6 Productive Things You Can Achieve While Asuu Strike Lasts

Whenever an argument ensues about private universities and public universities, one of the strong points those arguing for private Universities usually raise is the issue of recurrent strikes in Nigerian public universities.

Over the years, public universities have embarked on so many internal and national strikes that one cannot rightly put a figure to it.

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And as they say, when two animals fight, the ground suffers; students of public institutions are always at the receiving end of any strike action as they have to stay at home and watch their lives ebb into nothingness until the strike is called off.

There seem to be some justifications for ASUU to embark on the current strike, one of them according to the ASUU chairman, Biodun Ogunyemii, being to resolve the issue of payment of fractions/ non-payment of salaries as well as Earned Academic Allowances (EAA) among many others.

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It would be indiscreet for any student to slide into inactivity and watch valuable time waste away while their counterpart in private universities continues their uninterrupted learning.

If you are a student affected by ASUU strike, there are some productive things you can achieve while the ‘indefinite’ ASUU strike lasts. Here are a few suggestions you may want to consider.

Drawing inspiration from success stories of entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg and others who started their entrepreneurial journeys while in College – if not before – thousands of African students are embracing entrepreneurship and starting up small businesses.

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Some of these businesses would grow to become big companies in the nearest future. Student in Nigeria during ASSU strike makes moneyThe ongoing ASUU strike is an opportunity for you to pitch your tent in the entrepreneurship space and start gathering experiences you need in your future career.

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There are a number of low-cost businesses that you can start right now in preparation for life after school. Remember, you are not too young to become an entrepreneur.

Skills are the way to go in this small and medium scale business era of ours! Today’s companies are crazy about the skills you have at your fingertips; skills that would translate to their bottom line.

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Now that you have some time in your hand, why don’t you learn a new skill? There are certain ‘hot’ skills right now that would be a good match for you if you are computer inclined.

Other skills that you could learn includes; photography, pedicure/manicure and massage, learning to play a musical instrument like saxophone or piano or playing sports like volleyball or others depending on your interest.

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Who doesn’t want to be multilingual? There are many opportunities that come with speaking more than your mother tongue and the English language.

Being multilingual could land you a job. Being a speaker of another language gives you an edge over many of your contemporaries and with many language apps, it easier than ever to learn one.Man learns during ASUU Strike in Nigeria

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Even if you do not have money to enrol in a language class, you could download a language app and learn a new language in the comfort of your mobile phone, all you need is enough data.


See Also: 6 Productive Things You Can Achieve While Asuu Strike Lasts

Schools may go on strike but books definitely don’t. EBooks make good books available and easier to read. To reduce the stress of accessing good books, you can sign on to websites like Goodreads where you can have access to a whole spectrum of books, download and read for close to nothing.10 books on a table

You could also join the #readathonwithoa and get all the inspiration you need to finish up a book in a week. Honestly, you should resume school better than you left it.


Travelling is learning. But as a student, you may be boxed up enough to sponsor yourself on leisurely trips outside of the country. You could opt for intra-national trips that will expose you to what life is like in other parts of the country that you’ve not been to.                                                                                                                   

Travelling can be fun especially when you trip with your friends and loved ones.

Soit’s not a bad idea to go on an exciting trip while ASUU strike lasts, just make sure you visit the ‘safe zones’.

A typical student timetable hardly gives room for you to prepare elaborate meals order than the staple noodles and concoction rice.

While this ASUU lasts, you can make it your goal to learn those great savouring meals you’ve been relishing on your TV screens. YouTube already got you in case you are wondering how exactly to learn those meals.

And if you are a good cook already, I am sure you do not know how to make all the cuisines in the world, so why don’t you learn more cuisines while ASUU strike lasts.
So what are you up to already in this strike?


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