How To Be More Productive

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I am really not a fan of ‘tips for success’.

I believe different ways of lives suit different peoples and there are no strict set of rules for success in life.

But talking about productivity, there are certain habits and ways of life that will mean better productivity for you.

Turning such productivity into a catalyst for success becomes an individual decision. But first, let look at some habits that boost productivity.

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Your bedtime is very crucial to your productivity.

Early to sleep ultimately means early to wake.

To have a productive day you need to wake up early; set your day’s goal, read a few pages and kick-start the day’s activities in earnest.

When you sleep early, you will have enough rest at night and by the time you wake, you will have all the energy needed for the day.

Personally, this works like magic for me. Any day I wake up later than 5.30am, I usually will have too many things to do that I may achieve little at the end of the day.

So try sleeping early so you can wake early and refreshed to get the day’s honey into your plate.

You may not be able to start with a dozen books per week.

But trust me just try reading a book a week to start with and you will be amazed at how productive reading right books will make you turn out. Read widely.

Read all kinds of books that you stumble and lay your hands upon.

You might be reading for a law degree and you stumble upon good marketing books, grab it and shave off all the information therein into your knowledge base.

You never can tell when those pieces of information would be useful to you. And they always will!

This is an obvious one. Remember the saying “fail to plan, plan to fail”? That’s a truism. Planning makes a whole lot of difference.

Whenever I do not have my to-do list for the day to guide me through, sincerely, I record fewer achievements.

Planning your day ahead clears your head of distractions that can result from wandering amidst many activities and helps you achieve more productivity.

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This may not really perform any magic.

But having someone to look up to in your productive space is really very useful.

You do not have to style your life after such successful ones; imitating certain qualities in them may serve you that daily dose of motivation that will help you become even more productive.

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I personally do not think any productive thought process can happen on an empty stomach.

Productivity requires that we pay attention to our eating habits which includes what we eat, when and how we eat them.

So if you want to attain a good level of productivity, eat well, eat right and eat well.

And please don’t send me angry emails if you do not see the desired result because I have not said good eating habits alone will make you become productive.

I hope these tips make sense to you. Personally, what activities help your productive juice flowing? I will really like to know.



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