Authentic Stories: Akinola Bello – On Becoming a Poet

Akionla Bello Poetry and poems

Akinola Bello is a budding African writer and poet who is passionate about chronicling life
experiences through poetry. He was born and raised in southwestern Nigeria. Akinola’s
anticipated first collection of poems was informed by his worldview and his adventure as
a young African man living in Nigeria. The collection is soon to debut.

In this interview, we asked Akinola Bello about the incoming collection and everything in-between.

  1. Tell us about yourself and something we don’t know about you

I am Akinola, a geoscientist and a creative writer. I love animals and the natural environment. It will interest you to know that my interest in animals developed as I accompanied my mom in breeding domestic animals as a child.

My curiosity about the natural environment informed my choice to study earth sciences at the university.

  1. How did you develop an interest in writing and why poetry?

My interest in writing is a product of deep thoughts which culminated from the series of dramas that ran through my childhood mind. As a child, I acted in a lot of theaters in my ‘head’, most of which I was the ‘actor’. So I grew up to be a broad-minded person who always has a lot to process in the mind, and who also read a whole lot of meanings to actions around.

Since poetry conveys thoughts, scenes, and tells stories, it, no doubt, provides an avenue or a window of opportunity to let out a few of my thoughts and the product of my reflection about life.

  1. What fuels your creativity?

Creation. When I reflect deeply on the wonders of creation – our unique universe, the land, the sea and oceans, and the life in them – from the smallest ant on land to the largest whale in the ocean I am struck in awe of the invisible qualities, namely, love, wisdom, and power of the Supreme One who created them all. This inspires me a lot.

  1. Tell us about your soon-to-be-published book

 Children of the Sun, without any iota of doubt hopes to put ecstatic and welcoming smiles on the faces of lovers of nature. It also brings pleasantness to the lover ‘birds’. Further, it hopes to instill the message of hope that sometimes, someday soon, we shall deserve a happy dance. Additionally, it passes a few messages about man’s struggles, endeavors, weighty decisions, and eventuality.

Also, it addresses human’s dark attitudes toward the use of social media and prejudice, and it inspires us to develop strength of character and be strong in the face of daunting problems. Lastly, it encourages all to explore the beauty of our planet earth. Summarily, expect to feel nature, love, hope, the reality of life, decision, attitude, and a positive mindset.

  1. What was your greatest challenge in putting this collection together?

The greatest challenge was starting. Putting thoughts together and starting to pen them down felt like climbing an insurmountable, massive, and gigantic outcrop of rock.

  1. Should we expect more work from you in the coming months/years?


  1. How does it feel to be a published author?

It feels great and at the same time challenging. There are a lot of great poets out there who have actually raised the bar or standard of poetry.

  1. Who is your best writer of all time?

Chinua Achebe

  1. What are you currently reading

I am currently reading Alibaba: The House that Jack Ma Built by Duncan Clark


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