Apply for The Canon Student Development Program 2022


Advance your career and take the next step to becoming a pro photographer with the Canon Student Development Programme (CSDP).

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  • Be aged 18 and over at the date April 29th, 2022;
  • Must have started or completed an education programme during the academic year 2021-2022, or be engaged in internships by agencies or magazines within the same period; or be nominated/endorsed by professionals from the photographic industry.
  • Canon reserves the right to verify Entrants eligibility and admission by requesting a copy of your ID and either proof of your enrolment on a qualifying course/internship/agency, or for those entering under nomination by photographic industry professionals, a letter of recomendation from the endorsing professional.
  • Those selected will become “Participants” and will be admitted to the Programme. The Programme will comprise three separate modules, with a proportion of the Participants selected for subsequent stages by an independent panel as detailed herein under section 9 “Prize”.


  1. 100 entrants will be selected and mentored remotely by industry professionals in relation to their portfolio;
  2. 30 of those 100 entrants (as judged by an independent panel) will be selected to attend a 5 day workshop prior to attending the Visa pour l’image festival; and
  3. 5 of the 30 participants will be selected to: attend the Hamburg Portfolio review, receive a €2k grant and Canon product. Please see full terms and conditions herein.

Deadline: April 29th 2022.

For application and more information, visit the official website of the Canon Student Development Program 2022.


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