6 Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur’s Wife

Edited 2019 January

Traits of a Successful Entrepreneurs Wife

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Successful entrepreneurs may date women with same qualities ordinary men go for in

women – beauty, brain, character and Godliness. But when it comes to serious relationships and marriage, serious entrepreneurs settle for more; they go for women who possess qualities that are very rare among other women.

Here are some of those qualities of wives of successful entrepreneurs.  15 Serena William Quotes to Live By

She’s a career woman

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Every successful entrepreneur has a wife with a successful career as well. Whether she is an entrepreneur or an employee, she has her own career and she is successful at it.

Her husband is contagiously hardworking, so she finds a good example of diligence in him. Like her husband, she aims at getting to the peak of her career, and she will do everything within her power to achieve this.

So when his friends have to meet her, he proudly introduces her as “Meet my jewel; she is CEO of ABC advertising agency or MD of xyz oil.

She is prudent

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A wife of a successful entrepreneur is prudent. Her prudence is borne not out of poverty, it comes from her realization that real hard work goes into every penny that is earned. Unlike other women, she understands that more money is no reason to buy more things but more reasons to invest more.

She goes to the market, get reasonable deals and buy things based on the priority of needs not want. She hardly wears the latest hairs; the most outlandish makeup or the most expensive shoes in the stores.

And don’t get me wrong, a wife of a successful entrepreneur is not broke, she only knows how to spend the right amount to get the right things at the right time.

Now, how many women would be content with a 2005 model vehicle when they can afford a 2015 model?

She is not a party freak

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I am sorry but the ideal wife of an entrepreneur is not an “Aso Ebi” type. She doesn’t grace the pages of fashion magazines and TV every other week.

She attends parties if she has to but please don’t be mad if she declines your aso ebi and gives you a reasonable sum of money to support you instead.

Of course, she doesn’t have that time to go looking for “to match” shoes and bags and then matching accessories, so she is satisfied with what’s comfortable and fitting, classy and simple.

So if you don’t see her on red carpets, maybe the cameras don’t find her ‘flash worthy’ but her husband sure likes it that way.

She loves the kitchen

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Maybe the kitchen is her favourite spot in the house. She doesn’t like the heat in the kitchen of course, but she likes the aroma therein.

And really, don’t entrepreneurs work too hard not to have wives who cook really well? She definitely does not spend all day in the kitchen, but she makes sure she gets a good result from the reasonable time allocated for cooking.

Truth is, her husband appreciates her efforts and sometimes makes her retire from the heat for a while.

She reads a lot

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Because her husband is versatile, she dims it fit to read widely in addition to her formal education.

Hence, when her husband dives into those deep intellectual oceans, she swims along.

So, when she’s in the salon, she is not carried away with gossips about her neighbour’s husband; she is busy devouring  Nimi Akinkugbe’s  A- Z of Personal Finance or Bill George’s Authentic leadership or Seffi Ata’s Everything good will come or any other good book on her shelf.

She’s very busy

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From the foregoing, you’ll agree with me that a typical wife of an entrepreneur is a very busy woman. So if you want to visit her, you better inform her first. She has to juggle many things on her hand within a limited time space.

Yes, wife of a successful entrepreneur is not an angel – if by this piece you are thinking I am implying that. No, she is not! She is just an ordinary woman who has come to understand what it means to have a successful husband and would do anything to make the family happy.

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