Best Business Ideas for University Students (55 ideas)

Best business ideas for university students (55 ideas)

Are you a student looking for business ideas to start while in the university?

If yes, here is a well-researched list of 55 business ideas for you as a university student. 

As a student, it is always good to have a side business or hustle to engage in, this will help settle your loans, take care of your expenses and live comfortably.

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It is advisable to find a side business that you can start without straining your academics.

These business ideas I share here are just the best for students around the world, so read till the end. 

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Best business ideas for university students

Here is a list of the 55 best business ideas for university students:

1. Tutoring service 

University students can offer tutoring services in subjects they are good at, providing valuable academic assistance to fellow students while earning some extra income. Best business ideas for university students

This business allows students to take advantage of their knowledge and develop teaching and communication skills while carrying out their academic activities.

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2. Event planning

Event planning is a good business idea for a university student.

They can help plan parties, fundraisers, and campus events, gaining practical experience in project management and event coordination while earning money.Best business ideas for university students

3. Freelance writing

Students with strong writing skills can offer freelance writing services for blog posts, articles, and academic content. 

This business offers the freedom to work from anywhere. It will help a student to develop great writing skills.

4. Graphic design

Graphic designing is one of the best business ideas for university students, especially those that are good in graphics work. Best business ideas for university students

Creative students can launch a graphic design business, providing visual branding, logos, banners and  stickers for clubs, small businesses, and campus organizations. 

This skill offers a chance to build a great portfolio and showcase artistic talents.

5. Reselling and e-commerce

Students can start an online store or use platforms like eBay to sell unique products, vintage items, or handmade crafts.

Running an e-commerce business enhances entrepreneurial skills, marketing skills, and understanding of customer behavior.

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6. Social media management

Students that love social media can offer their services to small businesses or influencers looking to grow their online presence.

Managing social media accounts allows students to stay aware of the latest news and know more about marketing strategies.

7. Personal fitness training

Here is another great business idea for university students, this is more favorable to those students that love keeping fit and always going to the gymnast. 

You can start offering training services to your fellow students, fitness lovers and teenagers in your area. 

This business enables students to combine their passion for fitness with their academic activities without stress.

8. Photography

If you are one of the students that have a passion for pictures, especially when you love taking a selfie camera, I think you can extend your passion into making money with it. 

You can start a photography business, capturing events, portraits, or campus activities.

All you need to do is to figure out events that will be held around your school.

9. Mobile app development

This is also a great business idea for university students, especially students that are in the tech department. 

You can create mobile apps for various purposes, such as entertainment apps, educational apps, reading apps and others. 

This business allows students to apply their coding and programming knowledge while they are potentially making an impact through technology.

10. Language translation service

If you are a student who reads and understands different languages, here is a great business opportunity for you. 

Start by offering translation services for individuals or businesses in need of language support and make your extra income smoothly. 

11. Mobile phone repair service

Here is also one of the best business ideas for university students that have the knowledge and skills for mobile phone repairs. Best business ideas for university students

You can offer mobile phone repair services to your fellow students and friends. With the rising dependency on smartphones, this business will add valuable income to your pocket.

12. Start a gift shop

Students with a creative flair can start their own gift shop by offering custom-made gifts like mugs, t-shirts, or accessories. 

This business is centered on special occasions and events such as birthdays, valentine days, anniversaries etc.

It allows students to express their creativity while earning profits.

13. Selling of recycling products

Students that are in need of additional income can start this business.

Selling recycling products like reusable water bottles, tote bags, tyres or clothing is a great business idea that has high profits.

14. Pet sitting and dog walking 

Animal lovers can start a pet sitting and dog walking service, catering to busy pet owners in their community.

This business allows students to spend time with pets while making money on a flexible schedule.

15. Virtual assistant

Detail-oriented students can become virtual assistants by offering administrative support to busy professionals or entrepreneurs remotely.

This business helps students develop effective time management skills while working from home. 

16. Car wash

Students can offer mobile car wash and cleaning services to their peers and local residents.

This venture requires minimal initial investment and allows students to work outdoors and at their convenience.

17. Online course creation 

Smart and knowledgeable students can create and sell online courses on platforms like Udemy or Teachable, sharing their expertise on various subjects. 

This business enables students to become content creators and build a passive income while they carry out their academic activities.

18. Plant nursery and gardening services

This is one of the best business ideas for university students, especially those studying agricultural science or lovers of agriculture. 

These students can start a plant nursery or offer gardening services to those who need help with their gardens or wish to buy plants for their homes or apartments.

19. Uber Business

Here is also a great business idea for university students, especially those that love driving.

If you have a care and don’t know what to do with it, this is the right time to start a transport business at your university. 

20. Handmade jewelry business

Students with a talent for crafting can start a handmade jewelry business by creating unique and stylish accessories. 

This business allows them to showcase their artistic skills and potentially participate in craft fairs or online marketplaces.

21. Laundry and dry cleaning service

Students can offer laundry and dry cleaning services to their friends, other busy students and individuals in their local area.

You may choose to offer this service every weekend if you are a busy student. Print a banner or flyers having your contact information and share to your co-students, lecturers and individuals around your area. 

22. Personal styling and fashion consulting

Fashion lovers students can start a personal styling and fashion consulting business, helping clients create stylish and personalized wardrobes. 

This business allows students to combine their passion for fashion with the satisfaction of helping others look and feel their best, thereby making extra income.

23. Home cleaning service

Students can offer home cleaning services to local residents, especially during busy periods like the end of the semester or before the holidays. 

This business provides an opportunity to earn money by helping others maintain a clean and organized living space.

24. Car advertising 

Students can participate in car advertising programs, allowing brands to place ads on their cars for a fee. This business allows students to earn passive income while going about their daily routines.

25. Music lessons

Here is also one of the best business ideas for university students who are musically talented. These students can offer music lessons for instruments or vocals, teaching beginners and aspiring musicians.

This business allows students to share their passion for music and inspire others to pursue their musical interests alongside making extra cash for themselves.

26. Food delivery service 

Students with culinary skills can offer a food delivery service, providing delicious and unique meals to fellow students and local residents. 

This is also one of the best business ideas for university students that are food lovers. It also gives them a chance to experiment with different recipes and cuisines alongside making extra income.

27. Academic note-taking service

Diligent students can provide note-taking services for their classes, selling comprehensive and organized notes to peers who might have missed lectures. 

This business idea allows students to excel academically while helping others succeed as well.

28. Vacation rental management 

Students with access to vacation properties can manage and rent them out to travelers through platforms like Airbnb. 

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This business allows students to earn passive income while gaining experience in hospitality and customer service.

29. Eco-tourism and adventure trips

Here are other great business ideas for nature lovers. They can organize eco-friendly adventure trips for small groups, promoting sustainable tourism and outdoor experiences. Best Business Ideas for University Students

This business aligns with the growing interest in eco-tourism and provides an opportunity to know different beautiful places .

30. Car-sharing service

Students can create a car-sharing service within their university or local community, allowing individuals to share rides and reduce transportation costs. 

This business helps students in making additional income and brings a sense of community among users. It also promotes sustainability. 

31. Handbag business 

This is another great business idea for university students, especially lovers of handbags and fashion. You can start this business by buying fancy handbags at cheaper rates and reselling them at higher rates.

32. Start a travel blog 

Adventurous students can start a travel blog, sharing their experiences, tips, and destination guides. This business enables students to document their travels and potentially join tourism boards and travel brands.

33. Customized merchandise printing

Students can offer customized merchandise printing services, creating personalized t-shirts, mugs, and accessories for individuals, groups, and events such as birthdays and anniversaries. 

34. Health and wellness blogging 

Students passionate about health and wellness can start a blog, sharing valuable tips and advice for a healthy lifestyle. 

This business enables students to know and find their interests while building a healthy online community.

35. Furniture upcycling and restoration

Creative students can start a furniture upcycling and restoration business, breathing new life into old furniture pieces and selling them as unique, refurbished items. 

36. Become a babysitter 

Babysitting is one of the best business ideas for university students, especially for those that love children.

Babysitting requires patience and carefulness. You can do this on your free days and make additional income. 

37. Become a YouTuber 

Youtube is a great place to make money online for university students. As a university student you can start by creating videos that interest you, just find a good niche of and constantly create and upload videos on YouTube. 

38. Digital marketing 

Students with marketing and social media skills can start digital marketing, starting by creating affiliate links from companies that offer affiliate programs. Promote your links so that whenever sales are made, you will get commissions for that. 

39. Home-based bakery

Students with baking skills can start a home-based bakery, offering delicious treats like cookies, cakes, and pastries. 

This is a business that allows bakers to showcase their passion for baking while selling to friends, family, and local customers.

40. Video editing 

Video editing is an awesome job. It’s also a high-paying job. You can start this business by getting all the tools and software required for editing videos and making extra income. 

41. Makeup artist  

A makeup artist is also one of the best business ideas for university students who are lovers of beauty. Start this business by learning the skill and buying quality makeup kits. 

Your target should be those students, friends, and coursemates that do birthday celebrations, anniversaries, and clubbing activities. 

42. Wig extension 

Selling wigs to friends, coursemates, lecturers and individuals around your area is also a great business idea for a university student. You can start this business by partnering with hair vendors and wholesalers around your area. 

43. Sell clothes

Clothing is something students and individuals can not do without. Every student and individual wants to look great. Start by offering this product at affordable prices and make additional income. 

44. Start a barbing salon 

You can start this business by learning the skill, getting a clipper and renting a small space where people who are in need of barbering services will find you. 

45. Start tailoring

Offering tailoring and designing services can be a profitable business, especially in a university environment where students may need their clothes adjusted or tailored for various events or job interviews.

46. Sell school item

Consider setting up a shop or an online store selling essential school supplies like notebooks, pens, stationery, backpacks, and other study materials. You can also offer toiletries packages for convenience

47. Hairdressing 

If you have the skills, starting a small hairdressing salon on or near campus can attract both students and local residents. Offer trendy hairstyles and grooming services.

48. Repair laptops 

Providing laptop repair services can be in high demand on a university campus, where many students heavily rely on their computers for assignments and projects.

49. Sell airtime 

Selling prepaid mobile phone airtime or data recharge vouchers is a very nice business idea for university students. It can also be a convenient service for students who need to top up their phone credit.

50. Subscription box service 

Students can curate and sell subscription boxes featuring niche products, catering to specific interests like fitness, self-care, or artisanal snacks. This business model creates a loyal customer base and encourages creativity in product curation.

51. Painting  

You can start offering a painting room business to your friends, coursemates, friends and other individuals. By doing this, you will be able to make additional income that will support your education.

52. Personal Shopping and Styling

Fashion-conscious students can provide personal shopping and styling services by helping students and individuals update their wardrobes and choose outfits for special occasions. This business allows students to combine their love for fashion with a flair for helping others look their best.

53. Sell footwear 

Setting up a shoe store or even selling trendy footwear online can be a profitable business idea for university students, this is because students often seek fashionable and comfortable shoes.

54. Sell electronics

Selling electronics can be another great business idea for university students, especially in a school environment where students and faculty members often need various electronic devices for their studies and daily lives. 

55. Sell phone accessories 

With the importance and rise of smartphones, selling phone accessories like cases, screen protectors, chargers, and earphones can be lucrative business ideas for university students.


Starting at least one of these businesses can be a great help for university students as it allows them to gain additional experience, develop their entrepreneurial skills, and also earn money to support their education.

The good thing about this business idea for university students is that it will not deprive you of your academic work, instead, you will learn how to multitask, therefore making you a smart and industrious student.



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