5 Ways to Give Your Customers A Wow Experience and Make More Sales

What makes a customer keep coming back?

Good questions, don’t you agree?

Well, research has shown that while product/service quality is important to every buyer, customers need something more than a great product to stick to a brand.

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Every buyer desires that experience that would wow them.

Upon his first purchase, an average buyer hopes to get an excellent experience.

But as is the case with many brands, such a buyer soon gets disappointed when he realizes that the claims he saw on the advert are a blatant lie.

Only a few companies are able to keep their promises to buyers.

Those are the few companies that enjoy the luxury of earning their customers’ loyalty and even their referrals.

As a young entrepreneur, you definitely want your customers to stick to your brand, you need loyal customers to grow your business, every business owner does.

The good thing is, you can achieve this. and more.

If you want customers to get that wow experience and keep coming back, you will not only fulfil your promises to them. You will even exceed their expectations and give e then that wow!  feeling.

So here are some 5 easy ways you can give your customers that wow experience without much sweat.

  1. It’s All About Relationship

Do you have a sustainable relationship with your customers?

Well, it’s important to know that relationship matters in everything, even in business.

A brand is not defined by a product or service it sells but the relationship and experience it gives it customers.

Brands are everywhere; they are inescapable, and they all look for ways to be noticed, by all means.

What makes your brand stand out from the many others is you they treat their customers.

I know of an entrepreneur who deals in phone accessories. As a way of keeping a sustainable mutual relationship with her customers, she sends good luck messages to her customers a week after resumption (her customers are mostly students) and just before their examinations to show that they are always in her mind.

She surely wows her customers by this small but impressive act. You know what,  you can even do better.

Think of simple ways to make your customers feel you are in their minds.

  1. Don’t Make a Promise If You Won’t Keep It

We are talking about trust here.  If you fail to fulfil your pledge once, your customer may stop trusting you once and for all.

And if your customer loses trust in you, it will cost you so much to gain such trust back if ever.

I know of a business owner who sells Ankara notebooks. He once promised his customers lifetime durability on his products.

Because of his compelling claim, he got many students to buy his product at first.

Soon,  their Ankara notebooks started to fall apart just two weeks after purchase.

He simply over promised and under delivered.

If you want to wow your customers, you must have it the other way round; you must under promise and over deliver.

  1. Trust is Reciprocal

As you help your customers build trust in you by keeping your promises to them all the time, you should also make it a point of duty to build trust in your customers.

A student once purchased a hair extension from a small company that deals with hair products.

Few days after purchase, the student returned the item on the ground that the weaves were shorter than what she wanted.

Because the brand trusted the customer, they took the hair extensions back and gave her the size she wanted, not doubting her claims or suspecting some foul play.

The customer who went to the shop with a mixture of hope and despair was very happy to learn that she would be having her hair in the size she needed.

This customer kept telling her friends about her wow experience and lessons.  In turn, she kept winning more customers for the hair brand effortlessly.

  1. How do You Package?

The package makes all the difference.

For every company that provides a service or sells a product, there are hundreds of other products doing the same thing and doing it even better.

If you want to win more customers for yourself than other players, you need to give your brand a ‘wow oh my world’ package.

I once sowed an Ankara dress with a new tailor in my street.

As I was only testing her skills out, I gave her the cheapest of the materials I had bought.

When it was the delivery day, I got a knock on my door on a cool evening and it was the tailor’s little apprentice. When she handed a nice fancy looking box to me, I was for a split second confused as to what I was expecting.

In those seconds of confusion, I thought I had ordered the latest Samsung phone from a top online shop.

But then seeing as the girl was obviously not a delivery man, I knew she was from the tailor and she had brought my dress.

Opening the box took me quite a few minutes as the dress was sealed and neatly arranged in the box.

There was a small card I encountered just before the wrap the dress was inside which read, “Thanks for doing business with us, rock your dress with confidence”.

Of course, the dress was amazingly perfect on me.

But what had caught me, even before testing the dress was how an ordinary Ankara dress was so well packaged.

I had never seen something like that from my experience with tailors before. The fashion designer had wowed me and I was sold that moment.

  1. Feedback is Feedforward

As an entrepreneur do you listen to your customers?

As simple as asking your customers’ questions like ‘how do you feel about our new product, or  ‘what was your experience like with the last item you purchased from us will go a long way.

We would be working on XYZ products in the future, would you like that we add certain features to it? The use of questionnaires in getting feedbacks may not be as effective as having one on one contact with your customers. Customers would be wowed if you show sincere efforts in knowing how they feel about your products and services.

Small business owners have an advantage here. Most small and medium scale businesses from time to time have personal contacts with their customers.

You can wow your customers when you have them feed you back about your products that they spend their hard earned money buying. This is more so as not many companies employ feedback policy.

Now that you know how to wow your customers and make them stick to your brand, what other special efforts on the part of your brand do you think your customers will appreciate?