9 Great Jobs You Can Have Without A University Degree

jobs students can do in Nigeria without a degree.jpegEducation is indeed a great asset. Anyone with a degree should place value on his education.

Going by the reality of our time, however, good skills, great talent and work experience seem to be of equal importance with education these days, especially when it comes to creating sustainable wealth opportunities.

While basic education is needed to be gainfully employed in any organization, you do not need a Cambridge degree to qualify for most jobs available on the job market nowadays.

Below are some jobs you can get without a university degree and some businesses you can start on your own and be successful even without a degree.

REAL ESTATE: If you have enough capital for it, you can venture into real estate and start a rental-property-business.

You do not a degree for this. Investment in real estate is profitable and if you do not have enough experience managing a property, you could seek professional advice or team up with an experienced and credible developer around.

Many of today’s young millionaires are people who have made it big in the real estate industry.
You can create a product targeting an under-served market. All you need to make sure is that you satisfy your target market’s needs in ways no one else does or better than everyone else does.

You could also create an online product with the aid of the internet or sell your products via the internet.

There are numerous websites offering to sell your products for you on their websites i.e. Jumia.com. With a token listing fee, you get your products open to a wide range of your target customers.

Thousands of young female degree holders troop into the makeup and fashion industry every year.

Many start out as a makeup artist as a hobby or something to hold on to before getting a ‘well-paying-job’ but they end up settling for it as a full-time job.

But the question to ask is: do you need a degree to become a professional Makeup Artist? No!


With the intensive training of three to six months maximum, you can become a certified Makeup Artist and start making money off helping people draw their brows.

COMPUTER PROGRAMMING: As you already know, the Website is the new global marketplace and every good business wants to own a space therein.

As a result, every split of a second, more businesses continue to secure their place on the internet; owning their own customized domains and transacting businesses on their websites.

This innovation has created an unprecedented need for professionals in the line of computer programming. Personally, I do not know of any good web designer who is not earning enough to pay his bills and go to the cinemas every time a good movie is out.

GRAPHIC DESIGNING: Whether people operate their businesses online or offline, they need the services of graphic artists to put together the image that their organization shows to the public.

In recent times, graphic artists have become one of the most sought-after professionals in the workplace consequent to the increase in the number of businesses being run online.

No matter what the economy is saying, graphic artists will always be in high demand, trust me.

So, if you really want to learn a skill that will be most valuable to you in this harsh economy, you know what to do.

COMMERCIAL PILOT: The educational requirement for a pilot in the US is a High School Diploma or equivalent.

This means with a high school diploma you the chances of becoming a pilot.

But not without being trained efficiently on everything about flying and navigating planes and helicopters as well as other important skills such as firefighting.

AGRICULTURE: Gone are the days when farmers were poor old illiterates; men and women who resorted to the farmlands out of joblessness and frustration.

Agriculture is the new oil wealth and many young people are streaming into it today.

With mechanized farming and modern technological innovations which ease the process of planting and rearing animals, you stand a chance of having a successful and prosperous career in Agriculture and you don’t need a University degree for this.

Social media analysts are responsible for creating and maintaining a company’s presence on social media sites, which include Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Digg, as well as any company blogs.

Analysts are in charge of increasing the overall exposure of a company through search engine optimization (SEO) and by finding ways to use these keywords in marketing strategies employed by their company.

They also monitor emerging social media tools to see how they can be incorporated into a company’s business, marketing and public relation strategies. You do not need a University degree to get this type of a gig.

A sales representative is someone who showcases and sells a product or products to businesses, organizations and government agencies, rather than selling directly to consumers.

Sales representatives are critical to the manufacturers and wholesalers, as they are the ones that promote and market the merchandise for them. In most cases, you also do not need a degree to become a company’s sales representative.

Which of these jobs looks more like it for you?





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