7 Digital Marketing Trends for Small Businesses in Nigeria in 2019 – (Infographic)

Digital marketing trends continue to put marketers and businesses on their feet.

A few years back, email and SMS marketing was the “in thing’ in marketing.

Today, marketing trends  and technologies have drastically shifted. Email and SMS marketing still have their own place though.

We are few months into 2019 but marketers are already speculating what digital marketing trend would be for the coming year.

As a small business owner operating in a competitive space like Nigeria, for your business to grow, you have to keep abreast of such trends.

Better still, you must be a step ahead of your competition.

The infographic below shows a list of 7 digital marketing trends you should definitely tap into in 2019.

Infographic of Trends in Digital Marketing

So, there we go.

The trends in the list might not be new to you. Some of these trends are already visible now. For example, we all know that social media stories like Instagram stories are more engaging for customers.

But we are going to see more of such trends in other social media platforms in the coming year.

For artificial intelligence (AI), it is already the trend in more developed climes like the US. And we expect that very soon, marketers here would be leveraging the availability of data to get perspectives into their customers’ behaviour and in turn, serve their needs well.



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