7 Shocking Secrets To Become A Successful Blogger In Nigeria

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Become a successful blogger in Nigeria

  1. Get a hot-selling blog niche
  2. Start curating email list from day one
  3. Have 1000% passion for it
  4. Learn basic SEO skills
  5. Be a Pro at Key search
  6. Invest in writing pillar posts
  7. Repeat numbers 1-6
  8. Others

How to become a successful blogger in Nigeria

If you want to truly become a successful blogger in Nigeria, these 7 shocking secrets I will teach you today are the true secret to blogging that successful bloggers don’t want you to know.

The truth is that there are so many relatively new successful bloggers in Nigeria who have successful blogging careers that you wouldn’t know about. In fact, the likes of Linda and Uche Pedro now have a saturated market to compete in, and other guys now share the buck with them.

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The good news? Although blogging may appear saturated, it will continue to be a lucrative business till tomorrow.Teenager Becomes A Successful Blogger In Nigeria

Blogs are the traditional means through which people consume information online. Books, for example, are now in e-books and audiobooks format, but print largely remains the traditional means through which people consume information. So, blogs are here to stay, despite the advent of Video content.

If you are interested in starting a blog and making a source of living from it, then the question that is most likely at the top of your mind is “how can I become a successful blogger in Nigeria?”

I will teach you how to start a blog that will make you money and create a reliable source of income for you in this blog post.

Now let’s dig deep into how you can become one of the successful bloggers in Nigeria.

7 shocking secrets to become a successful blogger in Nigeria

1. Niche it Down

One of the shocking secrets to becoming a successful blogger that no one wants you to know is that you need to narrow your blogging down to a niche.

Many wannabe bloggers have some strongly held beliefs that they can make it as a blogger by just jumping on the latest trends or writing about just any topic.

They wake up having their creative juices flowing to write about. Nah, it can’t werk!

Apart from making you look like a complete NFA (no future ambition) it also stresses you more. It drains your energy because you have to continue looking for the latest trends here and there. And entertainment and business blogs are oversaturated already.

Besides, the larger picture for your blogging career should be for you to be able to have multinational brands leverage your platform to reach their customers while you smile to the back for your millions buck.

Being “nicheless” is the easiest way to lose this bigger picture.Girl Becomes A Successful Blogger In Nigeria

If you want to make any meaningful success out of blogging, the honest and blunt truth I will tell you is that you have to niche down.

Think of the topics that fascinate you most and that equally would attract a larger market (your audience). Here is a list of some 101 best blogging niches for Nigerian bloggers.

If you feel you could have a niche blog about human hair and wig treatment, don’t just think it sounds like a good idea. Go into your research mode and find out if hundreds of thousands of women in Nigeria would want to read your blog or just a handful. If your answer is the latter, then go back and find another niche!

  1. Start Curating Email List From Day 1

Not having a list of email subscribers is one of the biggest mistakes that 99.9% of bloggers make.

If you have a successful blog with tons of visitors and you allow those visitors to visit your blog without you asking them to subscribe to your email newsletter, then you are leaving lots of money on the table for your competing blogs to harvest.

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Student learning becoming A Successful Blogger In Nigeria
Blog reader signs up on ideaslane.com blog newsletter

Some of your visitors would visit your site once, love the contents but they’ll never come back again.

This is not because they didn’t love your blog post or the beautiful theme on your blog, but simply to because they didn’t get prompted through an email to visit again and again, and again.

Getting emails from your visitors is quite simple. Set up a “subscribe to our email” prompt or banner bar that sits on your user’s web screen.

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So, visitors can see the option once they land on your blog posts. If you don’t know how to set it up, you can use a free tool like Hellobar to convert just visitors to repeat visitors or paying customers.

One secret to building a super-successful email list is to fascinate your audience with an interesting, mouth-watering, and jaw-dropping offer that no man, born of a woman can resist.

Who doesn’t want valuable information? Better still, who doesn’t want it for free?

Our newsletter subscribers hooked for life!

E-books, cheat sheets, PDFs, free webinars, free products, etc., are some of the mouth-offering waters you may present in your prompt. Whatever, you would be offering, just make sure you’re getting them signup for your newsletter.

Worse than not gathering emails is refusing to do anything with them. Once you have up to 100 subscribers, start sending email campaigns at least, once a week.

Let them know about the latest blog posts, new offers, upcoming events, new movies in town, who is getting married, or just any other exciting information that would make them click your desired call to action (CTA).

How To Become A Successful Blogger In Nigeria

Young man Becomes A Successful Blogger In Nigeria

  1. Have 10000% passion for it

Saying you should have a passion for blogging if you want to become a successful blogger in Nigeria may sound cliché but trust me, no successful blogger wants you to know this most important but kept secret to success in blogging.

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Truth is, many top bloggers want you to believe that you can gimmick your way around blogging using overhyped tips and tactics rather than being fully committed and impassioned with the art of blogging itself.

Don’t be fooled!

If you are not super excited to always hit the publish button and delight your readers with amazing contents; if you are not so enthusiastic that you can go on an empty stomach for hours with your laptop, table, and chair creating yet another amazing content for your audience, then you can as well go find something else to do.

Photography might just be your calling, lol.

Blogging may not be for you, you know.

The most important single truth that I will tell you for free today is that as an upcoming successful blogger if you want to become a successful blogger in Nigeria, you’re either madly in love with blogging or resign altogether. Go get your CV dusted!

  1. Learn Basic SEO skill

Traffic is the lifeblood of every blog and the most effective way to get traffic to blogs is organically through search engines.

man sad who fails to start a successful Blogger
I don’t want you to be like this dude here!

If you do not learn basic SEO (search engine optimization) skills and tools, your blogging career will end up being a long, excruciating, and tiring one and you may just wake up one day tired and frustrated and throw in the towel.

Now, I don’t want that to happen to you.

The truth is without writing SEO-optimized posts, you might be churning out lots of content daily or even hourly only to be seen by a few dozens or hundred people just when you post it.man becomes a successful blogger in Nigeria

Search engine optimized articles, however, will continue to bring in traffics in hundreds to you for up to a year or more as long as you update your posts to continue to attract traffic.

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For one thing, people search for information daily, if your blog posts are optimized to be seen by search engines, then your blog posts and articles will automatically pop up on search engines and when people search and users would visit your website in tons.

But if you do not write to be seen by search engines, no one will see your posts no matter how amazing they are.

So, one of the most important, all-time tightly kept secrets to becoming a successful blogger is learning basic SEO skills.

The interesting thing is there, are loads of videos, articles, and writeups on SEO that anyone, even an amateur can learn and help grow their website.

How To Become A Successful Blogger In Nigeria

  1. Be a Pro at Keyword Search

If you want to run a profitable and successful blog, similar to learning SEO skills, you need to crazily good at searching for “highly searched” keywords that would get web users running to your blog posts without their shoes on just to find solutions to their most important problems.

Conducting a robust keyword search is one of the all-time useful steps in putting together any blog post. You need to know if there are enough people on the net searching for the keywords you intend to write about.

If not, what are the keywords people use when searching your intended topics on google? You need to find out these keywords and then put-up posts around these keywords. This is the singular most crucial activity that every successful blogger spent tons of hours doing, not just writing content.

If you are publishing posts without first of all certifying that you use the right, high-ranking “hot-cake” keywords, then, your blog posts will at best be read by you and a few people who probably stumble on your post via social media, no more, no less.blogger Becomes A Successful Blogger In Nigeria

To become a successful blogger in Nigeria, you need to invest in your keyword research.

  1. Invest in writing pillar posts

Pillar posts are those long, comprehensive, and robust blog posts that dwell on topics of importance to your readers.

Usually, between 3000-6000 words or more, pillar posts are the best way to establish your domain authority and prove to your readers and anyone who care to know how much of a badass guru and unquestioned authority you are in your niche or industry.

Trust me when I say, success in blogging is largely dependent on how well you are able to put up pillar posts that perform mind-blowingly well among your competition and skyrocket among other similar contents.

If you want to become a successful blogger, there is no two way about it, you have to invest your time, effort, energy, and money in writing pillar posts and this is one of the secrets no one would tell you about blogging, no one.

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Apart from establishing your authority as the blogger with the most, pillar posts increase the average time your readers spend on your websites; their engagement with other linked posts; increases your daily page views and even skyrockets your earnings.

A pillar post that is well-researched and well-written could earn you thousands of visitors daily while long after you’ve written and forgotten about it. Imagine having 20 pillar articles that drive in 500 daily visitors. If my math serves me right, that’s about 12,500 daily visits alone from 20 pillar posts. Mind-blowing!

If you want to become a successful blogger, start writing jaw-dropping pillar posts, no more, no less.

How To Become A Successful Blogger In Nigeria

  1. Repeat Numbers 1-6

The fastest, easiest, cheapest and the most tested and trusted ways to become a successful blogger in Nigeria or elsewhere is to practice these 6 steps I have mentioned with intense focus and dedication.

If you could do these things repeatedly and consistently, the good fortune to you in blogging.

These secrets of blogging success are ones I have used for my blog for over 3 years of bogging and I have seen the overwhelming results and of course, an attendant fat paycheck that is growing even fatter daily.

I’ll sincerely advise that you try these tips on how to become a successful blogger that I shared with you above – they are the most effective and workable ways to grow a blog that you will ever come across on the internet.

Like every human endeavour, it’s quite demanding and challenging to grow a successful money-making blog. But if you could put it the needed work, daily and repeatedly without giving up, in a few months, you will start reaping the reward of a successful blog- making money from it.

living the life!

The first step towards making money from a successful blog for new bloggers is to apply for Google AdSense. That’s how most successful bloggers – including myself – starts to make money blogging before they start getting brands sponsorships or others.

In my next blog, we would be looking at how to make money from blogging through Google AdSense.

Till then, all the best to you!


As always, if there is anything I didn’t touch on in this post, feel free to let me know in the comment session.

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Here are other frequently asked questions about blogging answered

Who is the highest paid blogger in Nigeria?

The highest-paid bloggers in Nigeria remain Linda Ikeji and Uche Pedro. Laila’s blog also makes good money as is one of the highest-paid bloggers in Nigeria. However, other top-ranking blogs raking millions of naira from their websites are Legit. ng, and pulse, among many others.

How much does it cost to start a blog in Nigeria?

To start and create a blog in Nigeria costs on average around #20,000-#40,000. This price range covers domain and hosting fees and it also depends on how many years you’re willing to pay, you’ll pay in USD if you’re buying from an international hosting service which is always recommended.

How do Nigerian bloggers make money?

Nigerian bloggers make money from Google Adsense or other alternatives to Google AdSense, Affiliate marketing, sponsored Ads, sales of products on their blogs, sales of online products, paid websites, becoming an influencer, and making money from other brands who want to advertise their products and many others.


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