57 Best Businesses to Start in Nigeria with 1OOK (2024)


Best Businesses to Start in Nigeria with 1OOK

Hey guys, today, we’ll be discussing businesses to start with 100k in Nigeria.

It’s good to know that you are interested in starting a business here in Nigeria.

Even though N100k is not a lot of money in Nigeria today, with N100k, there are profitable businesses you can start now.

If you are consistent with the business and put in all the needed effort, you may be able to grow the business into a successful enterprise in less than one year.

In this post, I’ll show you 51 businesses that you can start with N100k in Nigeria.

You can also see the fastest-moving businesses in Nigeria now mow.  

Now, to our list proper:

Best Businesses to Start in Nigeria with 100K

You can open and manage your own POS business for less than ₦200,000. For a POS company like MoniePoint, you need less than N25k to get the terminal.

Once you get the terminal, you’ll need a small counter if you don’t already own a shop. The counter should cost less than N60k or thereabout. Once that is done, you are ready to register and start your POS business. The registration is simple and very fast.

MoniePoint is one of the best POS distributors/companies that is most profitable for you. The company has proven that they have the interest of their customers at heart.

If you live in any part of South West Nigeria – Ondo, Ekiti, Oyo, Osun, Ogun, you can call this number 0803 064 0394 today to fast-tract starting your POS business.

  • Production and sales of hand sanitizers

Corona Virus or not, people are now aware of the need to always sanitize their hands and that consciousness has come to stay.

Hands sanitizers production and sales are some of the best businesses you can do in Nigeria todayin2021. sanitizer Businesses to Start in Nigeria with N100k in 2021

Interestingly, with even much less than N100, you can start the business on a grand scale.

All you need to start your hand sanitizer business are Ethanol, Hydrogen peroxide, Glycerol, Sterile distilled, or boiled cold water, all in stipulated quantities. Some other simple logistics are also involved but none will exceed 100k.  Here is a video on how to make Hand sanitizers. 

  • Mini importation business

You’ll be surprised that you don’t need any huge amount of money to start a mini importation business.

Mini importation business is when you import a small volume of goods from a manufacturing country like China to Nigeria at a minimum cost and maximum profit.A white ship on the sea

The processes too are very easy, even anyone can do mini importation as long as they can read and write. Your phone or a laptop computer; internet connection active email address, traceable home address, and as small as 100K or less is all you need to start.

Before you start a mini importation business, read this guide about how to start a profitable mini importation business from China.

If you are interested in this business, please note that not all items from China are fast-moving in Nigeria. I’ll strongly advise you to choose from these best-selling items in Nigeria to import from China.

  • Daycare Services

With a small apartment that could be your personal apartment; a little time on your hand and less than toys, you could start your daycare services spending less than 100K.

We live in a world where parents are getting ever busy. Caring for a child 24/7 is no attended to. longer option women want to consider these days.

Yet, parents want their kids to be well-taken care of, hence the need for a home outside of the home that their kids can feel taken care of.

You can take advantage of these gaps and monetize them by starting your own daycare services businesses in 2021.
Day care Businesses to Start in Nigeria with N100k in 2021

You may start with the children of relatives and friends and from there, expand your business to accommodate other kids. Parents are always in search of reliable daycare service providers.

But the environment must be neat and clean and you must be friendly and caring. No parents want to risk taking their kids to a daycare that’s not presentable even if those parents are not so rich.

You must also maintain high good hygiene so parents are comfortable leaving their kids with you.

  • Laundry Services

You can start a profitable laundry services business with less than 100k in Nigeria. The bulk of your money would go to purchasing a washing machine.

But you may get a washing machine for less than 100k. The remaining expenses border on detergent and smaller other expenses like water,  packing nylons. These will cost only small money to execute.

This business is particularly a good business to start in Nigeria with 100k because many Nigerians living in the urban part of the country no longer have the luxury of time to do chores like doing their laundry and other chores.

They would rather pay someone who does that as a business than use their time doing their laundry. People especially contract out their office clothing, ceremonial dresses, and other clothing for dry-cleaners.

Best businesses to start in Nigeria with 100K

Clothing Businesses to Start in Nigeria with N100k in 2021

You also need water and space to sun-dry clients’ clothes. Washing materials like soap and starch are also needed.

Please remember to keep your integrity with each and every customer because this business requires word of mouth from people for you to scale. Let your word yes always mean yes and try not to form a habit of disappointing your customers.

With even 50K you can start this business.

This is another one of the best businesses to start in Nigeria with 100K.

  • Car wash business

If you live in an urban area, a car wash business is suitable for a small budget. Most car owners do not have that luxury of time to keep their cars clean. They find it a better option to pay N1,000 or more to wash their cars whenever it is dirty.

I like this business because you could also combine it with running a small bar and suya/asun business. When customers come to wash their cars, it often takes a few minutes to get their cars washed.

During those 45 minutes, a car owner would want to sit somewhere chill, take on or two bottles of cold drink, and possibly take some suya/asun orders.

How about you start making money from these other services too? Don’t worry, you could contract it out to someone who can render those services if you would not be able to manage multiple businesses.

And if you can, why not also provide those services and expand your margins smiling to the bank every day.

Finding a location and source of water supply is all you need to spend on doing this business. Word of mouth advert is the best marketing you can do. car wash Businesses to Start in Nigeria with N100k in 2021

If your services are professional, top-notch, fast, and combined with the best technology for washing cars and good customer services, you should do well in this business starting with 100k.

If you can combine this business with a small beer parlor and ‘asun’, you will attract more car owners.

  • Computer repair

This business is skill-based. Even with your money in your hands and no knowledge of how to repair a computer, you can’t do anything. So, why not invest your money in learning the skill first.

This business you can start with even less than 100k and it’s very lucrative because there are millions of computer users in Nigeria as of today. Now, while those are not all your market, no matter who you consider your target market, there is a huge demand for computer services.

If you reside around a university campus or a large office environment, this business may be particularly of interest to you. Computer repairs are essential services and if you can provide these services, I think it’s a good business to start.

Once you have the knowledge, you can then start with just a few items that will cost you less than a hundred thousand. It’s advisable not to rent a shop initially to save costs.

  •  Phone repairs

There are over 187.9 million mobile connections in Nigeria as of today. People’s phones get spoilt as often as people drink water. So, I consider this business a good one for anyone who has 100k and is looking for a business to start with it.

The phone repairs business is definitely one of the most lucrative businesses these days. With lots of luxurious phones that are mostly built not to be durable, phone repair technicians are in to make a lot of money.Black samsung phone

I for a person have repaired my phone three times this year. And I know of others who also keep repairing their mobile phones.

No one really has the financial muscle to charge their phones once they have any faults in Nigeria except for a few.

If you want to start a phone repair business with a budget of N100K or even as small as N20k, a previous post explained step by step guide on how to start a mobile phone repair business in Nigeria. 

  • Interior Décor

Interior décor business is not very capital intensive and it’s a very profitable business. When you are starting out, it’s better you start small and then grow to become a big interior décor business. So you can start with N100k.

So this is how you go about it starting from scratch.

The Interior decor business is purely based on who you know. And you only need one good business for others to start bringing business to you.

So, plead with your relatives who are moving to a new place or who need your services to give you jobs. If you do a very brilliant job for them, trust me, just one job will open doors for many others.

Tell as many people as you know about your job and just how good you are with the business.

Thank Goodness for WhatApp and IG, you should leverage these Apps for your business and if possible, start a YouTube channel about interior decor and show us your jobs in your videos (this advice is gold, take it seriously) more on YouTube as a business later.

But that does not mean you shouldn’t package your business like it’s a million dollars worth of business.

This is one of the best businesses to start in Nigeria with 100K you may want to explore.

  • Raw Foodstuff sales

The food business is the best business on this list, take it, or leave it. Come what may, people must feed.

Even in the Coronavirus lockdown when thousands of businesses were closed down, foodstuff sellers were among the essential services providers that were given permission to continue selling their goods.

If you want to do a business that will keep bringing you daily money, please start a foodstuff business. Remember, a location that is well-populated is one factor that you have to look at.

Beans, rice, garri, semovita, semolina, poundo yam, indomie, yam are some of the moving foodstuffs in Nigeria. These are the staple food items for an average Nigerian. Whatever food item you want to go into, let it be an all-encompassing one so you can get to sell different fast-moving foo items.

And isn’t it amazing that you can start with 100k, 50k, 20k, or even 10k, selling from your house before moving to a shop?

  • Raw Fruits sales

Almost everyone is health conscious these days. Coupled with the ‘’organic movement’’ championed by African women, the demand for healthy fruits has surged.fruits on a shelf

If you can get the right location and a good supplier, you can start this business with a budget of much less than a hundred thousand naira.

In fact, healthy food items and fruits now attract premium prices in the market. People are talking and living healthy these days and those who would love to buy these healthy raw fruits would love to pay for all it’s worth.

Make sure to keep it clean, fresh, and attractive. The challenge here is you may not finish some fruit items in a day and they are easily perishable.

In this case, you may sell the spoilt goods to people who need them for agricultural purposes or at a reduced price for retailers.

While some other healthy food and fruits like onions, cucumber, and garlic can last much longer on the shelf.

  • Cooking and delivery

If people must eat, the food must be cooked. But cooking is the problem for many.

Bachelors, working-class high-income-earning mums, elderly families, busy working-class people, etc. could be your targets.

You don’t even need up to that budget to start the business. Your location and how you package your business matter.

More importantly, WhatApp and Ig are there for you. Get social!

Post videos and photos of your food and even as you prepare them. Let people see how neat your kitchen is so they can be sure of what they are putting in their stomachs.

It will also help to experiment with different dishes to know which ones people prefer more. And word of mouth is key.

You don’t need to run the delivery aspect of the business. You can strike a deal with a delivery business and take some cut on any business you find for them while your customers pay for the delivery if they want it delivered fast as “as e dey hot”. lol.

This could be just a side business until your client base grows and you can then face it as a full-time job.

  • Weight loss consultancy

Are you a weight loss expert? Do you know how a person can lose weight and get their desired size within a certain period of time? Can you teach people how to do this for a fee?

What are you waiting for not turning these ideas of yours into a business?

Hundreds of thousands of Nigerians want to lose weight these days. Even those who are not obese still want to lose some weight so they can look good in their beautiful dresses and more importantly be healthy.

Any business that helps people maintain good health is a yes these days, Nigerians are hungry for such.

You don’t even need to know everything about weight loss before starting out as one, you can always learn on the job and hey, Google is your friend.

You should also do well to follow experts in your line and learn a thing or two from them.

You can start a weight loss consultancy business with less than N100k.Lady providing directory service in Lagos

If you have used a regimen that worked for you in the past, why not package this and start selling to plus-sized people looking to lose weight.

  • Frozen Food Sales

Just like raw food materials, frozen food is one of the fast-moving businesses in Nigeria that you can start with N100K.

Assuming you already have a shop or space to display your frozen food sales, all you need is to purchase a freezer for about N80K or less.

You will use the rest of the money to buy frozen food. If you have more than this amount, good.

Before you start this business, make sure you have a location that is residential and where there is a lot of traffic of people.

Frozen food sales in another one best businesses to start in Nigeria with 100K that is really very lucrative.

  • Sales of bedsheets and pillowcases

Every household has bed sheets and pillowcases. In some houses, they have up to five or more bedsheets and they change them periodically.

Thus, the production and sales of bed sheets are a good business to start on a budget.bedsheets businesses to Start in Nigeria with N100k in 2021

With 100k or less, you could purchase bedsheet materials in the Lagos Island market and sow.  Have target customers a

  • Production & sales of skincare products

Like I said earlier and as you know, Nigerians have been crazy about organic products in recent times. Organic skincare is not an exception.

Production and sales of organic products is a good business to start with a minimal budget. However, this business seems to be already flooded presently.Skin care Businesses to Start in Nigeria with N100k in 2021

What you can do to solve that problem is to target a specific market segment that is unique. For example, most organic skincare products are targeted at women.

Why not create products for men who want to enhance their skin colours and not bleach or anti-aging products? That’s how you can solve the problem of competitiveness

  • Production & sales of organic drink

If you are not satisfied with the above business options, what about you start making organic drinks and selling it to a targeted market segment.fruits on a shelf

As I said, people love any lifestyle that will boost their health, and having a good dose of organic drinks is one of such.

Best businesses to start in Nigeria with 100K

  • Production and sales of detergents

You wouldn’t believe how simple and easy it is to make detergents. It’s also very cost-effective; you can even start with N10k. With more than that amount, you will even start on a very big scale.detergent Businesses to Start in Nigeria with N100k in 2021

And the truth is that there is a huge demand for it. The top brands that sell detergents an increasing their prices by the day, causing people to look elsewhere for alternatives. So may want to capitalize on this need.

Best businesses to start in Nigeria with 100K.

  • Production of hand wash

Demand for hand washes has increased in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. This trend definitely continues as people have come to get used to washing their hands as frequently as possible.

If you have the skill, you should start monetizing it now by making hand washes and selling them. You can also make money by teaching people how to make it. Double streams of income are what it’s called.

You should not be looking for a business to start with 100k in Nigeria if you already have this skill. If you don’t you can always learn, Once you are pro, you should start monetizing your knowledge too.

One thing that I like about this business is that anyone can start and one can start it with just as little a budget as you can think of.

  • Sales of Original Honey

For this business, you need to first of all source for real original honey, otherwise if people find out that the honey is sold is not original, then that’s it, your 100k investment could go down the drain.

Once you get your sourcing right, you may want to do some sort of adverts or intensify your mouth-to-mouth advert – which is one of the most effective forms of marketing.

Again, word of mouth, WhatsApp, Instagram, and other platforms are the best to advertise this business for little or no money.

You need to get the word out so you can make enough sales that would grow your business in a matter of weeks or months and then introduce other items along that line.

Once you get this right, I can assure you that you will get a good return on investment with this business.

  •  Best  Businesses to Start in Nigeria with 100k – Palm Oil Retailing

Similar to the sales of honey, get your palm oil sourcing right. You may want to partner with someone who produces palm oil directly so that you can be guaranteed of originality.Palm oil business to in Nigeria with 100k in 2021

Do any form of marketing that is cost-effective – mostly word of mouth – and start getting lots of orders.

The palm oil business is particularly profitable if you live in Lagos. Lagosians are always in search of good palm oil sourced from the village. Together with top-notch packaging, this is good business.

Businesses to Start in Nigeria with N100k

  • Cement Sales and distribution

Cement sales will continue to be a fast-moving business in Nigeria as long as people build houses.

In recent times, the prices of cement have skyrocketed. But with 100k now in 2021, you can still start and find a way around growing your business.

I’ll advise you to get a location in a newly developing area where construction projects are going on in thousands. This way, it will be easier for you to get jobs and always have projects working on.

The cement business is lucrative even though lots of people believe it’s a menial job but i can assure you it’s one of the most profitable businesses in my list of the best businesses to do with 100k in Nigeria in 2021.

  • Poultry farming

Poultry farming is another good business especially if you love that line of business. Nigerians heavily depend on poultry produce for their daily intakes such as chicken and eggs.Animal farm business to start in Nigeria with 100k in 2021

With a little investment of a hundred thousand and lots of passion and determination, you can start poultry farming.

  •  Egg retailing/supply

Vanguard recently reported that according to the Poultry Association of Nigeria, Nigeria would record annual revenue of N620 billion and daily revenue of N1.7 billion, if 50 percent of its population consumes at least, an egg per day for one year.

The egg market in Nigeria is indeed a huge one, making the egg sales business a good one, especially if you have a small budget.best businesses to start in Nigeria with 100k

A pro tip on the egg sales business is that you don’t necessarily have to rent a shop. All you need is to contact a few buyers who would want you to supply to them. As a distributor, you will also have to send orders to retailers, so you don’t need a shop to start an egg business.

  • Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a type of business model that enables a business owner to operate without maintaining inventory, owning a warehouse to store their products, or even having to ship their products to their customers themselves.

The retailer (you) partners with a drop shipper who manufactures or warehouses products, packages the products, and ships them directly to the retailer’s customer, on the retailer’s behalf.dropshipping Businesses to Start in Nigeria with N100k in 2021

The retailer and buyer do not get to see either does the retailer needs to have a shop to store any products or goods before making sales.

To start dropshipping, you need an online store, i.e. a website, an Instagram or Facebook account to display and advertise goods for potential buyers to see and make orders.

You can start that business as small as even N20k.

  • Home tutor

To become a home tutor, you need a good knowledge of your subject first of all. Then register to as many online learning platforms as possible. I will also always recommend word of time.

Then once you starting getting jobs, you start teaching and making money.

All you need is money for an internet connection and some other simple logistics.

  • Cooking gas sales

If people must eat, they need gas to cook. This is why you will find that more people are venturing into that business.

This is one of the most profitable and scalable Businesses to Start in Nigeria with N100kgas businesses to Start with N100k in Nigeria in 2021

I will prefer you to start this business in an environment where there is a traffic of people, mostly a residential area where there are not so many coking gas sellers already.

Rent for a small shop is where the bulk of your budget will go. However, with less than 50k, you can buy gas cylinders and start selling cooking gas.

  • Cleaning services

Another recommended business I will strongly suggest for you with 100k or less cleaning services business.

People move offices and residential apartments from time to time. It is often a challenge for many to clean their new place before they move in because of the stress involved in getting a place in the first place.

You could fill this gap by starting a cleaning services business. You need a few items to start this business.cleaning businesses to Start with N100k in Nigeria in 2021

A few people to help you with the cleaning, say one or two committed people to start. You could get responsible young secondary school graduates who are willing to work.

Start with your circle and gradually expand to other people through your circle.

This is a business based on integrity, so make sure that your people are of their best behavior always at work.

  • Delivery services

Small businesses in Nigeria thrive on delivery services now more than ever before. We are in the era of convenience. Shoppers want to get their goods sitting in the comfort of their homes.

Let’s just say the advent of e-commerce brings with it laziness that makes people crave delivery services to their homes.delivery businesses to Start with N100k in Nigeria in 2021

On the other hand, many businesses don’t have a physical office where people can get an item indoors. So, they’ll rather work with a delivery service company to send orders around for their customers.

So, there is absolutely no better time to start a delivery service business than now.

  • Perfume Oils and fragrances sales

If you are looking for a business to Start with N100k in Nigeria, perfume oils and fragrances are a good option.

People seem to be tired of the very expensive designers’ perfumes in the regular stores. People seem to have found a way around mixing perfume oils that bring the best aroma ever.

And these come cheaper because they are not the known designers.

So, if you know how to mix perfume oil and awesome fragrances, you should consider this business. If you also don’t have the skill, you can always learn it. It doesn’t cause much to learn it.

With your 100k, you can still learn the skill and still start this business.

  • Frozen Foods

Frozen food business is also another great business that is profitable any time any day. If you already have a deep freezer, you can start the business already selling from home.

You also need a place around a residential area so lots of people can patronize you. I’ll not advise that you get a freezer on credit so maybe you can invest in some of the other businesses in this list that require no pr limit capital and re-invest in the frozen food business.

  • Water Dispenser/Pure water sales

Another business you can start with 100k in Nigeria is water dispenser/pure water sales.water business to start with 100k in Nigeria

Portable water is a problem for many families in Nigeria. Many homes do not have a running water system so they resort to buying sachet water or for those of the middle class, water dispensers.

This business is particularly a good business idea because water is a daily must-have item for everyone; we cannot simply do without it. In addition, it also doesn’t get spoilt or expire. There is also minimal risk and less stress for this business.

  • Sharwama business/ barbeque business

Sharwama and barbeque are Nigerians’ favorite pass times.

This business requires some skills in making the sharwarma and barbeque but you can always get people who you will contract it to. But this affects your margin.

However, this business is very lucrative and if your signature is very tasty and special, people will come cueing.

Best businesses to start in Nigeria with 100K

  • Human hair care business

You can start a human hair business right now with even less than 100k.

You don’t need to start with very expensive hair. Start with the affordable ones that your customers can afford and gradually move to your desired kind of hair.

When starting this business, you either get hair from manufacturers in China or buy from distributors in Nigeria.woman starts hair extension business in Nigeria

I’ll suggest you order from China using a reliable mini-importation website like Alibaba.com and others. Using this method, your ordered hair products will get to your doorsteps safely after some days of order.

I assume you can’t afford to travel to China for now, so this could be a good option. You could see this article on how to start a mini-importation business in Nigeria for a guide on how to import your hair from China.

Alternatively, you may want to buy from some of these best hair sellers and distributors in Nigeria to start with.

  •  Data and recharge card reselling

The recharge card business is one of the cool business ideas that I will recommend to anyone who wants to start a business with little capital in Nigeria.

Nigerians are said to spend N447.8bn on recharge cards monthly. That’s huge you’ll agree.

Even though some would argue that the profit margin in the recharge card business is too small. This argument can be defeated if you have a huge sales volume.

Sales volume is the answer. So, increase your customer base, and boom!

There are also a lot of interesting profitable programs for recharge card retailers these days by telecom agents. You may want to tap into any of those.

  •  Mobile/POS money agents

With 100k in your bank account ready to be invested in a business, you could easily become mobile money agents.

This has definitely got to be one of the best businesses to start in Nigeria with 100K.

Mobile money agents are people who offer services like withdrawal of money and payment, help with PHCN, GOTV, and related services. They take a cut from each such service you carry out.

POS is the point of sale or service that involves much liquidity which means available cash to give out as withdrawal.

Accessing ATMs from any location in Nigeria is a big task so people like to patronize agents for commission rather than traveling to banks or ATMs. Is that commission that is the key to this business.

As a matter of fact, POS business is a cash minting business that has silently been in existence, this is a small business to start in Nigeria with 100k and make a huge profit.

POS Businesses to Start in Nigeria with N100k in 2021

I’ll strongly recommend this business to anyone who wants a good business that can quickly scale and grow.

Preferably, you may sell fast-moving items like drinks along with this business simply so you could have the cash to pay to people who want to do withdrawal so you don’t have to run to the bank too often to get cash.

Note that some people charge as much as N300 naira for any withdrawal more than 5k and N200 naira for any withdrawal less than that.

so, if you are in a good residential location, you can make as much as 10k profit alone if about 20-30 people make withdrawals or payments in a day. And that is just one service!

  • E-payments/POS Business (Agent Banking)

This is one of the hottest business ideas I can recommend to anyone who wants to do business today. No matter where you leave in Nigeria, accessing the banks is always an issue sometimes.

Agent bankers live in the neighborhood. They provide basic banking services like withdrawal and deposit to customers in the streets who would rather not want to use the banks.currency

The business is highly profitable. With a withdrawal or deposit of N5,000K, you take a cut of about N150 – N200. With up to N10,000K withdrawal or deposit, you get more than N200.

Now, imagine doing 30-50 transactions daily. Amazing!

If you live in an obscure area where access to banks is a problem, this business will really work for you.  And, if you want to start this business, this is the right time before it gets too saturated.

And yes, you can start with N100K.

  • Custom clothing business

You can also start a custom clothing business with a very reasonable budget. You need to get creative and innovative with the business.

Businesses to start with N100k in Nigeria

  • Shirtmaking

This one is a no-brainer. Shirt-making is another one of the best businesses to start in Nigeria with 100K or less.

Successful entrepreneurs like Yomi Casual and Mudi started out small making clothes, today, they are international brands grossing millions in dollars. What are you waiting for?

If you don’t have the skill, go and learn. You should still be able to learn fashion designing with less than 100k.

Once you are a pro, start using WhatApp, IG, and so on to make advertise yourself and make beautiful shirts and other clothing types.


  • Amazon Kindle Ebook Publishing

This business falls into an online business. Here is a post that explains how to make money online in Nigeria. It contains other profitable online businesses you can start with even less than N100k.

Usually, online businesses are the cheapest to do. Ebooks too are fast selling these days, especially, if you write on the right topic.

Yes, ebooks sell but people have their own different ebook needs. You need to know what your target readers want to know or read and write an ebook that fulfills their needs.

Remember, you cannot force people to buy a good book just because you feel it’s awesome. It’s the subject that would motivate them to buy.

Once research on the topic is done, start writing.

When your content is ready, you will convert it into a format that amazon kindle publishing accepts and if your eBook is good enough, you are ready to start making money as a student.

  • Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing allows you to earn a commission when you sell another person’s product on your platform, e.g. website, Instagram page, etc.

With affiliate marketing, all you need is a platform where you can display or sell goods. You don’t need to have an inventory or shop.

This is one of the best businesses to start in Nigeria with 100K online today.

  • Web design

If you don’t already have this skill, all you need is to invest in and become a badass web Designer.

Once that’s done, you need some money to do social media promotion about your brand alongside word-of-mouth marketing.

Web designers are one of the most sought-after skilled people these days. Interestingly, you don’t even need up to N100k to start.

  • Graphic design

Similar to web design and programming, you need skills, promotion, and some simple logistics to start this business.

Most small business owners need the services of graphic artists for their branding services like printing of cards, customized nylons, fliers, even social media content, and website and online creatives.

This is one of the Best Businesses to Start in Nigeria with N100k.

You can’t be looking for a business to start in Nigeria with 100k in your account if you are a skilled graphics designer. You guys are one of the most sought-after skilled people these days.

  • Social media management expert

This is another skilled-based business that you can start with even N50k. With your top-notch knowledge of social media management, you can start helping small business owners to grow their businesses for a small amount.Phone repair Businesses to Start in Nigeria with N100k in 2021

If they see the value for their money, they will start referring more people to you and before you know, you own a full-fledged company. Knowledge is key for this kind of business though.

With your android or iPhone, internet subscription, and other little logistics, you can start this business.

  • Content Writer

If you are a passionate writer or storyteller, this one is for you.  You basically need; your smartphone, internet subscription, and great knowledge of content writing.man starting a business in Nigeria with 100k in 2021

There are many businesses looking for content managers who will be in control of the content being churned out on their websites and social media platforms.

You could also make money writing content by securing gigs on freelancing websites like Fiverr and Upwork.

  • Digital Marketing expert

A lot of small business owners in Nigeria want to leverage digital marketing for their business. It’s common knowledge that digital marketing is cost-effective efficient marketing for businesses with a small budget.

Facebook now has 2.60 Billion monthly active users and counting. This huge population of Facebook users makes it the darling of business owners.

  • Editorial services and proofreading

This is another business you can do if you have the skills and with zero budget for that matter.

  • SEO Expert

A huge percentage of business owners in Nigeria have websites.

For business owners, it’s one thing to have a business website, it’s another thing to have a functioning website that ranks high on Google search.

If a website ranks high on Google, people can easily find products on your website and possibly buy it.best businesses to start in Nigeria with 100k

SEO (search engine optimization) skills can help you take a website to Google’s first page in a few days.

If you have this skill, you can help business owners increase their search visits, increase leads, and boost sales of their products.

Below are the rest of the best businesses to start in Nigeria with 100K.

Best businesses to start in Nigeria with 100K

  • Sales of ladies casual wears

Ladies love to look good all the time, no matter what the economy says. If you don’t believe it, ask the men. Lol. And guess what, ladies ’ wears are the cheapest – compared to men.  This makes it a good business for anyone who has a hundred k budget.

You don’t necessarily need a shop to start with. Your friends and family will do for a start. Then you will gradually build your business.

  • Sales of gift items and household equipment

This is another good business that anyone can start today with just very little money. This business is booming more during the festive seasons.

  • Sales of fashion items

  • Fairly used items

  • Photography and video editing

  • Catering services

  • Barbeque Business

  • Barbing Salon

  • Pharmaceutical business

  • Sales of Baby items such as:

  • Infant car seats
  • Portable baby bed
  • Baby carrier
  • Breast Pump
  • Toys
  • Diapers
  • baby food,
  • baby clothes,
  • baby shoes,
  • Baby Bathtub
  • Kids educational tablets
  • Baby clothes
  • Feeding nipple

Here we go! That’s my list of the best businesses to start with N100k in Nigeria (update). Did you find this list useful? Feel free to share with your friends and everyone who should see this. Use the social media icons to share. Also, share your thoughts in the comment section below.

I promised earlier to give you a list of some 75 hot-selling products in Nigeria right now.

Here we go:

Phone accessories such as

  1. Wireless phone chargers
  2. Cell phone Popsocket
  3. Power Chargers or Power Banks
  4. Phone/Tablet holder
  5. Memory card
  6. Earpiece

Car Accessories

  1. Car trackers
  2. Car dashboard phone holder
  3. Car tyres and rims
  4. Car interior
  5. Car lightening and LED
  6. Air Filters
  7. Battery Accessories (chargers, jump batteries)
  8. Decals, stickers, and Replacement Emblems
  9. Keys and Keyless entry fobs (mostly replacements)
  10. Car vacuum
  11. Performance Chips and Programmers
  12. Shocks and Struts
  13. Car Covers
  14. Weatherstripping

See 55 other fast-selling products to sell in Nigeria right now.

Here are some other FAQ about the best businesses to start in Nigeria with 100K:

Some of the businesses that are most profitable in Nigeria are wellness business, real estate business, pharmaceutical business, bakery business, ride-hailing business, starting a gym, fashion items business, catering business, daycare business, dropshipping business, skincare products sales, human hair and weaves business.


That’s it for the best businesses to start in Nigeria with 100K.

As always, if there is anything I didn’t touch on in this post, feel free to let me know in the comment session.

Also, let me know if there is anything you want me to talk about in the blog or my YouTube channel.

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