71 Things to Do During COVID-19 Lock-down


Fun Things to do in the house during coronavirus lockdown

Hello guys,

I thought to share some interesting and productive activities you could engage in – productively – during this COVIS-19 lockdown.

It’s no longer news that Corona-virus is ravaging the world right now, sadly.

But hey, as long as we here, we have to stay productive, active and keep hope up. Guess what, at the end of this pandemic, some people are going to come out better, smarter and richer. Some, on the other hand, are coming out dead broke and stupid.

Needles to ask you which you’ll rather choose, after all, you clicked this link cos you obviously want to know how to stay productive and get better while this whole virus situation lasts.

Worry less, it’s gonna end someday, soon!

Without further ado, let’s get to some things you could do at home during the lockdown.

71 Productive and Fun Things to do while stuck at home during the lockdown

  1. Listen to audiobooks

If you are lazy like me, you may find it really challenging to finish a book in a good time. Audiobooks are your best bet in this lockdown time.black head phone on a yellow background

Find and download as many online.

  1. Read books

For the less lazy ones, there are many good reads you could start with this time. From self-development books to career and leadership book reads, the list is endless.

  1. Write novels/poems

You’ve been craving to express your literary ingenuity right? Do the damn writing now! The coronavirus may never happen in your life-time again – we don’t even pray for it, do start writing now.

A woman writing in her room

  1. Write songs

There are lots of inspiring thoughts for some good music right now. Get a paper and pen and start writing as the spirit directs. I know some dudes who already got a whole album ready.

Just let this lockdown end first, you’ll be surprised at what people have been up tp.

  1. Improve your dancing skills

When were you planning to become a better dancer? On your wedding day? Better start learning some steps now.

  1. Learn sign language

Another cool and productive activity you could do in this compulsory quarantine period is to learn sign language. Aren’t you tired of being a bilingual when you could be a multi-lingual? Sign language is a good place to start.

  1. Learn coding

You know coding is the new oil right? Still one of the most sought after skills of our time, a lot of young people want to add coding to their long list of skills.

Now is a good time to learn this skill or at least start learning it.

  1. Watch good series movies

Movies are not a waste of time altogether, especially if you choose right. Self-Made is one movie everyone is talking about now and trust me, that movie’s got a lot of lessons it for an aspiring young person. So, that’s another fun thing to do during COVID-19.

Lay your hands on such movies and get busy learning life’s lessons. You already know, Netflix is your go-to place for movies.

  1. Watch documentaries

Some documentaries can change your life! Yes, I say so. A good way to spend your lockdown, trust me.

  1. Start blogging

If you’ve been longing to start a blog, this is a golden opportunity to start one. Time is the biggest constraint of most bloggers, but you got a whole lot of that right now, so what stops you from becoming a blogger now. See how you can go about it here.

Other things you can do during the lock-down:

  1. Start a YouTube channel
  2. Start a podcast
  3. Learn graphics skills
  4. Learn a craft
  5. Check on family and friends
  6. Apply for courses online
  7. Write an Ebook
  8. Learn new meals
  9. Learn a new language
  10. Get fit, lose weight
  11. Update your CV/Resume
  12. Apply for a new job
  13. Learn about top firms in your industry
  14. Do some gardening
  15. Paint or draw something
  16. Learn smoothies recipes
  17. Learn to bake
  18. Experiment with your make-up
  19. Arrange your wardrobe/kitchen cabinet
  20. Learn a musical instrument
  21. Build your followers on social media
  22. Learn yoga
  23. Learn the lyrics of your favourite songs
  24. Decongest your email lists
  25. Apply for free online courses
  26. Dye your hair to your favourite colours
  27. Volunteer to distribute food
  28. Send good-will messages to health-workers or front-liners you know
  29. Learn to use excel
  30. Learn to type fast on your keyboards
  31. Write articles on Medium
  32. Write and publish articles on Linkedin
  33. Daily list things you grateful for
  34. Read great people biography
  35. Learn the history of countries
  36. Learn some DIYs
  37. Tour ancient cities virtually
  38. Learn a board game
  39. Discover your roots
  40. Read the holy book
  41. Meditate, meditate
  42. Learn digital marketing
  43. Become a better salesperson
  44. Become an influencer on Twitter
  45. Become an influencer on Instagram
  46. Start a Facebook group
  47. Improve your communication skills
  48. Learn how to network
  49. Learn emotional intelligence
  50. Start a virtual book club
  51. Learn to drive bicycle
  52. Learn first aid
  53. Help people
  54. Stay curious with Ted Talks
  55. Organize virtually conferences with friends
  56. Build a website
  57. Listen to free podcasts
  58. Do some research
  59. Start an online business
  60. Prepare for the lockdown is over
  61. Stay positive

This too shall pass!





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