Akin Faminu Shares Testimony, Says He Never Failed An Exam In Medical School

About Akin Faminu fashion icon in NigeriaMen’s Style Blogger, Akin Faminu is officially a medical Doctor. Reflecting on how he was able to juggle his studies and work, Faminu shows appreciation to his followers in a post on IG.

The young blogger and student achiever is one of Nigeria’s fast rising fashion icons with over 51k Instagram followers. While expressing his gratitude and excitement about his recent achievements, he wrote on Instagram:

Guysssss!!! … TESTIMONY TIME 😂 .. I’ve been away for a while and it was certainly for a good cause .. I took my final exams in medical school this past month, and it was everything you’d expect a final examination to be .. I surpassed my fears .. broke my limits .. worked harder than I have ever done before .. and to the glory of God .. I came out with an even better result that I ever imagined .. A Distinction and 2 Credits 🙆🏾‍♂️ .. in medical school Lmao .. same me that’s always creating editorials here 😂 .. officially never failed an exam in medical school .. How faithful is God? .. I’m surprised myself 😩 .. Thank you so much guys for your support while I was away ❤ .. For those that checked on me, prayed for me, Thank you 😊 .. I’m back now, and I promise even better content now! .. Allow me to re – introduce myself .. As of this moment .. you can now officially call me ‘ DR AKIN FAMINU ‘ 😅 .. Still sounds weird 😂 … #Thankful #NowAcceptingAccolades

IdeaslaneAfrica says Congratulations Dr. Akin Faminu!

Photo credit:  Website – pulse.ng


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