Apply to be the Leader of the Hult Prize Movement at Your University!

The Hult Prize has been named ‘’The Nobel Prize for students’’ by media resources worldwide.

The On-Campus program is a team of a prestigious group of driven, like-minded students building an infrastructure of positive change around the world.

This is an amazing opportunity to change the trajectory by converting students into game-changing impact entrepreneurs.

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Being a campus director pits you at the epicenter of change and they challenge you through all the journey to be the most creative version of yourself.

As an organization, they teach young people how you think differently, act precisely, and be the change they want to see in the world.

As a community they work together with their staff, experts, organizers, alumni, and volunteers to solve some of humanity’s biggest challenges.

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They join hands in the hope of creating a better planet for all, through the sharing of new ideas and the inspiration, network, and connections that come with it.

You will have an active leadership position to offer all the student community of your university the chance to win 1 MILLION DOLLARS.

As a Campus Director, you will be responsible for organizing a local Hult Prize competition at their university with a wide degree of flexibility and support from the Hult Prize Foundation. The primary responsibilities are simple and include (but are not limited to):

  • Recruiting: The CD will play a key role in the success of every Hult Prize On-Campus Program. You will be responsible for engaging different stakeholders including an Organizing Committee, Judges, and Competitors.
  • Promoting: As a CD, you are responsible for promoting the different programs and activities you organize, as well as social entrepreneurship and youth empowerment.
  • Organizing: Your role is to implement a successful program. You can work on building different activities around the program for all your university students.
  • Training: Provide different stakeholders (Organizing Committee, Judges, and Competitors) with the information and tools they need to make the most out of their experience.
  • Reporting: Communicate effectively with the Hult Prize Global Team before, during and after your program

Table of Contents


  • The chance to win USD 10,000
  • Be invited to our global meetups
  • Global exposure
  • Be part of a 3,000+ Impact Minded International Student Community
  • Certificate of Participation


  • Currently working towards a bachelor’s or master’s degree in any career.
  • Ability to effectively communicate verbally and excellent time management skills.

Eligible Regions: Open for All

For more information and application, please visit the official website of the Hult Prize.


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