virtual store:

  • Computer accessories
  • Cabinet
  • Stationery
  • Furniture

Here are the fastest-moving items to sell online in Nigeria right now:

  1. Clothing and Fashion Accessories: This includes a wide range of items like apparel, shoes, jewelry, handbags, and accessories. Keep an eye on seasonal trends and consider offering a variety of styles to cater to different tastes.
  2. Health and Wellness Products: Products related to health and wellness, such as supplements, fitness equipment, skincare, and personal care items, have been in high demand, especially with the increasing focus on self-care and wellness.
  3. Electronics and Gadgets: Items like smartphones, laptops, smart home devices, and tech accessories tend to have a strong online market. Stay updated with the latest releases and offer a variety of options to cater to different budgets.
  4. Home and Kitchen Appliances: With more people spending time at home, there has been an increased demand for kitchen gadgets, home improvement tools, and small appliances like blenders, coffee makers, and air fryers.
  5. Beauty and Cosmetics Products: Makeup, skincare, haircare, and beauty tools have a consistently strong market. Consider offering a range of products for different skin types and tones.
  6. Kids and Baby Products: This category includes items like baby clothing, toys, strollers, and nursery furniture. Parents are always looking for quality products for their children.
  7. Pet Supplies: With many people adopting pets during the pandemic, there has been a surge in demand for pet products including food, toys, grooming supplies, and pet accessories.
  8. Home Decor and Furnishings: Items like wall art, decorative items, furniture, and bedding have been popular for online shoppers looking to spruce up their living spaces.
  9. Outdoor and Sporting Goods: Products related to outdoor activities, like camping gear, hiking equipment, sports apparel, and fitness accessories, have seen steady demand.
  10. DIY and Craft Supplies: With more people engaging in hobbies at home, supplies for crafts, DIY projects, and home improvement have become sought-after items.


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