9 Ways to Be Successful in Nigeria at an Early Age


 How to Become Successful in Nigeria at an Early Age

Am glad you are interested in learning how you can become a successful person; it’s the whole essence of life.

Becoming successful in Nigeria is not something you should only wish for, you have to work for it. The same applies in any part of the world.

We live in Nigeria where things are not that rosy. You will have to put in a lof effort to become successful here.

If you are a young Nigerian and you are wondering how to get direction and achieve success early in life, you are in the right company.

Trust me when I say I have some experience in this life, especially as a young hustler living in Nigeria.

I will be sharing with you some of the tips I have learned first-hand and read overtime on achieving success.

As a matter of fact, the tips I will be sharing apply anywhere else in the world.

But just before we dive deep, success by my definition is not measured by how wealthy you are or the amount of money you have in the bank, it is simply the achievement of your desired goal or goals in life.

The idea of success that many young Nigerians have today is that which is measured by having lots of money. You shouldn’t have this mentality. It’s an error.

Of course, your goal in life should definitely come with a source of income with which you will meet your financial obligations whatever they may be.

brown shoes bought by a girl

Success is not about wealth, it’s about fulfillment that comes from achieving what you set out to achieve in life. Then if fulfillment comes with wealth, fine. If it doesn’t, fine.

Now, let’s see some things you should be doing if you want to achieve your life goals.

9 Things You Should Do to be Successful In Nigeria

  1. Purpose

First things first have a purpose.

Cliché as that may sound; it’s the very foundation of becoming successful in life.

If you have an idea of who and what you want to become, then you can plan on how to start pursuing your dreams.

Your purpose doesn’t have to be something vague or high-sounding. It’s simply the reason for which you think you were created – other than to serve God.

It is something you are resolved to achieve no matter what it may demand. It is the goal, aim or intention set for oneself.

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Some people’s purpose is to get married. Some want to have children and train them.

Some others may simply have the goal of becoming the best footballer in the world.

female footballers scoring a goal

Still, another person’s purpose could be to help others achieve their purpose.

As our faces differ so do our purposes. Find that one thing you really desire to achieve in life, that where it all starts.

  1. Passion

Figuring out what you are passionate about early in life is a key factor in your success.

Passion is an extreme interest in or wish for doing something, such as a hobby, activity, etc. You may have a passion for music, painting, acting, speaking, writing, etc.

There is a difference between your purpose and your passion.

You may have a passion for music and your purpose could be to cure ailing people. You may have a purpose to become a philanthropist while your passion is writing.

If your passion and purpose are similar, great! In any case, the crucial thing is to find a way to harmonize both.

For example, I love writing, that’s my passion. But I find that beyond writing, there is something I desire to achieve in life, my purpose.

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That purpose is to help give direction to younger people in their career pursuits.

That birthed ideaslane.com, a platform where I can now synergize my passion for writing with my purpose of inspiring young people.

And that’s the logic. You get right?

How to Be Successful in Nigeria at an Early Age

  1. Vision and mission

Your vision focuses on tomorrow and what you ultimately want to become while your mission focuses on today and what you do now.

While a lot of people, even companies use mission and vision statements interchangeably, it’s important to have both if you want to achieve success in life.

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One doesn’t work without the other because your vision is what will drive your mission and what you do now determines whether or not you would achieve your vision.

  1. Plan

Mission and a vision without an actual plan of how to actualize them is a waste of time.

To achieve your mission, you must have a plan of action. You may have a vision of writing your first book next year. Great!

But what must you do daily in the period of 365 days of that year that will make you actualize your vision of becoming an author?

to do lists written on a papper

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This brings you to a daily plan. Your daily plan will itemize what you must do daily to achieve certain goals at the end of each week; at the end of each month, at the end of the year.

  1. Determination and discipline

Needless to say, you need a high degree of determination and discipline to be able to achieve success in life.

Determination is the firmness of purpose, resolve or resolution. Determination will help you ignore whatever distraction may come your way in your journey to success and it will help you attain your goals, come what may.

You also need discipline. Discipline will help you obey the rules; standards that you have set for yourself that will help you achieve success.

A lot of people set resolutions yearly but most of them don’t follow through simply because they lack discipline.

To be successful, when you set goals, discipline yourself to stay true to those goals even though you are tempted not to.

  1. Lifestyle

If you must know, the difference between someone who considers himself a failure and a successful person is their lifestyles.

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Your lifestyle is your habits, attitudes, tastes, moral standards; economic level, etc. these things constitute your mode of living as an individual.

To have a better understanding, let me shed light on some lifestyles you need to embrace.

#1 Sleeping habit

Many successful people owe their success to good sleeping habits. Good sleeping habits in this context mean waking up very early to start the day’s routine.

dark girl wakes up in the morninig

To wake early, you must sleep early. To sleep early, you must have achieved your goals for the day early enough. So it’s a circle.

Personally, speaking, waking up at 4.30 am is the secret of success for me.

I wake up, say my prayers, read for an hour or two, and do some social media postings soon after. The rest of the day just fails in place have achieved most of the crucial things in the morning.

My exact format may not work for you, find your own format. In any case, make sure you go to bed daily early enough so you can wake and start the next day’s activities early enough.

Try waking up as early as 5 am; make reading part of your early morning dose. Repeat this for just a week and you will come back thanking me.

#2 Saving Habit

Another good lifestyle to embrace is saving habits. It’s simple. Don’t ever finish your earnings without saving.

In fact, save at least 20% of your earnings before doing any spending each month.

atm cards in a brown purse
Photo by Web Hosting on Unsplash

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Don’t take anything from your savings if not for a very important thing like a life and death issue.

This rule applies no matter what you earn; be it N10,000 or $10,000.

If you want to really be successful in life, you cannot but embrace a lifestyle of saving.

To embrace the saving culture, you must learn to do something first, keep your eyes simple. Be contented with what you have. Don’t buy what you don’t need and never buy on impulse.

#3 Healthy Lifestyle

Health is wealth. If you want to be successful in life, you need to be alive and have good health – at least relatively.

Keeping healthy will not only help you achieve all of your set goals, but it could also make you become the successful person that you want to become.

Regular exercise of at least 30 minutes daily is also recommended. Drink plenty of water and eat lots of vegetables and fruits.

berry and other fruits

Don’t alcohol minimally.

Avoid troubles and stay with people with loads of positive energy and you’ll just be alright. Lols

  1. Time management

Successful people keep to time. They don’t procrastinate. Procrastination can singularly hinder you from being successful in life. Yes, it’s that bad. Please by all mean avoid procrastination.

Set time for activities and keep to them. Don’t indulge yourself thinking there is plenty of time of your side, time really does fly.

When given an appointment, get to the venue even before the time. Don’t be known as a latecomer. If you have an appointment with someone, young or old, be punctual.

These habits will set you apart from many others, and without much effort, you will be coming off to people as a very responsible and successful person.

Manage your time wisely. As the popular saying goes, time is money.

  1. Find opportunities

To be successful in life, you should constantly position yourself for opportunities. Opportunities will come your way. The question is will you be ready to grab those opportunities when they come knocking?

dark man ready for an interview

Read wide, search for knowledge wherever you can. Remember, Google is your friend.

Dig for important information as if for gold. Attend conferences and training, network, make new friends, and keep them.

Choose your close friends and companies wisely. As much as possible, avoid negative energy, it’s bad for anyone.

To become successful as a young person you must be street smart.

Have the wisdom of books but combine it with the wisdom of the streets. In order words, be smart and don’t be ignorant about what is happening in your local communities.

You never can tell where opportunities will come from.

9. Be futuristic

Nigerian is a country that is populated by millions of youths all of them looking for the same opportunities you want to have. The competition is truly fierce. To be successful in this type of situation, you have to be futuristic.

Look beyond what is currently obtainable. See into the future so as to create opportunities where others see only impossibilities.

Embrace technology and its innovations and use it to advantage. When doing this, be very fast about it.

a boy checking for social media apps

Remember how sceptical some people were in embracing Instagram when it first launched. Today, it has billions of users monthly.

But guess what, those who were quick in opening Instagram Account were able to gather thousands of followers.

Today, people will do anything to get following on Instagram but the algorithms just wouldn’t let them.

The moral of the lesson is that you should be futuristic and quick in embracing new technologies if you want to be successful.


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